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WWE NXT: Results | November 25th 2020 – Gaining The Advantage

With Undisputed Era returning and now taking on Pat McAfee and crew at War Games, tonight we find out who will go in with the advantage.

We opened NXT with a recap of what happened last week where William Regal informed us of WAR GAMES! Then Vic Joesph and Kevin Owens welcomed us to NXT.

Candice LeRae defeated Ember Moon via Pinfall (Wicked Stepsister)

The match began with LeRae in the ropes asking Moon to calm down. Then LeRae tried to take a timeout by Indi Hartwell, which didn’t go well for her. Hartwell tried to be a distraction, but Moon took care of her pretty quickly. While Moon seemed to be in firm control of the match, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez made their presence known. Upon distractions by Kai and Gonzalez, Hartwell was able to save LeRae from the Eclipse…..taking the move herself. This set up LeRae for the win.

After the match, Kai, Gonzalez, and LeRae surrounded Moon. Moon was able to escape unscathed, when Toni Storm came out. It seemed like Storm was going to team up with Moon, like she did last week, but that turned out to be a swerve! Storm looked to agree with Moon on taking on the heels in the ring, but Storm threw Moon into the steel steps and then into the ring.

Moon tried to fight back, but it was no use. As a giddy Storm looked on, Raquel Gonzalez smashed Moon to the mat.

Then we saw the Undisputed Era make their entrance to the building before heading to commercial break.

When we returned from break, we caught up with Legado del Fantasma. Santos Escobar said they had promised to rewrite the history of lucha libre in their image and they have. It has been their year because they were able to defend the Cruiserweight championship for the first time on a TakeOver, now their careers have sky rocketed. Then they listed off the opponents they have been able to go through, who’s left?

Curt Stallion was brought up, which Escobar sarcastically said would be a huge challenge.

Back at ringside we got the entrance of UE. During their entrance a video of The Pat McAfee Show was played. In it McAfee said he would not be at NXT tonight, but Pete Dunne would get the job done.

Then Adam Cole had the mic in the ring. Cole said they have heard time and time again that another group was “taking over” NXT and take out UE, but they are still here. He warned McAfee that he has no idea what he is dealing with. Cole said in two weeks he looks forward to seeing McAfee being trapped in War Games.

Kyle O’Reilly brought up how fun last week was, beating up McAfee and his “goons.” But Cole said they needed to focus on tonight, the War Games advantage match which UE has never lost. O’Reilly made his case to be Pete Dunne’s opponent tonight. He said after Halloween Havoc, he needed to fight Dunne. The other members of UE had no problem with it. Cole warned Dunne that he would be fighting an angry, a different, Kyle O’Reilly.

He said Undisputed Era will be fighting to drag Pat McAfee and his boys through absolute hell to prove just who they are. At War Games they will take them to a war and make sure they are never, ever the same. That’s Undisputed.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell attempted to catch up with Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, and Raquel Gonzalez. Mitchell was looking for answers as to what happened earlier. LeRae asked for a minute and conferred with Kai and Gonzalez. After making sure Kai and Gonzalez were in, LeRae turned back to Mitchell and introduced her to her War Games team. Joining the team…Toni Storm.

When Storm walked up, she said she warned everyone that they were going to see a new side to her. We then saw some of the students of Thatch As Thatch Can School of Wrestling before going to commercial break.

Kushida defeated Timothy Thatcher via Submission (Hoverboard Lock)

Before the match began, Tommaso Ciampa brought a chair down to the ring and sat to watch the match. Although Ciampa was ringside, he didn’t look to cause any problems…even after he had challenged Thatcher to a match. Kushida and Thatcher put on a clinic. Hold for hold, plenty of counters, and at one point a bloody Thatcher.

The match was going well, until Ciampa abruptly stood up from his chair. This caused Thatcher to take his eyes of the match and gave Kushida the opening he needed.

After the match, Ciampa looked at the camera and said maybe Thatcher has a problem with him now.

We then got a video package on Rhea Ripley versus Io Shirai from last week. The women discussed their brutal encounter, in which neither wanted to give up. We also heard from the doctor who was ringside for the match. In the video Ripley said she didn’t know where she goes from here. We find out that Ripley will be on the show later to address all the rumors on her next step.

Kevin Owens said after the commercial it will be time for the Kevin Owens Show. His guest? North American Champion, Leon Ruff.

Returning from break, McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Pete Dunne. Dunne said he saw what Kyle O’Reilly did to Finn Balor and while it was impressive, Dunne said he would have put Balor on the shelf for two years. Oney Lorcan said Dunne was going to win the match tonight and change Undisputed Era’s luck in advantage matches.

Back in the ring, Kevin Owens welcomed us to The Kevin Owens show! He said last November he returned to NXT for War Games, this time for commentary, who knows what next November could bring. He then welcomed Leon Ruff to the ring.

KO said after seeing what Ruff had accomplished, he wanted to give Ruff the space to share his message. Ruff said he wanted to be a WWE Superstar his whole life and just signed his contract seven weeks ago. KO then played the moment of Damian Priest congratulating Ruff when he won the title and the title slipping from his waist. Ruff called the moment embarrassing and KO tried to make him feel better about it.

Ruff said the title represents a yes for every no he has gotten. KO said he should be very proud for what he accomplished and to keep his head up. But KO did want Ruff to have a bit more conviction and let the people in the back hear who he is. Ruff then got hyped up on his accomplishment on beating Johnny Gargano twice.

