WWE: NXT Results | May 4th 2021 | May the PRIN❌E be with you

The former NXT Champion, Finn Balor, returns to NXT tonight. We’ll also see the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships defended in a street fight.

After our intro video, NXT wasted no time in getting the action started with our Falls Count Anywhere match!

Isaiah Swerve Scott defeated Leon Ruff via Pinfall (JML Driver)

Before the bell even rang the referee had to get in between Ruff and Swerve, as Ruff was ready to get the action started. Once the bell rang, Swerve was ready for Ruff and issued a big knee to Ruff’s jaw. The action then went outside the ring and Swerve went for a pin attempt on the entrance ramp.

During picture in picture, the action went backstage! When we came back from commercial, Ruff brought the action back to the ring and almost got the win. The action throughout the match was brilliant. Ruff was pulling off some pretty cool moves off the top rope and the ring aprons.

In the end though, Swerve’s friends really came through for him. Ruff tried to climb on a stage for a dive, but when he came down he was caught by AJ Francis! AJ then threw Ruff on the barricade, which led to Swerve getting the victory.

After the match, we saw the arrival of Finn Balor. Then we went to a commercial break.

Returning from break, cameras caught up with Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory. The two were walking towards William Regal’s office because as Gargano said, Regal has been ducking his calls. The door was open and we saw Regal meeting with Scarlett. Regal was not in the mood to listen to Gargano and sent him away. Before they could leave Austin Theory “complimented” Scarlet’s nails and Scarlett looked to be rather annoyed.

Cameron Grimes defeated Asher Hale via Pinfall (Cave In)

Grimes was in control right away after picking Hale up and slamming him to the mat. Hale though was able to lock in a side headlock for a bit and even take Grimes down with a drop kick. He was able to stay a step ahead of Grimes and bring a bit of offense, but the man with all the cash was able to hold him off. Knee to the stomach and then….TO THE MOON!

After the match, McKenzie Mitchell was with Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro. Carter said she does not want to see or deal with Xia Li and everything that comes with her. Catanzaro then moved the conversation to the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships and said they will be watching tonight’s match closely. Franky Monet then interrupted. Monet said they were so, so cute. Then she told them it would take them longer to win the championships than they think, but she believes in them.

Then we took another commercial break.

Returning from break we saw Cameron Grimes celebrating his victory backstage. Then Ever Rise showed up! Ever Rise wanted to join Grimes in his celebrations, but Grimes said there was no room!

Back in the ring, The Grizzled Young Veterans were in the ring. James Drake questioned who encouraged Thatcher and Ciampa to tell the NXTUniverse to take their shoes off. According to Drake, GYV is a gift to the NXT Universe.

Zack Gibson told the crowd that no one wants to see their webbed toes, so they could keep their Crocs on! If not GYV will hop on a plane straight back to the UK. Before Gibson could continue, Ciampa’s music hit. Thatcher and Ciampa came out in matching jackets and looked ready to fight.

Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Grizzled Young Veterans via Submission

Thatcher and Ciampa started off the match looking firmly in control. Once tagged into the match, Thatcher put Gibson in a world of hurt. Gibson was able to get a hold of Thatcher’s foot but Thatcher was able to get out of it and put Gibson in a sleeper hold. Drake tried to save his partner, but was met with a kick from Ciampa! We went to our first commercial break during the match with Ciampa and Thatcher clubbing down both members of GYV.

When we returned from break GYV got the upper hand over Thatcher when Drake grabbed Thatcher’s ear and shoved him into the ropes. Once Thatcher was able to get back to his feet, he collided with Gibson in coincidental head butts. Although Drake tried to stop Thatcher from making the tag, he failed. Quick tags from Thatcher and Ciampa kept them in firm control of the match, as they absolutely destroyed Drake with hard hits. In the end after a bit of chaos, while Ciampa had the referee’s attention Thatcher got a hold of Wade Barrett’s shoe and hit Gibson with it! Then Thatcher locked in an armbar.

After the match Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory once again tried to confront William Regal. Gargano said Theory was going to bust the door down….that definitely didn’t happen. As Theory knocked on the door, Regal walked up. Gargano said the only reason Theory lost last week to Bronson Reed was because of Dexter Lumis. He went on to say that he should not have a title match because it is not fair.

Regal did not agree and said the title match was still on. Then he let Theory know that he would be facing Karrion Kross next week! As the two walked away, we went to another commercial break.

When we returned from break, cameras caught Isaiah Swerve Scott celebrating with his crew as they were leaving the CWC.

Then we took a look at Zayda Ramier and Sarray. The two will have a match later in the night.

Back at ringside Karrion Kross and Scarlett made their entrance. When Kross got the microphone he said he made things crystal clear three weeks ago: STEP UP. He said he was met with people saying they weren’t afraid of him. Well Kross isn’t afraid of them either, so what are we waiting for? Let’s give the people a fight.

Kross said he won’t wait for anyone to come stab him in the back. Next week he will leave Austin Theory laying. Then, Kyle O’Reilly interrupted.

