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WWE NXT Results – February 5th, 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonights episode of WWE NXT.

With Charlotte Flair set to appear, NXT is sure to be an interesting watch.

We open the show with Dusty Classic winners, the Broserweights. They make a hell of an entrance, coming in on the Broserweight Mobile.

Matt Riddle boasts about their trophy, which is sitting on their mobile. It really does look sweet. Pete Dunne takes a different approach to their win. Dunne says the last thing he thought he would be doing is teaming with Riddle. Having said that, Dunne is ready to capture tag team gold at TakeOver Portland.

Enter in….the Undisputed Era. Kyle O’Rielly won’t even acknowledge Dunne and Riddle as a team. Kyle and Bobby say the Broserweights have disrespected the Dusty Classic trophy by putting it on their car. While they would love to end their celebration tonight, they have bigger FISH to fry.

Riddle has a lot of fun with that one. How much fish could Bobby Fish fry, if Bobby Fish could fry fish? The Broserweights are a lot of fun. According to Dunne, they’ll smoke the UE.

Angel Garza defeated Isaiah Swerve Scott via Pinfall (Wing Clipper)

A competitive opening contest. Both men are out to prove that they deserve to be at the top of the cruiserweight division. Tonight the former cruiserweight champion Garza, bested Swerve.

After the match, Garza boasted about his the victories he has racked up this week. He then called out the current Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin, and said he would be watching him tonight.

Then we see commotion backstage involving the Undisputed Era. They were causing chaos, beating up people, because they were looking for Tommaso Ciampa. Roderick Strong even ruined someone’s haircut.

A lovely promo video is shown of Mercedes Martinez when we come back from commercial break.

Dominic Dijakovic defeated Killian Dian via Pinfall (Feast Your Eyes)

This match came about because of a verbal altercation between the two men at the Performance Center. They both believe they should be the number one contender to the North American Championship, so they settled it in the ring. The match was competitive and vicious.

After his victory, commentary announced that it was made official Dijakovic would face Keith Lee at TakeOver Portland.

The UE still searching for Ciampa, run into Kushida. When Kushida doesn’t answer their questions, they take him out. Adam Cole actually throws Kushida into a trash can. Bronson Reed then shows up. Unfortunately for Reed, in trying to stand up for Kushida, he also gets taken out by a knee from Roddy.

We then go to Mauro Ranallo interviewing Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor. Although, Gargano and Balor really just take it over in a war of words. Balor told Gargano he has been waiting for this match for four years. He is out to prove Gargano is not the next him.

Gargano in turn makes it clear to Balor he never wanted to be like him. He is the first and only Johnny Gargano. He goes on to say he has been waiting to get in the ring with Prince, not the man who lost to Bobby Lashley for eighteen straight weeks.

Balor says that man is dead. On the other hand, Gargano says he is ready to take the flag, that he picked up in Balor’s absence, and drive it in Balor’s heart. Gargano then leaves the interview, missing the part when Balor says he doesn’t have a heart.

Before her match, we see a video of Kacy Catanzaro.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Kacy Catanzaro via Pinfall (Fisherman Buster)

It may have taken nineteen years for her to get here, but it is damn good to see Mercedes as a signed WWE competitor. Kacy and her had a fantastic match, filled with innovative offense. But make no mistake, Mercedes has arrived and is here to inflict pain on her opponents.

Rhea Ripley is interviewed by Cathy Kelley on Charlotte Flair coming to Full Sail. Ripley says her number one concern tonight is Bianca Belair. But it’ll be nice for the Queen to show up.

Tommaso Ciampa decided to find the Undisputed Era. Ciampa and Cole continued to fight into the arena, near the commentary table. Other members of the UE eventually caught back up with them, leaving Ciampa outnumbered. Well that is until the Broserweights showed up.

An out of control brawl ensued. Security showed up, but they weren’t of much help. The brawl was a mess of chaos, that didn’t even stop when Regal came out.

Jordan Devlin defeated Tyler Breeze via Pinfall (Side Suplex)

You will want to watch this match. From the very start it was nothing but competitive, with Devlin attacking Breeze before he could enter the ring. Breeze got in a lot of offense, attacking Devlin’s knee, but the Irish Ace overcame to get the victory.

Bianca Belair makes her entrance and tells the Full Sail crowd that in about a week she will be the new champ. Belair isn’t exactly thrilled that Rhea Ripley forgot about their upcoming match when she went to RAW. Before Belair can continue, Charlotte Flair makes her entrance.

Charlotte tells the crowd that she loves an NXT WOOO! Flair then praises Belair, by saying how much she respects her, but that this doesn’t concern her. Flair is then interrupted by the entrance of Rhea Ripley. Ripley gets right in Flair’s face, while Belair gets shooed off to the side.

Bianca finally gets back in the conversation by telling Flair she doesn’t even go here. At Wrestlemania, she is confident that she will be facing Charlotte. Flair laughs her off and says the conversation is just for champions.

Rhea doesn’t take kindly to Charlotte’s remarks and stands up for Belair. As the saying goes, We are NXT. Belair and Rhea take out the Queen.

Tommaso Ciampa and The Broserweights defeated The Undisputed Era via DQ

This one started before the bell, as Ciampa and the Broserweights attacked the UE during their entrance. It seemed, that even though his side gained the advantage, that Ciampa injured his knee during the attack. The match was a bit of chaos, chaos that Ciampa didn’t get involved in til towards the end of the match.

Roddy got involved multiple times and was the reason for the end of the match. UE took out the Broserweights, leaving a vulnerable Ciampa all on his own. Cole actually spray painted a yellow X on Ciampa’s back.

Before anything could happen, the lights went out in the arena and the 2/5/20 video played. The circles around the numbers morphed into the Velveteen Dreams face. Velveteen appeared in the corner!

We end this episode of NXT with Velveteen, in gear with Marina and Troy Strong’s faces on them, standing tall over Roddy and the rest of UE.


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