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    WWE NXT Results | July 22nd 2020

    Tonight’s NXT features a huge announcement from William Regal and Dominik Dijakovic facing Karrion Kross.

    The show opened with William Regal introducing Champ Champ, Keith Lee. Lee spoke about the opportunities he has been able to capitalize on since coming to NXT. He said he does not want to limit anyone else’s opportunities.

    While he will be defending the NXT Championship as much as he can, Lee said that at this point he will be relinquishing the North American Championship. It was not an easy decision to come to, but the opportunity for others is important to Lee.

    Back to Regal, he thanked Lee for his noble gesture. The NXT GM announced that there will be a series of triple threat matches to determine the participants moving on to a ladder match. This ladder match will take place at NXT TakeOver on August 22nd and determine the new North American Champion.

    Dexter Lumis defeated Killian Dain via Submission

    Lumis certainly impressed commentary with this victory. While Killian Dain had some offense, Lumis just took over. A senton from the top rope led to the submission victory.

    Backstage, Roderick Strong was being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Strong will be apart of the first triple threat match to determine who moves on to TakeOver. He said the opportunity means that the Undisputed Era can get back on track. Strong mentioned that he never got a rematch with Keith Lee for the North American Championship and should just move on to TakeOver.

    Bronson Reed then interrupted. Reed said Undisputed Era has had a million chances and Keith Lee gave up the title to create opportunity. Reed is going to take this opportunity and make the most of it.

    Then, Johnny Gargano showed up. Gargano said this all ends with him becoming North American Champion….again.

    A recap of the NXT Women’s Championship match from last week is then shown. During it, we got to hear from Dakota Kai. Kai said it felt good to kick Io Shirai off the pedestal she has put herself on. She said she will be waiting for the taste to return back to Shirai’s mouth; when it does, she told her to bring the NXT Women’s Championship.

    Breezango defeated Ever-Rise via Pinfall (Supermodel Kick)

    The Mounties, Breezango’s entrance please watch it, were in control for the whole match. Ever Rise happened to get a tag in off a distraction, but otherwise Chase Parker was trying to avoid the Supermodel Kick.

    After the match, McKenzie Mitchell caught up with Dominik Dijakovic. Dijakovic said last week Karrion Kross caught him and suplexed him, causing his head to hit the concrete. It is different this week because Dijakovic is fresh and he’ll smash him with an elbow, knee, and boot. Last week Dijakovic had been thinking about what was next for him, it is knocking out Kross.

    After a commercial, we saw a tweet from Io Shirai responding to Dakota Kai’s words from earlier in the night. Shirai said her actions can not be undone and she’ll be seeing Kai.

    Shotzi Blackheart defeated Aliyah via Pinfall (Back Senton)

    Robert Stone is still terrified of Blackheart’s tank, as Blackheart made her entrance she slammed the tank in to the steel steps….yes Stone was on the steps. Aliyah tried to avenge the Robert Stone Brand, but to no avail. Blackheart would not stay down for long and brought Aliyah to the “Ballpit.”

    After the match, Blackheart got in her tank ready to leave. During the end of the match, Stone got kicked off the apron. This meant Blackheart’s exit was blocked. Once again Blackheart ran over Stone, but this time his “good” leg.

    What Blackheart did not see coming, was being kicked in the face by Mercedes Martinez.

    When we came back from commercial, we got a nice video package on Isaiah Swerve Scott. We got to see him in the studio making music, which he talked about the similarites he felt music had with wrestling. After facing Johnny Gargano, Swerve said he knew what it took to become a champion. Swerve then sent a message to Santos Escobar.

    Bronson Reed defeated Roderick Strong and Johnny Gargano via Pinfall (Frog Splash to Strong)

    Try as they might, Strong and Gargano could not get on the same page to stop the Thicc Boi from gaining the victory. The match was fun to watch, Gargano and Strong’s alliance fell apart before it really started. This caused Gargano to get his hand stomped on and Strong flipped back in the ring. Reed was taken out of the match for a little bit, but Gargano and Strong couldn’t end the match before Reed got back involved. Then Reed was able to show off his strength and found himself victorious.

    A small video package was shown on the history between Timothy Thatcher and Oney Lorcan. We went to break knowing their match was next.

    Timothy Thatcher defeated Oney Lorcan via Pinfall

    It certainly seemed like Oney finally had Thatcher’s number. Thatcher came down to the ring all business and ready for a fight. Like Beth Phoenix said, we were in for another epic performance from these two, at least til the end. Lorcan had the chicken wing applied and seemed to be in control, but Thatcher stole the victory by flipping Lorcan to a pin.

    Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell tried to talk to Robert Stone and Aliyah, but Stone wasn’t having it. The cameras stuck around as Mercedes Martinez came up. Martinez said that she needed someone to handle the things outside of the ring so that she could focus on hurting people inside the ring.

    Stone was beyond thrilled to welcome Martinez to the Robert Stone Brand. Although Martinez did warn him that if he overstepped his boundaries, she would break both of his legs.

    Returning from commercial, there was a video promo from Finn Balor. Balor said he will take the North American Championship and warned his opponents for next week, Timothy Thatcher and Dexter Lumis.

    Karrion Kross defeated Dominik Dijakovic via Ref Stoppage (Kross Jacket)

    This did not go at all how Dijakovic had planned. Dijakovic was able to control the match more than any other opponent Kross has had, much to the displeasure of Scarlett. Once Kross regained control of the match though, it was pretty much the end for Dijakovic. Kross smashed Dijakovic’s head in between the steel steps, but Dijakovic was adament about finishing the match.

    At one point Keith Lee came down to the ring, but Dijakovic told him not to stop the match because it wasn’t his call. Lee was not at all happy watching his good friend suffer, but did not get involved.

    NXT ended with Keith Lee staring down Karrion Kross and Scarlett as they left the ring.

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