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WWE NXT: Results | January 20th 2021 – FIGHT PIT!

It’s Fight Pit night!! Tommaso Ciampa will take on Timothy Thatcher in the second ever fight pit. While we have more Dusty Classic action.

We began the show with a look at both Dusty Classics. Then we see Beth Phoenix is back in the Capital Wrestling Center before getting our first entrances of the night.

The Way (Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory) made their way out for their first round Dusty Classic match against Leon Ruff and Kushida.

Kushida and Leon Ruff defeated Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory via Pinfall

This could be seen as an upset by some, but Kushida and Ruff pulled off a pretty great victory. Ruff began the match against Theory and was able to pull off some good moves with his quickness. The Way eventually took over the match, but Kushida and Ruff worked well together to gain the victory. Ruff saved Kushida from taking one of Gargano’s finishing moves, allowing Kushida to pin Gargano for the second time.

After the match we saw a video from possibly a future NXT Champion challenger in Pete Dunne. Dunne said that there have been many parallels and comparisons during his career to Finn Balor. Dunne believes they are actually cut from the same cloth. The difference between the two though? Balor left the UK while Dunne built an entire brand. His thank you for building that brand though has been constant comparisons to Balor.

While Balor told Dunne to get in line if he wants a shot at the title, Dunne said that he isn’t going to do that. Even though Balor said he doesn’t watch the business, Dunne is certain he watches him. Once Dunne is through with Balor, Balor will just be a footnote in Dunne’s legacy.

Then commentary let us know that Kyle O’Reilly has been medically cleared. Before going to a commercial break we find out that Karrion Kross will be in action when we return.

Returning from break McKenzie Mitchell caught up with Malcom Bivens backstage. Bivens talked very highly of Tyler Rust and how he is the future of the business. Then we saw Rust exit William Regal’s office. Apparently Rust arrived early to the CWC and didn’t wait to for Bivens, so he ceased the day.

We find out Rust will be taking on Bronson Reed later tonight. This of course is not the route Bivens would have chosen for Rust, but he hypes the match up anyways.

Karrion Kross defeated Ashante Adonis via Pinfall (Forearm to the Neck)

Adonis was able to land a few shots, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Kross made easy work of Adonis as he Dusty Classic tag team partner (Desmond Troy) looked on.

After the match, Troy went to check on Adonis. Unfortunately, bad move for Troy. Kross put Troy in the Kross Jacket and that was that.

After we got to know MSK. Nash Carter attempted to throw us all off with a goofy accent, ya know similar to Borat. Then we got to hear about how Carter and Wes Lee are family. We saw highlights from their match last week, while Ember Moon hyped the team up to us.

MSK said their hard work and dedication got them here and they won’t let their opportunity slip away. Then we went to commercial break.

After break we got to hear from the team of Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm. They gave a warning to Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter about how being close friends means nothing in this tournament. Storm said that her and Martinez don’t even need friendship because they have a common interest. Martinez brought up what she did to Io Shirai and said it wouldn’t even come close to what they would do to Carter and Catanzaro.

Lucha House Party (LHP) defeated Imperium via Pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

Wade Barrett’s number one pick to win the Dusty Classic has been eliminated! While Imperium began the match well in control, LHP used their quickness and excellent rope skill to outlast them. For awhile, Lince Dorado was the focus for Imperium most of the match. This match had a lot of action, off the ropes and on the outside and it was a lot to take in.

After the match, Alexander Wolfe appeared at the entrance ramp. As Wolfe watched Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner get up from their defeat, the men all gather at attention.

Before a commercial break, we took a look at the weigh ins for the fight pit. Ciampa weighed in at 201 pounds, while Thatcher weighed in at 225. Of course we couldn’t just have a nice and normal weigh in folks! Ciampa and Thatcher had to start pushing and shoving. William Regal was able to break the two apart and tell them to save it for later in the night.

Returning from a commercial break, Beth Phoenix and William Regal were on the entrance ramp. Beth said she was proud to be in attendance for NXT to make history yet again. Then she listed off some of the women of NXT’s past, including Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. Women’s wrestling was wanted by the WWE Universe and now we make history again.

