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WWE: NXT Results | March 31st 2021 – End of the Wednesday Night Wars

After a not too long and not too bloody battle, NXT has waved the white flag and has conceded the “Wednesday Night Wars” to upstart rival wrestling company AEW with their announcement this week that starting on April 13, NXT will be moving to Tuesday nights on the USA Network.

We began NXT with a video showing highlights from last week’s show.

After the recap video, Roderick Strong made his entrance to the ring.

As Cameron Grimes made his entrance, he once again tried to get Roddy to see that he should own the likeness of Undisputed Era. He had t shirts made and a new song! Roddy was not about it.

Cameron Grimes defeated Roderick Strong via Pinfall (Rollup)

Roddy began the match off in control by attacking Grimes before the bell. Although Roddy set the pace of the match, Grimes was able to takeover and really bring the fight. Roddy tried to gain back control but seemed to get distracted by two fans in the NXT Universe wearing an Undisputed Era and Adam Cole shirt. Grimes would capitalize on this sudden weakness in Roddy by pulling out a UE armband (which definitely looked like Grimes was going to pull out a weapon).

As you can imagine, Roddy was not in a good mood after the match.

After the match we saw a video from Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Kross said his greatest strength going into takeover is his conviction. We saw how Kross was training, by taking it back to basics. He said he would cut the ring off in his match with Balor and dethrone the Prince. Tick Tock.

Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break we heard from NXT UK Champion WALTER. He said he knows Tommaso Ciampa considers himself to be a locker room leader and he was a dominate, ruthless champion. According to WALTER though, Ciampa is a shell of who he once was and has lost sight of his priorities.

WALTER though? He is committed to the sport and it is unreached. He respects this sport like no one else and will prove that at TakeOver.

Back in the ring was Legado del Fantasma. Santos Escobar took to the mic. He said he wanted to issue an open challenge because he runs the bingo around here. Escobar said he wanted to give Jordan Devlin a preview of what is to come. The Emperor of Lucha Libre said the cruiserweight championship was built out of the tradition he represents.

Enter Tyler Breeze.

Breeze said the difference between him and Escobar is that he has had to work his ass off to be here. Then Breeze accepted the open challenge.

Santos Escobar defeated Tyler Breeze via Pinfall (Phantom Driver)

A fun match between the two competitors. Breeze gave it a good attempt, even channeling his inner Bret Hart. Unfortunately Escobar is though to stop.

After the match it looked like the beat down of Breeze was going to continue, until MSK returned! They made the save for Breeze as Legado del Fantasma exited the ring.

Before anything else could occur, The Grizzled Young Veterans appeared on the tron. Zack Gibson said they were focused on Takeover and walking out with the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing The Way. Gargano said he still believed that William Regal’s idea for who will face him at TakeOver is cuckoo. Austin Theory said it is a great idea and that he’ll win the match. Gargano wound up thinking Theory had a point and told Mitchell his money was on Theory to win. Indi Hartwell on the other hand said she would take Lumis…that wasn’t received too well by the rest of The Way.

Candice LeRae than took over the interview to talk about their tag team match tonight. She said she hoped Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon would pay close attention because they would show them what true champions look like.

Before a commercial break we saw a dog running to the WWE Performance Center.

When we returned from commercial we saw what Raquel Gonzalez did to Io Shirai last week. Then we heard what Shirai had to say to McKenzie Mitchell from the trainer’s room last week. She said she picked Gonzalez because of the challenge.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell defeated Zayda Ramier and Gigi Dolin via Pinfall (Springboard Elbow)

Gigi began the match against Indi and for a good bit was holding her own against the taller woman. She was able to make a tag after escaping a hold by Indi. Zayda Ramier, who has been trained by Booker T, was able to put an impressive sequence together. After a spine buster though, Indi tagged in Candice. Candice immediately took out Gigi on the apron and then was almost rolled up by Ramier! After a Wicked Stepsister and an elbow off the top rope by Indi, that was the end of the match.

Candice then took to the mic after the match. She said their is not a woman in the back more deserving of being a champion than herself. Then she said Indi and her deserve to be NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Candice looked at the camera and told Ember and Shotzi she is coming for what is hers. As she has already said it would be on her time and their way. Their Way? NXT TAKEOVER STAND AND DELIVER!

Enter in the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Ember and Shotzi said Indi and Candice have lost their damn minds if they think the championships are theirs. Ember said they did expect this though. At TakeOver it is TCB. Then Shotzi fired the tank off before they drove away.

As Raquel Gonzalez was walking towards the ring with Dakota Kai, they were stopped by Io Shirai. Io said that Raquel cannot kill her. The two brawled with Gonzalez taking down Io.

The dog made another appearance, this time entering the Capitol Wrestling Center! Then we took another commercial break.

Returning from break, McKenzie Mitchell was trying to get a word from Roderick Strong. Strong was leaving the CWC and Mitchell reminded him about the main event. He said he was done with all of it and left.

