WWE: NXT Results | November 11th 2020 – Wheel of Gargano

Tonight’s NXT sees three championship matches, including Johnny Gargano attempting to break his curse.

We opened the show with a video tribute for Veteran’s Day.

Then Johnny Gargano welcomed us to NXT and showed us his wheel of challengers!

Gargano then talked about how in both of his previous title reigns he lost on the first defense. Tonight he said the curse will be broken. Then he spun the wheel, which he side would only be spun once. After some craziness with the wheel, it landed on Leon Ruff!

Leon Ruff defeated Johnny Gargano via Pinfall (Crucifix Pin)

Yes you are reading that right, Leon Ruff is the new North American Champion! The curse is very much alive for Johnny Gargano. After Gargano got a bit too cocky, Ruff was able to roll him up for the three as Damian Priest looked on.

After, Gargano was freaking out while Priest congratulated the new champ. Then it was time for a commercial break.

Returning from commercial break, we saw Leon Ruff getting a round of applause from William Regal and members of the NXT locker room. As Ruff was being interviewed, Priest came up to him and gave him the keys to his car. Priest said that Gargano would be coming to the back soon and would want to beat Ruff up, so Priest was being helpful.

Once Gargano did make it backstage, he was furious. He yelled at Priest for costing him the match. Then he tried to get Regal to reverse the decision. Gargano said it wasn’t even his idea to have the match! Once again Johnny Gargano hates wheels.

Then we saw a WWE Network exclusive on how Jake Atlas got his NXT Cruiserweight Championship match.

Santos Escobar defeated Jake Atlas via Pinfall

This was a classic match and we truly got to see Atlas shine. Atlas was able to take out Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde and finally got the referee to eject them. Unfortunately Atlas got caught coming off the top rope into Escobar’s finisher.

Legado del Fantasma then came out to celebrate on the ramp.

We then saw Dexter Lumis backstage drawing what seemed to be the zombie referee and Cameron Grimes. Then we went to a commercial break.

Back from break we heard from Shotzi Blackheart on the destruction of her beloved tank. Blackheart said that the tank represented family and freedom. While Candice LeRae believes they are even, Blackheart said that wasn’t the case. She said she is out to kick Candice’s ass.

At ringside, Raquel Gonzalez made her entrance. Gonzalez then waited for her opponent.

Unfortunately for Gonzalez, Xia Li did not come out when her entrance music played. Instead a very apologetic looking Boa walked down the ramp. He told Gonzalez that the match would not be happening because Xia was not there.

Gonzalez was furious and beat the hell out of Boa! She told Boa to keep her name out of his mouth and then left.

As Boa was still in the ring, the lights went out. A man then came out and handed Boa an envelope. I truly have no idea what this was all about. Then we went to commercial break.

Upon returning from break, McKenzie Mitchell was attempting to interview August Grey about attacking Timothy Thatcher last week. The interview didn’t last long, as Thatcher attacked Grey. Thatcher wound up throwing Grey into Dexter Lumis’ artwork! A stare down between Thatcher and Lumis then occurred.

Back at the ring, we got the entrance of Toni Storm. Then during Candice LeRae’s entrance a promo video was shown. LeRae said she took much enjoyment in destroying Shotzi Blackheart’s tank. Then she said she was looking forward to destroying punk rock poser, Storm tonight.

Candice LeRae defeated Toni Storm via Pinfall

A decent back and forth match between the two women. LeRae had her feet on the ropes during the cover, but the referee never saw.

After the match, Storm attacked LeRae but the Grim Reaper that has been saving the Garganos for the past few weeks appeared. Shotzi Blackheart tried to make the save, but that didn’t work out. The Grim Reaper finally revealed herself as…..Indi Hartwell!

We then went backstage to see Breezango. Tyler Breeze had said they have worked too hard for the past five years for Pat McAfee to ruin things for them. Fandango and Breeze both said there would be no fun Breezango, it was all business. Then we went to commercial break.

Timothy Thatcher defeated Dexter Lumis via Pinfall

Thatcher attempted to get an ankle lock right off the bat, but Lumis was able to fight it off.

After the match Cameron Grimes attacked Lumis. He taken a burlap sack and put it on Lumis’ head, because Grimes is still afraid of him. Lumis still attempted to fight back, but had no idea where to throw punches. A steel chair was involved, but Grimes was able to hit the Cave In using the chair.

Backstage Johnny Gargano, a much calmer Gargano, tried to talk to William Regal. Gargano wanted him to throw the North American Championship match result out. Regal didn’t see a reason to do that and reminded Gargano that the match was his idea in the first place.

Gargano admitted he rigged the wheel and the match was meant to be a joke. Regal stands by Leon Ruff as the new North American Champion.. Gargano threw a tantrum. We then went to another commercial break.

Returning from break, we got a promo from Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa talked about how he has been around a lot of tough guys in this business, but they never had to tell you they were tough you just knew. He said the NXT locker room is not like that, it is filled with guys who talk about how tough and good they are.

While Ciampa never thought he’d have an old school mentality, he does. Ciampa is out to change the culture in the locker room.

A Prime Target about Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai was then shown.

Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch made their way to the ring after the video. McAfee talked excitedly about what Pete Dunne has done the past two weeks. Then he once again told us they are the greatest four man group in the history of professional wrestling. Before commercial, McAfee said he would be joining commentary for the main event.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeated Breezango via Pinfall

Shenanigans, shenanigans galore. Breezango began the match firmly in control. After a little chaos between the four men that saw the match spill to the outside, Breezango looked to have the champs number. Unfortunately for them, Pete Dunne and Pat McAfee both took opportunities to distract the referee and get involved in the match.

Drake Maverick attempted to even up the situation, but was beat up by Dunne for his troubles.

After the match, chaos broke out! Maverick jumped off the top rope taking out Lorcan, but was promptly attacked by Dunne and Burch. Breezango eventually got back involved, but the Kings of NXT destroyed everyone.

We ended NXT with Pat McAfee punting Tyler Breeze and reminding the NXT Universe that they are the greatest and everyone else sucks.

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