Beth kicked off the Women’s Dusty Classic, with all the teams in the tournament appearing on the ramp.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter defeated Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez via Pinfall

I couldn’t even tell you what Catanzaro was able to pull off from the top rope to get this victory. It was a corkscrew moonsault, mixed with a 450, mixed with I don’t even know what, but it was legit. Although Storm and Mercedes entered the match super confident, Martinez’s issues with Io Shirai came into play. While Storm was in control, Shirai came to ringside and sent Martinez flying into the announcers desk. This all led to Carter gaining back control of the match up and being able to tag in Catanzaro so she could do her insanely cool move off the top rope.

Catanzaro and Carter shocked the world and are moving on to round two of the Women’s Dusty Classic!

After the match cameras caught up to Finn Balor who was walking backstage with a purpose. When McKenzie Mitchell caught up to him, Balor just walked into Regal’s office. Balor said he wanted Pete Dunne, but he knew what Dunne was trying to pull. So before Balor faces Dunne, he asked to have a match with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. “First chop off the arms, then the head.”

Regal said he understood where Balor was coming from, but that he couldn’t let him take on Lorcan and Burch on his own. Balor said he doesn’t have any one to ask, he doesn’t have friends anymore. Regal just reminded him of the whole keep your enemies closer deal.

Then we saw Bronson Reed attempting to make his way backstage when Isaiah ’Swerve’ Scott stopped him. We couldn’t here their interaction as we went to break.

Returning from break, we are informed by McKenzie Mitchell that Ashante Adonis got injured during his match with Karrion Kross and will not be able to compete in the Dusty Classic. Mitchell was not able to continue because Catanzaro and Carter ran in celebrating their victory. They boasted that after their victory tonight, they were gonna win the whole thing.

Before Reed’s match, a replay of Reed and Swerve’s interaction was played with sound. Swerve told Reed not to get involved in his business and then wished him luck in his match.

Bronson Reed defeated Tyler Rust via Pinfall (Tsunami)

While Malcom Bivens’ presence served as a good thing, Rust still couldn’t pull off the victory. Rust caught Reed off guard with some offense, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Colossal one. Reed, even with a slightly injured arm, was still able to gain the victory.

After the match McKenzie Mitchell let Finn Balor know that Regal booked a tag team match for next week against Lorcan and Burch. Balor said there a few people around the locker room that owe him a favor. It’s time to collect folks!

Balor then walked off as we went to commercial break.

When we returned Balor was at Undisputed Era’s locker room. Adam Cole was the first one to speak up. Balor told him he was looking for his payback. He looked directly at Kyle O’Reilly and asked if he was in. O’Reilly…said yes.

Back at the ring, Legado del Fantasma made their way out. Santos Escobar called himself the champion of champions and then went on to explain why he was the best. He doesn’t have to conquer a curse, have a glass jaw, or require pomp and circumstance. Escobar went on to say he backs up every word he says and has beaten every one in his path.

Cue Lucha House Party! They went on the attack of their next opponents in the Dusty Classic. When the numbers game came into play, Curt Stallion made the save!

Backstage Drake Maverick and Killian Dain were interviewed. Maverick said last year was rough for him, but now he is walking into the year with an ally. He said while MSK could come into the Dusty Classic and shock the world by winning it, according to Maverick that would not be the case. The team who would win the Dusty Classic would be Dain and himself.

Back at the announcers desk, they got us hyped for the Fight Pit! Then we went to commercial break.

Timothy Thatcher defeated Tommaso Ciampa via Submission

Brutal. The Fight Pit is unlike anything else in NXT and the brand’s toughest competitors brought it. Beginning on the upper platform of the pit, the two men threw punches right off the bat. Ciampa was on the receiving end of a suplex not long after the match began. He got Thatcher back by launching him into the railing of the pit.

Once the men got down to the ring, there was more mat grappling. At one point when the ref was slightly down, Ciampa used him as he would the ropes for Willow’s Bell! This led Ciampa close to getting the victory, but it wasn’t enough! In the end, Ciampa got stuck in the corner of the cage. Thatcher then turned it into a submission (Stretch Muffler of sorts) and made Ciampa tap.

That’s the show folks!

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