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Zoey Stark via Pinfall (Spinebuster)

Stark really held her own in this match and got in a lot of offense. Dakota Kai tried to play a role in favor of Gonzalez, but Stark was able to take her out of the equation with a clothesline over the barricade. Gonzalez though did not need Kai to find a way to win the match and still sent a message to Io Shirai with her victory.

After the match, Io Shirai came out looking to continue their earlier brawl. Io brought the fight to Gonzalez right away with a series of punches and then she kicked Gonzalez out of the ring. The brawl continued on the outside, but this is where Gonzalez took control. Gonzalez threw Io right into one of the plastic panes above the barricades! Then referees finally got Gonzalez to start heading back up the entrance ramp.

Once again we saw the dog roaming the CWC before going to commercial break.

When we returned from break, Kushida was being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Kushida said nothing was going to stop him from winning tonight and heading to TakeOver. Pete Dunne then interrupted. Dunne said he heard Kushida last week when he said he was the best technical wrestler in the world. He told Kushida that crown is already his and dared him to prove him wrong.

Then the two had a stare down and of course a Pete Dunne shrug before the Prime Target video on Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

The video was really well done and featured things from the past couple of months. Cole and KOR both sat down and recounted their long history together. KOR called Cole the biggest blessing and curse to his career. Cole said since 2009, he has been attached to KOR basically at the hip.

During the video we saw highlights of the Undisputed Era as a whole and highlights of Cole and KOR individually. After the video we took a commercial break.

Xia Li defeated Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter via Pinfall

The match was originally supposed to be a tag team match, but finding a tag team partner for Li may be a bit difficult with Mei Ying around. Honestly this match was….well it was something. Kacy and Kayden began the match working quick tags and trying to keep Li down. Kayden though did not appreciate Mei Ying and Boa watching the match from the top of the entrance ramp, so she left the apron to go talk to them. As Kayden was giving Ying a piece of her mind, Ying put her hand on Kayden’s throat at choked her out! Back in the ring, Kacy was left all alone and Li took advantage of that.

Backstage while Raquel Gonzalez was being interviewed, Io Shirai attacked again!! This time it ended with Gonzalez putting Shirai through a wall!! She then yelled at Shirai to stay down!

The dog that has been roaming around found its owner! While we didn’t get to see the owner’s face, we saw their stiletto boots. Apparently we will find out their identity on April 13th. My guess would have to be Taya Valkyrie.

After returning from a commercial break we got to hear from Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa held up his broken necklace and told the story about how his wife and daughter gave it to him before his neck surgery. Of course WALTER didn’t know that, but its okay he reminded Ciampa of his story.

Ciampa has heard it all before. ‘He’s broken. He hasn’t been the same since surgery and becoming a dad. He’s not the same Ciampa from 2018.’ Has he changed? Yeah maybe, but then he thinks about all of the people who believe in him. He hears them, he sees them, and he feels them. At TakeOver Ciampa said he will remind everyone who he is. He’ll remind everyone who Blackheart is and that the Psycho Killer still lives. At TakeOver he warned WALTER it is a long fall from the top.

After a run down of the TakeOver cards, we got to hear from Finn Balor. Balor said he had been expecting Kross for a long time. TakeOver brings a different energy. Balor’s stamina has always been his strength and while Kross may try to dictate the pace of the match, the longer the match goes is where Kross will drown. There will be no fairytale ending for Kross.

LA Knight won the Gauntlet Eliminator Qualifying Battle Royal

Not who you were expecting hey? With Roddy leaving the CWC, the match only had 11 men in it. As Swerve made his way down to the ring, he was attacked by Leon Ruff. The two started off the action pretty quick.

Once the battle royal began, Dexter Lumis was in a corner by himself watching everyone else beat each other up. Jake Atlas was the first eliminated, thanks in part to Malcom Bivens. Austin Theory was thrown out of the ring, but his feet didn’t touch the ground…well at first. Theory tried to come up with a way to get to the stairs and his first idea? A kip up. Theory pretty much eliminated himself.

After Kushida and Pete Dunne eliminated each other, we were down to the final six.

  1. 1) Leon Ruff
  2. 2) Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott
  3. 3) Bronson Reed
  4. 4) Cameron Grimes
  5. 5) Dexter Lumis
  6. 6) LA Knight

Leon Ruff and Swerve were eliminated by Bronson Reed. Bronson was eventually eliminated when Grimes, Lumis, and Knight all worked together. Yes that was the first time Lumis moved during the match. Grimes then attempted to pay off Knight and Lumis so he could be victorious, that did not pay off for him.

Just when it looked like Lumis was going to be the winner, Knight outsmarted him!

After the Battle Royal was over, Io Shirai came out to the ring and called out Raquel Gonzalez. The woman brawled yet again! This time it required the women’s locker room to come out and attempt to break them up.

We ended the show with Shirai taking flight and taking Gonzalez and the rest of the locker room out!

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