Unfortunately KO got a little disappointed. He told Ruff that he knows if you say someone’s name on the show, inevitably they are going to appear. KO did a countdown, expecting Gargano to appear…he was only slightly off on his count! Gargano’s music hit and he came out screaming about it being a prank show.

KO, being the great host that he is, tried to get Gargano a chair, but Gargano tossed it away. Another chair was brought into the ring because KO had a hunch. Gargano then focused back on Ruff, telling him if he wanted to inspire people he would tell people that he was the real North American Champion. Then Damian Priest’s name was brought up and KO shook his head again. Once again he counted it down, expecting Priest to show up.

Priest wasn’t surprised that “Johnny Wheel of Fortune” was complaining about losing again. He said eventually Gargano would come to terms with the reality that Leon Ruff is better than him. Before things got out of control, KO tried to offer Priest a chair (which Priest politely declined). Priest said he was just stating facts, but Gargano said it was because of Priest that Ruff beat him twice.

Gargano then focused back on Ruff and said there is no way Ruff could beat him one on one. Then he shoved Ruff into one of the chairs, KO made the save before Ruff could fall over though. Then Priest reminded Ruff that he never got his rematch for the North American Championship. He then reminded Ruff he had said he would defend the title against both Gargano and himself.

KO interrupted by saying he wished Teddy Long was in NXT because he would just come down to the ring and make a triple threat match. If only there was a NXT version of Teddy Long……

Enter William Regal.

In two weeks, at NXT War Games, Leon Ruff will defend his North American Championship against Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest. Holla, Playa!

We then got a video promo from Finn Balor. He said that he laid the ground work for war last week. Whoever wins the war, Balor will be ready. The champion works Wednesdays. Then we went to commercial break.

Returning from break we got a hype video for War Games featuring Shotzi Blackheart,

Cameron Grimes defeated Jake Atlas via Pinfall (Cave In)

Grimes seemed to be riding on a high of no longer fearing Dexter Lumis. The match began with the men going hold for hold. In the end, after a standing Spanish Fly, Grimes was able to go to the moon and set up the Cave In.

After the match, Dexter Lumis appeared on the ring apron. Lumis appeared to be carrying some sort of bag and upon entering the ring scared off Grimes. Before Grimes could escape, a video of moments from their Haunted House of Horrors match, mixed with a Lumis drawing began to play.

During this, Lumis pulled out a strap from his bag. Grimes would not agree to the strap and threw it back towards Lumis before heading to the back.

We saw Rhea Ripley, looking to be on her way towards the ring before we went to commercial break.

When we returned from break, William Regal caught up with Cameron Grimes. Regal said he saw what happened out there and he believed the NXT Universe wanted to see Grimes face off against Dexter Lumis one more time. Then Regal made it official, TakeOver War Games: Cameron Grimes versus Dexter Lumis in a Strap Match!

Back in the ring we saw Rhea Ripley. Ripley said that Io Shirai is one of the toughest competitors she has ever been in the ring with. The hug they shared after the match is no reason to speculate a send off, but instead it was just mutual respect. Ripley said she is here to stay and focused on the NXT Women’s Championship.

She couldn’t continue speaking as Candice LeRae’s music hit. LeRae came out with Toni Storm and said Ripley is just too cute. LeRae said Io Shirai stole two victories from her with help, but beat Ripley all on her own. The biggest difference between Ripley and LeRae though? Ripley talks a lot, but can’t quite seem to back it up.

Soon LeRae and Storm are joined by Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. Gonzalez is holding an unconscious Io Shirai! Ripley then tried to bring the fight to the women on the entrance ramp, but she was unfortunately outnumbered. LeRae and company left The Nightmare laying in the ring. Then we went to commercial break.

Returning from break, we saw Xia Li and Boa in the back of some car. Once they were let out, they were brought to some person. Boa and Li immediately began beginning for forgiveness, which did not seem to go well.

In the ring, Ever Rise were in the ring waiting on their opponents. While the bell rung, we never found out who Ever Rise were supposed to face because they were attacked by James Drake and Zack Gibson! Grizzled Young Vets are back in NXT! (Kevin Owens was not excited about Ever Rise time being interrupted.)

Gibbo reintroduced GYV to us and said they were soon to be recognized as NXT’s Number One! Ticket To Mayhem to one of the members of Ever Rise and then we went to the back.

McKenzie Mitchell was trying to catch up to Candice LeRae, who was helping Indi Hartwell (in a neck brace) to the car. LeRae said anyone who is stupid enough to join Shotzi Blackheart’s team would get run over. Johnny Gargano then showed up and said at War Games everything would come up Gargano. Yes there was a new Grim Reaper, Ghostface whatever you wanna call it in the car.

We got the entrance of Kyle O’Reilly, who barely let Pete Dunne get in the ring before the match began!

Pete Dunne defeated Kyle O’Reilly to gain the advantage at War Games

Could you say the ending of this match was controversial? Possibly. After a rather brutal match: superplexes on the ladder, throwing each other off ladders into more ladders (you get the picture), Dunne seemed to have a bit of help in victory. While Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch were watching from above and McAfee supposedly at home, a masked person knocked O’Reilly off the ladder. This gave Dunne just enough time to get the briefcase and win the advantage for his team, ending UE’s undefeated streak.

We ended NXT with Dunne celebrating with Lorcan and Burch on the entrance ramp.

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