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WWE: NXT Results | October 14th 2020 – Lumis Vs. Priest

Damian Priest defends his North American Championship against Dexter Lumis. We’ll also determine Breezango’s next opponent.

We began NXT with a video looking at what happened last week in Ember Moon’s return.

Vic Joesph gave us a quick rundown of what was to come tonight before Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly made their entrance.

Once in the ring KOR got the mic. He said a lot of people look at the Undisputed Era and think they are done for. KOR said he would be cleared to compete next week, but Adam Cole is still suffering from broken ribs. He then made it clear that if UE got their hands on Ridge Holland, they would have put him in a hospital bed just like he is now.

KOR said the second coming of the Golden Prophecy begins tonight with Strong and Fish winning their match. The UE will run this business for a very long time. That boys and girls is…undisputed.

Undisputed Era defeated Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch via Pinfall (High Knee Strike)

The rebuild of the Golden Prophecy is off to a good start. While Lorcan and Burch seemed to have the UE’s number, Strong and Fish found a way to get the victory. Lorcan was rather impressive in this one, at times taking out Fish and Strong all by himself. After accidentally running into Burch, Lorcan suffered from the double team of UE.

After the match, McKenzie Mitchell gave us an update on the NXT Champion, Finn Balor. While it didn’t look like Balor was going to need surgery, upon further review it was determined necessary. As for the NXT Championship, William Regal said they would give it a few weeks to see how Balor recovers. After that they will re-evaluate.

Then we went to a commercial.

Returning from commercial we took a look into the returning Ember Moon. In the video Moon said 2019 was terrible for her. She learned in her year away that she can’t let other people define who she is. After the doctors told her she was clear to wrestle, all she heard was, “Ember you are NXT.”

She took herself out of the possibility of being drafted to RAW or Smackdown to come home. Moon said NXT is where she feels alive. She knows that NXT is a different place than when she left it. To get back to the NXT Women’s Championship, Moon knows she has to go through the best women’s division, but she’s ready.

Jake Atlas defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis via Pinfall (Roll up)

The match began with the two men in a stalemate. Adonis got a little cocky and Atlas hit him with a drop kick. Adonis was able to get a pin attempt after a drop kick of his own! He then got distracted by the appearance of Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde, which Atlas took advantage of.

After the match Wilde and Mendoza quickly went on the attack of Adonis. Atlas decided to help out his opponent and took out Mendoza and Wilde with a dive to the outside. Atlas and Adonis then punched the Legado del Fantasma members up the ramp. Santos Escobar eventually showed up and it looked like Atlas and Adonis would be outnumbered.

That is until a few chairs were tossed in the ring by Isaiah Swerve Scott. The six men then had a stare down, which had Legado del Fantasma walking off.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. LeRae said she was the uncrowned NXT Women’s Champion. According to LeRae she beat Io Shirai at TakeOver for everyone to see.

Gargano then complained about Dexter Lumis getting a title opportunity. He brought up the fact Lumis kidnapped Strong and said he should be locked up, not rewarded. Gargano still believes it is their destiny to become champions together.

Johnny Gargano defeated Austin Theory via Pinfall (One Final Beat DDT)

A hard hitting contest, that saw Theory rolling in the beginning. Gargano was able to evade the ATL and get momentum back on his side. Theory and Gargano then had a good back and forth exchange, which got Theory a chance at a pinfall. Eventually Gargano was able to gain control after a superkick and lawn dart.

Backstage Raquel Gonzalez cut a promo on Rhea Ripley. Gonzalez looked in the camera and told Ripley she was looking at the biggest and baddest woman in the industry. Then she brought up that Halloween Havoc was in two weeks and challenged Ripley to a match.

Ripley then showed up in the hallway. The two were separated before a brawl could really ensue. But Ripley did accept the match for Halloween Havoc. We then went to commercial break.

When we returned, Tommaso Ciampa was watching his match against Kushida from last week. Once it got to the part of Velveteen Dream’s interference, you could see the anger on Ciampa’s face. As Ciampa got up, he said the Velveteen Dream was dead.

Candice LeRae defeated Shotzi Blackheart to become the Number One Contender to the NXT Women’s Championship

Blackheart took control of the match after blocking a neck breaker. A dive at LeRae on the outside, almost helped Blackheart put the match away back in the ring. An exchange on the ring apron ended with Blackheart being pushed into the ring post and LeRae gaining the upper hand. After that the two exchanged a few pin attempts. LeRae rolled out of the ring after being hit with a meteora, which is when she was given brass knuckles by Indi Hartwell.

We then were shown a video from earlier in the day of Drake Maverick and Killian Dain meeting up. Maverick wanted to prove to Dain how serious he was about being a tag team that he went to a marketing company! He showed Dain merch ideas and branding, none of which Dain seemed thrilled about. Maverick even pulled out different fabrics!

A tag team name of “The Furry and the Fury” was brought up. Maverick then broke the news that they would be having a tag team match against Imperium…which Dain wanted nothing to do with.

A hype video for Toni Storm was shown before going to commercial, she would be in action after the break.

Returning from break, Robert Stone and Aliyah were in the ring. Stone said even though there is all this new talent coming to NXT, none want to work with the Robert Stone Brand. Stone said it was all good, their loss would be someone else’s gain. Then Toni Storm’s music hit.

Toni Storm defeated Aliyah via Pinfall (Storm Zero)

A rather quick match. Aliyah tried her best to gain an upper hand on Storm, but it never really worked out for her.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing William Regal. Regal said he wasn’t very happy with the outcome of LeRae versus Blackheart, but the referee’s decision is final. He said he was deciding how to up the stakes of LeRae’s match with Io Shirai.

Then Xia Li came up and told Regal she needed to compete next week. Regal said he would take it under consideration, but Xia kept pressuring him. After telling her again he would think about it, we went to commercial break.

Imperium defeated Drake Maverick and Killian Dain via Pinfall (European Bomb)

Imperium got back in the win column by dividing and conquering. Maverick was the legal competitor, so Marcel Barthel took out Killian Dain by tossing him into the steel steps. That gave Imperium enough time to focus on Maverick and getting the victory.

After the match Ever Rise, Dain and Maverick’s opponents from last week, came out. Maverick was able to get outside the ring, but Ever Rise had him cornered, that is until Killian Dain took them out! He then looked at Maverick and told him ”nobody hits you, but me.”

Damian Priest defeated Dexter Lumis via Pinfall (South of Heaven)

This was a fun match up because of how different Priest is from Lumis. Lumis looked like he was going to become the new North American Champion, until Cameron Grimes showed up! After a Cave In, which Priest didn’t see, Lumis was dazed and walked right into South of Heaven.

After the match, Priest stopped Grimes from attacking Lumis. Priest hit Grimes with a Reckoning and then walked off. Just as Priest was about to continue celebrating his victory, Johnny Gargano hit him with a steel chair from behind!

Gargano continued the attack by throwing the chair at Priest and then delivering a superkick. Candice LeRae then joined him on the entrance ramp to admire Gargano’s handiwork.

William Regal came out and said they both would have their championship matches at Halloween Havoc, but the stakes would be much higher. Regal then let Shotzi Blackheart, host of Halloween Havoc, explain. Blackheart said their matches would be determined by SPIN THE WHEEL!

That’s the show friends!

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