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    WWE NXT: Results | December 30th 2020 – Ruff Vs Gargano

    Can Johnny Gargano finally break the curse? We’ll Also find out who won NXT Awards for 2020.

    It’s Wednesday. You know what that means.

    NXT began with a photo in memory of Jon Huber/Luke Harper/Brodie Lee.

    Then we got the entrance of Isaiah Swerve Scott. Swerve would be facing Bronson Reed.

    Bronson Reed defeated Isaiah Swerve Scott via Pinfall (Tsunami)

    Reed continues building momentum in his comeback. It seemed he sustained a knee injury, but battled through to defeat the new attitude of Swerve.

    We then went backstage to William Regal, where he would be giving out the first NXT Award of the night.

    Shotzi Blackheart won NXT Breakout Star of the Year

    Then we heard from Blackheart on her victory. She said that with all she got to do this year, it has been an absolute dream of a year. Now its time to let the good times roll into the new year…T C B. We then went to a commercial break.

    When we returned from break we saw Leon Ruff and Jake Atlas make their way to the Capital Wrestling Center earlier in the day. Then we saw Johnny Gargano and the rest of The Way make their way into the building, but Gargano completely freaked out because there was a black cat! Black cats=bad luck.

    Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Breezango via Pinfall (Ticket to Mayhem)

    During the match we found out that the Dusty Rhodes Classic will return in two weeks! Back to the match, Breezango was in control early on. At one point Fandango climbed up one of the lights and on to the fencing around ringside. He then jumped on to GYV and took them out! Unfortunately Dango seemed to hurt himself, which GYV took advantage of.

    After the match, Ever Rise tried to make their way to the ring but were stopped by Aja Smith. Ever Rise said they had a problem with GYV. Finally Smith got fed up and left, telling them to figure it out. With no one holding them back, Ever Rise didn’t seem so ready to fight.

    Then we found out who won NXT Tag Team of the Year:


    We then heard from UE. Kyle O’Reilly pointed out that for the third year in a row, UE is the baddest team on the earth. Adam Cole then made the announcement that he, along with Roderick Strong will be representing UE in the Dusty Classic. Then we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break we once again checked in on Xia Li and Boa. We saw them dressed in all white, while the mysterious man put a symbol on their foreheads. It looks like Xia and Boa will be returning to NXT next week.

    Mercedes Martinez defeated Valentina Feroz via Pinfall (Air Raid Crash)

    After taking out the NXT Women’s Champion last week, Martinez kept her momentum going. Feroz had very little opportunity to get in any offense. The match was basically all Martinez and she was rather ruthless.

    Martinez gave a warning to the NXT Women’s locker room after the match. She told every women on the roster that they were on her radar. CLICK CLICK.

    After the match we found out who won Female and Male Competitor of the year.

    Io Shirai was named Female Competitor of the Year. While Adam Cole was named Male Competitor of the Year.

    We were told that Overall Competitor of the Year would be decided between Cole and Shirai. The winner would be announced later in the night.

    Then we saw Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne making their way towards the ring. Their match would begin after the break.

    Pete Dunne defeated Roderick Strong via Pinfall (Bitter End)

    Roddy began the match with a take down to Dunne. Then the men traded blows, but Roddy kept control. As to be expected Dunne and Roddy put on a hell of a match. The match did go to picture in picture, but the action never slowed down. After breaking Roddy’s fingers, The Brusierweight was able to hit the Bitter End for the victory!

    After the match, William Regal announced the NXT Award for Match of the Year:

    Finn Balor versus Kyle O’Reilly was the winner.

    Balor met Regal backstage, but instead of taking his own award, Balor took O’Reilly’s. He said he would give O’Reilly his award.

    As Balor was heading to the ring he ran into Pete Dunne. Dunne said he would like that title. Balor told him that a lot of people want a shot at the champ and to get in line.

    As Balor was making his entrance to the ring we went to commercial break.

    When we returned from break, Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher discussed their fight pit match that takes place next week.

    After the video hyping up the fight pit match, we went to the ring where Finn Balor had the mic. Balor made sure we knew that his match against Kyle O’Reilly won the NXT Award for match of the year.

    Balor said that during their previous TakeOver match, O’Reilly may have surprised a lot of people that night…..but he didn’t shock Balor. He then said O’Reilly deserved the award, but O’Reilly made his presence known before Balor could all him out.

    When O’Reilly went to grab the award, Balor. made sure O’Reilly knew he didn’t need it. Why? Balor has the NXT Championship and three steel plates in his jaw to remind him of their match. If Balor kept the award it would just gather dust.

    O’Reilly said that while the award doesn’t mean much to Balor, it is proof that O’Reilly belongs on the top of NXT. That said, O’Reilly doesn’t need the award either because its a consultation prize. O’Reilly is done participating and wants the real prize…the NXT Championship. Next week the NXT Championship comes home with O’Reilly.

    Karrion Kross and Scarlett interrupt the two men in the ring. Scarlett said it doesn’t matter who wins next week because the NXT Championship belongs to them. Their fate is already sealed and Doomsday is upon them. Tick Tock folks!

    Before Kross could do anything else, Damian Priest came up behind him. Priest and Kross got into a brawl that went around the Capital Wrestling Center. They eventually wound up at the tech equipment area and had a collision where they both went through a table. Then we went to a commercial break.

    Returning from commercial break, we got a look into the friendship that Raquel Gonzalez and Rhea Ripley once shared. The look at their history transitioned into how everything changed and why the Last Woman Standing match is happening next week.

    Back in the ring Legado del Fantasma is there. According to Santos Escobar, William Regal is currently in the process of finding him a new challenger. Escobar said no one can touch him and Regal won’t be able to find anyone who belongs in the ring with him.

    Then Lucha House Party’s music hit! Lance Dorado and Gran Metalik came out to the ring! Dorado said that no one owns lucha libre like Escobar thinks. In fact lucha libre is for everyone. As Lucha House Party made their way to the ring, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde tried to fight them.

    We went to commercial break knowing that Lucha House Party would be facing Wilde and Mendoza.

    Lucha House Party defeated Legado del Fantasma (Wilde and Mendoza) via Pinfall

    Metalik continues his winning ways! A rather fun match to watch, as the two teams really showed off the lucha libre ways.

    After the match Metalik made it clear he is after the Cruiserweight Championship.

    We found out that Austin Theory won the NXT Award for Future Star of the Year. Theory celebrated the victory with Gargano, Candice LeRae, and Austin Theory. LeRae told him to share the award with Hartwell. During Theory’s acceptance speech he brought up how Gargano was going to break the curse, which wasn’t a good thing to say!

    Gargano yelled at him and threw Theory’s protein powder. The powder broke a mirror!!! You know that means more bad luck…then we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break we found out that Adam Cole versus Pat McAfee was rivalry of the year! We also found out that Io Shirai won the NXT Award for Overall Competitor.

    Johnny Gargano defeated Leon Ruff via Pinfall (One Final Beat DDT) to retain the North American Championship

    THE CURSE IS BROKEN! Ruff was really impressive during the match. He had to deal with LeRae, Theory, and Hartwell at ringside, but Ruff handled it beautifully. Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough and Gargano was able to finally retain a NXT Championship.

    We ended the show by seeing Dexter Lumis standing above the ring. We were shown his drawings that showed that matches to expect next week.

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