KOR said he gets why Kross thinks everyone should be afraid, sheer dominance. He then made it clear that he is not afraid of Kross and he wants a match. Something tells him Kross also wants the match, but then….

Enter The Brusierweight, Pete Dunne.

Dunne said he doesn’t care who wants to see KOR versus Kross, he doesn’t care about the new Kyle O’Reilly, and he doesn’t care that Kross is NXT Champion. Dunne is the baddest man in NXT and if they disagree, he dares them to prove him wrong.

Then, the man we all have been waiting for arrived. FINN BALOR!

“Pete Dunne? Been there done that. Kyle O’Reilly? Been there, done that. Twice! Karrion Kross? Well once he is done with Theory….” Then Balor hit Kross in the face!

Kross shook him off and then turned to KOR and Dunne. KOR stepped right up to Kross and Dunne took advantage, hitting Kross from behind. This was chaotic and a lot to keep up with.

Security came out to try and break it up, with one lone security guard trying to calm Kross down (it didn’t end well for him). As security got things settled, Kross was attacked from behind by Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano!

Kross though was able to take on both members of The Way, even after a superkick from Gargano. It took multiple super kicks from both Theory and Gargano, plus Gargano hitting Kross with his North American Championship. Somehow Gargano’s plan worked?

We went to commercial break as Gargano and Theory walked away admiring what they just did.

Returning from break we saw footage of Gargano and Theory leaving the CWC. They said they were going to get the party started for when Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell win the championships.

Sarray defeated Zayda Ramier via Pinfall (German Suplex)

The match began quick, with both women trading quick pin attempts until Sarray took control after a kick to the gut. Ramier was able to catch Sarray in a submission move, but Sarray was able to crawl to the ropes. The match was fun and enjoyable to watch. Sarray hit an amazing drop kick while Ramier was sitting on the ropes. Both women were rather impressive and put on a very solid performance.

After the match we saw Imperium on a video call with WALTER. WALTER seemed angry and disappointed in Imperium. Then we got another promo video for the Diamond Mine before going to commercial break.

Returning from break we saw Sarray and Zayda Ramier exchange a handshake and thank each other for their match. Then Toni Storm attempted to confront Zoey Stark in the background, but they were stopped by referees.

LA Knight defeated Jake Atlas via Pinfall

As LA Knight made his entrance he cut a promo. He told Jake Atlas he was going to send him so far down the street that he would need an atlas to get back. Once the bell rang, Atlas brought the fight to Knight. While Atlas had early control of the match, he was unable to capitalize with the win. Atlas had some huge moves, but in the end Knight was able to turn it around after ducking a spinning kick from Atlas.

Before a commercial, Candice LeRae was telling Indi Hartwell how it was their night. As they walked further into the locker room, LeRae noticed a drawing that seemed to be from Dexter Lumis. She hid it in a locker before Hartwell could see it. We also saw Lumis with a bouquet of roses behind a door, waiting for Hartwell to notice him.

Returning from break Toni Storm told us all about how Zoey Stark is pissing her off. Storm said Stark doesn’t belong in the same ring or locker room as her. In fact, Stark doesn’t deserve to breathe the same oxygen as her. Storm is a global superstar and Stark is a future nobody. She said she brought Stark into this business and whenever she is ready, well she can bring her out of it.

In the ring was Legado del Fantasma. Santos Escobar talked about the measure of a man. We’ve heard him talk about tradition and legacy. We’ve also seen him become NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Last week we witness an iconic moment: a premonition of Escobar reclaiming what is rightfully his.

Then Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza delivered a message to MSK. MSK didn’t pin them at NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver, but last week Wilde and Mendoza embarrassed MSK. Mendoza said they want a match for the NXT Tag Team Championships. “The measure of a man is not what he can do for himself, but what he does for his brothers.”

Then Kushida showed up on the tron! Kushida challenged Escobar to a match next week for the Cruiserweight Championship, which of course Escobar accepted.

We then went to an interview with Raquel Gonzalez and Mecerdes Martinez. They discussed their upcoming championship match that will happen next week. There was a lot of talking tonight.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell defeated Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon via Pinfall (Wicked Step Sister)

AND NEEEEEEWWWWW! This was an excellent championship match with the action beginning right away, neither team waiting for introductions to happen. Blackheart was the first to grab a table from under the ring, but Hartwell was the one who set it up. Then we saw LeRae pull out a bunch of chairs from under the ring.

Lots of weapons were brought into the match: ladders, trash cans, and even a fire extinguisher. It was chaos and carnage in the best possibly way. Hartwell at one point had a trash can put on her head and then Moon and Blackheart dropped kicked her at the same time. LeRae was able to keep the match alive, but when she went to dive to the outside, was met with trash can lids!

We saw Hartwell pull of a Macho Man like elbow by jumping off the ropes and sent Moon through a table! This left LeRae and Blackheart the last two standing. While the champs put up a great fight and did all they could, LeRae was able to pin Blackheart!

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