WWE NXT Results – January 22nd, 2020

After being attacked by the Undisputed Era last week, will Keith Lee be able. to end the prophecy?

We begin the show with a recap of last week. We also see a message from NXT UK Champion WALTER, in which he tells UE that Imperium will humiliate them and takeover their ring.

Grizzled Young Vets defeated The Undisputed Era via Pinfall (Ticket to Mayhem)

Some may call this an upset, and maybe it is, but GYV got a well deserved victory here. We’ll give Imperium a small assist, as they made an appearance towards the end, but otherwise this match was great back and forth action.

After the match a video of how the upcoming match between Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm, came about. Then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, we see a Shotzi Blackheart promo. She says that eliminating Shayna Baszler in the battle royal last week was a huge statement, but its just the beginning. Tonight she said she is looking to continue taking care of business.

Toni Storm defeated Io Shirai via DQ

While looking for momentum heading into World’s Collide, Toni Storm had much more to deal with then she had thought. Unfortunately for her this match with Io would not be like previous ones, as Bianca Belair would attack her.

It seemed as though Belair did not want Storm to be the one to dethrone Ripley, Belair wants that for herself. Eventually Ripley made her way out to confront Belair. All four women would find a way to get in offense in the brawl that ensued, but Toni Storm wound up being the last woman standing. Storm actually grabbed the NXT Women’s Championship, which didn’t sit too well with the Full Sail crowd.

After the match, we go backstage to see Cathy Kelley with the Undisputed Era. All members of the UE are still very upset about what occurred in the match with GYV. While they are still upset, Adam Cole brings up that they need to focus on the North American Championship match. After they take care of that, he said Imperium will get theirs.

Once coming back from another commercial, we heard from Ilja Draganov. He heard Finn Balor has been watching him. Ilja said he is driven to beat Balor and that he is invincible. At World’s Collide, Dragonov won’t miss.

Finn Balor defeated Joaquin Wilde via Pinfall (1916)

This match showed us a rather aggressive Balor and he seems to be putting the entire roster on notice, even more so than before. When he hit the 1916, he yelled out “If you come for Finn, you better not miss.”

After the match we go to see Shayna Baszler getting interviewed. Baszler told Cath Kelley that Shotzi Blackheart didn’t make a statement last week, but she did mark the end of her career. Baszler put the rest of the women’s division on notice in this interview, saying that she isn’t going anywhere until she is Shayna Three Time.

Shayna Baszler defeated Shotzi Blackheart via Submission

Blackheart really gave this one her best effort, but came up just short. The Queen of Spades used this match as a warning shot to everyone in the division, she’s still a threat.

We get a nice video package showing the downfall of the friendship between Dakota Kai and Tegan Knox. Dakota had her new attitude on full display in this video, she said her actions at War Games were justified and even saying that Knox is due for another injury.

The Broserweights defeated Imperium via Pinfall (Bro To Sleep/ Enziguri combo)

For a tag team that hasn’t been together long, Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne really mesh well together. Their finisher is fantastic, but Imperium did put up a good challenge. Wolfe and WALTER being ringside posed a whole different challenge, but the Broserweights overcame to move on to the Dusty Classic Finals.

Before Riddle and Dunne can truly celebrate their victory, Zack Gibson and James Drake come out. Gibson says that while “the Full Sail neckbeards” think Pete is the best thing to come to NXT from the UK, they’d be wrong. Gibson also says something about join manipulation, which Riddle said caused him to miss everything he was talking about. When Dunne gets the mic he says every time GYV has stepped into the ring with him, they’ve lost and next week will be no different.

Keith Lee defeated Roderick Strong via Pinfall (Big Bang Catastrophe)

NEW CHAMP!!! Keith Lee went through hell to get the victory and at times it didn’t seem like it would happen, but the man is limitless. Roddy and the rest of UE tried their best to target Lee’s ankle, but just wasn’t enough.

After Lee had celebrated a bit on the stage and was leaving, Imperium appeared ringside. We end NXT with a brawl breaking out between UE and Imperium, where WALTER gave Adam Cole one hell of a chop.

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