WWE: NXT Results | October 21st 2020 – Dream Vs Kushida Vs Ciampa

In the final NXT before Halloween Havoc, we’ll see Undisputed Era take on Breezango for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

We began the show with Kushida in the ring waiting for his opponents. During Velveteen Dream’s entrance, Tommaso Ciampa attacked him from behind!

Kushida defeated Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream via Pinfall (German Suplex)

An amazing way to start NXT, as these three really brought it. With Ciampa on the attack before the opening bell, he was in control right away. Kushida brought out a ton of moves, from submissions to dives. Dream’s injured arm was in a cast and with triple threat matches there are no disqualifications. Before Kushida hit Ciampa with the German Suplex, Dream hit Ciampa with his cast.

After the match we went backstage where the Undisputed Era was…well most of the UE. We saw Adam Cole via iPad. Cole said the UE had been facing road blocks lately, but tonight that would all change.

He also said while he is not medically cleared yet, he is getting better everyday which is bad news for the rest of the locker room. Tonight? Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish will regain the NXT Tag Team Championships. Then Kyle O’Reilly said when they first brought up the golden prophecy there were doubters, but look at what they have accomplished.

Fish said that Breezango may be an impressive team, but they have nothing against The UE. Then we went to a commercial break.

Returning from break, we got a Halloween Havoc promo. Added to the card for next week: Cameron Grimes versus Dexter Lumis is a Haunted House of Terror match.

Wade Barrrett and Vic Joesph talked up Halloween Havoc after the promo, with Barrett challenging Joesph to a costume contest. Then we took a look at Rhea Ripley.

The video showed some of Ripley’s most dominant moments and then we looked into her feud with Raquel Gonzalez. Ripley said at Halloween Havoc, Gonzalez’s nightmare becomes a reality.

Ember Moon defeated Jessi Kamea via Submission

Moon said she knew she was in for tough competition upon her return to NXT and Kamea didn’t disappoint. Kamea fought back everything Moon threw at her; submissions, standing moonsault, etc. Moon got creative with her offense, which was necessary when Kamea showed off how athletic she can be.

After the match Dakota Kai attacked Ember Moon.

Then we went backstage were there was some sort of commotion involving Bobby Fish. Fish said he couldn’t put any weight on his ankle/knee and didn’t see who attacked him. Then we went to a commercial break.

When we returned from break Bronson Reed and Austin Theory were in the ring for their match. During the match McKenzie Mitchell gave an update on Bobby Fish. She said he was on his way to get a MRI and was out of the main event. Taking Fish’s place would be Kyle O’Reilly.

Bronson Reed defeated Austin Theory via Pinfall (Tsunami)

Bronson Reed absolutely manhandled Theory. Which means Theory’s losing streak is still intact.

After the match Theory got a mic and stopped Reed before he could leave. Theory said he is 23 and the future of the business. He also took a crack at Reed’s career by saying he has done more in the business than Reed’s “stupid” 15 year career. Theory then told him to get back in the ring because he wasn’t leaving til he beat Reed.

Reed accepted….

Bronson Reed defeated Austin Theory via Pinfall (Samoan Drop)

It was quick.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell was with Xia Li and Kacy Catanzaro. Catanzaro has stepped up to face Li tonight. Li said no one knows how important the match is to her and thanked Kacy for agreeing to the match. Li said this was the biggest match of her career and she had to win.

Legado del Fantasma would take on Isaiah Swerve Scott, Jake Atlas, and Ashante Adonis when we returned from commercial break.

Back from commercial we were shown Austin Theory leaving the Capital Wrestling Center. He told the interviewer that he quit.

Legado del Fantasma defeated Ashante Adonis, Jake Atlas, and Isaiah Swerve Scott via Pinfall

This tag team match was just a lot of chaos, in the best possible way. The match began with Legado del Fantasma playing mind games. The mind games ended up with everyone paired up and Swerve taking out Escobar. In the end all of the impressive tag team work and offensive moves by Swerve, Atlas, and Adonis weren’t enough. Once again Legado del Fantasma walked away victorious.

After the match we checked in on the Garganos. Johnny was not happy about having to spin the wheel at Halloween Havoc, so Candice LeRae made a wheel for them to practice their spins on. Once Candice convinced Johnny to do it, his spin landed on a Buried Alive match, not ideal. Candice spun and got a Trick or Street Fight and she is undefeated in street fights.

Johnny gave it one more attempt and got a Casket Match! Again, not ideal. Johnny yelled at the wheel. He said he hated it and walked away from the room.

Before another commercial break we saw Killian Dain and Drake Maverick getting ready to head to the ring.

Ever Rise defeated Killian Dain and Drake Maverick via DQ

After Matt Martel yelled at Maverick that he only had one friend, who was a loser like him, Maverick lost it. He began beating up Martel and then tried to get in the ring to help Dain break out of a submission. Martel stopped him, which is when Maverick got a steel chair.

After realizing that he lost the match for his team, Maverick seemed afraid of how Dain would react. Dain though was so proud!

Backstage more chaos! Backstage crew members found Roderick Strong laid out not moving. We went to commercial as Kyle O’Reilly came to check on his tag team partner.

When we returned from commercial break, the NXT locker room was huddled together with William Regal. Regal asked KOR what he wanted to do. KOR said there was no way he was competing tonight and told him to give the match to Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Burch and Lorcan tried to tell KOR that he won the opportunity fair and square and one of them would tag with him.

KOR wasn’t having it and left saying he was heading to the hospital. Regal then asked Breezango their opinion. The match was then made to be Breezango versus Burch and Lorcan.

  • Kacy Catanzaro defeated Xia Li
  • Timothy Thatcher defeated Anthony
  • Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeated Breezango to become NXT Tag-Team Champions

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