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WWE NXT Results – June 3, 2020

Tonight we find out who will become the Interim Cruiserweight Champion. We’ll also see Candice LeRae face Mia Yim.

Mia Yim versus Candice LeRae ended in a Double Count Out

Mia Yim had control right from the start. LeRae did attack Yim before the bell, but that didn’t really help her. The action spilled to the outside where Yim slammed LeRae against the plexiglass.

LeRae eventually made a move to throw Yim into the huge video tron, causing it to break. Tegan Nox came out to separate the women, but this left Yim free to be attacked by Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. Shotzi Blackheart also joined the brawl.

Soon Johnny Gargano came out to check on his wife….this led to Keith Lee making an appearance. Since we did not get an ending to the women’s match, the decision was made to have a mixed tag team match.

When we came back from commercial, Gargano was trying to get the match called off because he was not dressed properly to compete. That was a big no go.

Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano defeated Mia Yim and Keith Lee via Pinfall

While Gargano may not have actually wrestled in this match, he played a huge factor. LeRae’s main job seemed to be keeping Yim away from tagging in Keith Lee. Lee did get his hands on Gargano, but it ended with Gargano poking his eye with his house keys. This led to LeRae getting the rollup on Yim.

After the match, the Garganos got the hell out of the ring. But Johnny wasn’t done trying to attack Lee while he was down. Lee’s arm was close to the stairs and Johnny kicked the stairs to cause further damage.

Tommaso Ciampa responds to Karrion Kross. Ciampa said that all 13 TakeOvers he has been apart of have been special, but this Sunday feels different. He told Kross to bring his A game Sunday because Ciampa thinks his is just that much better. Ciampa ended by saying there is special, then there is Tommaso Ciampa.

Before heading to commercial McKenzie Mitchell attempted to interview Dexter Lumis. She was looking to get his thoughts about Velveteen Dream’s chances of becoming NXT Champion. Lumis was silent and walked away to grab a white board.

After returning from commercial, McKenzie Mitchell caught up with Drake Maverick. Maverick said he is felt not pressure at all going into his match. He said it could be the best day of his life or the worst day. Maverick was excited about the possibilities to come from the night.

We are shown footage from Monday and see Adam Cole, apparently the Undisputed Era boys have a surprise for him. Cole gets picked up in a limo and they are off to celebrate Cole being Champion for one year.

Then we see Velveteen Dream roller blading and reminiscing about the road to get to this opportunity. Back to the UE, they are in a restaurant toasting and celebrating. Velveteen Dream then is seen talking to a mirror…the ghost of Prince told him he would win.

We then get predictions from Pat McAfee, Drew McIntyre, and others.

Before going to commercial we are told there will be a #1 Contenders triple threat match for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Teams included are Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch, Roderick Strong/Bobby Fish and a mystery team!

Remember when McKenzie Mitchell was trying to interview Dexter Lumis? Well she got her answer in the form of a drawing, Lumis driving a car with Bobby Fish, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Rielly in the back. Seems Dream may have some back up this Sunday.

Isaiah Swerve Scott defeated Tony Nese via Pinfall

We all know Nese had issues with what Swerve said in his interview a few weeks back, but this match did not go according to plan. Swerve started off the match strong, with Nese taking over after a trip to the outside. Jack Gallagher made his presence known, but Swerve took advantage and got the surprise victory over Nese.

After the match, Swerve escaped the attempted attack by Gallagher.

Before going to commercials we see UE and Danny Burch/Oney Lorcan preparing for their match.

The mystery tag team joining the triple threat? BREEZANGO! Yes they were dressed as astronauts for their entrance. And yes, you should go watch it.

Breezango defeated Roderick Strong/Bobby Fish and Danny Burch/Oney Lorcan via Pinfall (Top Rope Leg Drop)

Just when you think you know what a triple threat match is, WWE changes the rules. Not going to lie for a bit this one was hard to keep up with. All three teams started the match with a competitor in the ring, it was a lot. But the returning Breezango found themselves victorious after some excellent teamwork.

After the match, Imperium made their way to ringside. Breezango and the NXT Tag Team Champions had a stare down. Before all was said and done, Malcom Bivens brought out Indus Sher! Seemed like they wanted to give a warning to whoever wins this Sunday.

A video from last week is shown of Chelsea Green firing Robert Stone.

Santana Garrett defeated Aliyah via Pinfall (Moonsault)

Robert Stone made his presence known, albeit a tad disheveled. Stone is not willing to give up on the brand and told Aliyah this was a must win match. Although Aliyah started off the match in rather impressive fashion, Garrett is not one to give up easily.

What Aliyah’s loss means for Stone? I don’t even think he knows, he was too shocked.

We then hear from each women involved in the NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match this Sunday. Io Shirai was under water and said both of her fellow competitors should be afraid of her. We followed Rhea Ripley throughout her early morning to the gym. While 2020 has not gone while for her, she just said she has to win Sunday. Charlotte was at the Performance Center working out and talked about how she built NXT.

Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Peter Rosenberg and a few others also gave their thoughts on the women involved in the match, as well as their predictions.

Cameron Grimes defeated Bronson Reed via Pinfall (Cave In)

Grimes seems to be able to hit the Cave In on anyone, at any time. Bronson Reed did not make this win easy by any means, but the missed splash led to his downfall.

As Grimes was gloating about his victory, Karrion Kross came out. Once Grimes noticed he got the hell out of dodge pretty quick. Kross then hit the Doomsday Saito Suplex on Reed. Tick Tock.

After a commercial, Mauro and Beth let us know that because of the chaos from earlier, this Sunday their will be a 6 Women Tag Team Match. Candice LeRae will team up with Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez to face Tegan Nox, Shotzi Blackheart, and Mia Yim.

El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Drake Maverick via Pinfall (Phantom Driver)

You really thought for a few moments that Maverick was going to pull off (what seemed like) the impossible win. Maverick didn’t quit, no matter how many times Fantasma hurt him or seemed to want him too. After an appearance from the mysterious luchadors, the kidnappers van guys, Maverick took the chance of taking them out. That led to his downfall.

But wait! Just when you think that is the end of Drake Maverick in WWE, they change everything. As the crowd chanted for Maverick on his way up the ramp, Triple H met him at the top of the ramp. Hunter had something in his hands….a NXT contract. We end the show knowing Drake Maverick will stay in NXT!

Paige Brearley
'We want you to stand out here in front of the world, and we want them to hear Triple H's words come out of your mouth. We are going to listen to every word, and then we're gonna beat the hell out of you.' - Dean Ambrose

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