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    WWE: NXT Results | October 7th 2020 – Ciampa Vs Kushida

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    With TakeOver 31 behind us, how will the Garganos and Kyle O’Reilly respond to their losses? We’ll also get an update on Finn Balor’s injury.

    We began the show with a video recapping what happened this past Sunday at TakeOver.

    Then inside the Capital Wrestling Center, Tommaso Ciampa made his entrance. During the entrance we found out that Ciampa and Kushida had an altercation in the back that forced William Regal to have their match open the show.

    Kushida defeated Tommaso Ciampa via DQ

    A competitive match up between the two men was unfortunately interrupted by Velveteen Dream. Before Dream inserted himself into the match, we were watching a hard hitting contest. Ciampa and Kushida both were landing some of their big moves, Kushida with the arm bar and Ciampa with a big DDT.

    Velveteen Dream tried to jump in from the top rope and use his cast to hit Kushida, but he missed! Kushida was able to run him off, which left a pissed off Ciampa in the ring.

    After a commercial break, Ember Moon was in the ring to address the NXT Universe. She said she was a little shocked they let her talk on the mic tonight because it has been awhile, 14 months of isolation.

    Ember said she found clarity while out on her bike, finding the real Ember Moon. Then she brought up something called Ember’s Law. Basically no one is going to walk over her anymore and she is going to do what she wants because she is Ember Moon. She said that one thing has stayed the same…she wants gold.

    This brought out Io Shirai. Before Io could speak a word, Rhea Ripley made her entrance. Ripley said she loved Moon’s new attitude, but before she could continue she was attacked by Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. All hell broke loose! Moon left the ring to save Ripley as Shirai looked on.

    William Regal then came out and said since they all wanted to fight, they would in main event tag team match.

    Then a video of Drake Maverick making his arrival to the building from earlier in the day was shown. Maverick asked what he has been up to the past few weeks since we haven’t seen him or Killian Dain in awhile. He said they have been doing what all great tag teams do…preparing. Maverick said he had been sending Dain a bunch of messages with ideas.

    Dain came up behind him and asked what he was trying to do. He wasn’t thrilled that Dain put them in a tag team match tonight with Ever Rise. Then we went to another commercial break.

    When we returned McKenzie Mitchell was with Io Shirai. Shirai said she didn’t get involved in the brawl earlier because it wasn’t her problem. Then she tapped her championship and said that was her problem.

    Highlights of what happened after the main event of TakeOver were shown. Then we got to hear from Adam Cole. Cole said that when you mess with the Undisputed Era, they will make you pay. It seemed like Holland didn’t get that memo because Sunday was not the best for UE.

    Kyle O’Reilly agreed that Sunday didn’t go well and apologized for not getting the job done. All of UE reassured him that he did good. Roderick Strong called it the performance of a lifetime. Cole brought it back to Holland and said he didn’t care why Holland attacked him, but now he has broken ribs. He said Holland was a dead man….that’s undisputed.

    Drake Maverick and Killian Dain defeated Ever Rise via Pinfall

    Let’s just say Dain did not appreciate Maverick’s entrance music idea. It was a lot of whistling and Dain made them turn it off real quick. Once the match began, Maverick was tagged in quick by Dain and not a nice tag. Ever Rise made the mistake of trash talking Dain, which led to Dain tagging himself in and be a one man wrecking crew.

    To win the match, Dain powerbombed Maverick on to one of the members of Ever Rise. Maverick then got the pin. Afterwards Maverick seemed absolutely thrilled with the victory! Of course with Maverick’s dancing Dain punched him in the face…again. This time instead of leaving Maverick, Dain had a heart and carried him to the back.

    A video on Toni Storm was then shown. It featured an interview of Storm in Cancun, Mexico. Storm said she had needed a change of scenery and that this Toni Storm is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

    Back from commercial break, we take a walk around the neighborhood with the Garganos. They talked about how Sunday was supposed to be the best night of their lives and it ended up being embarrassing. Candice LeRae said they deserve rematches! Gargano said they need to take a step back and reevaluate how they do things.

    When they got back to their house there was a brand new TV on their steps. It was from Indi Hartwell? LeRae was beyond confused by the gift.

    Austin Theory defeated Leon Ruff via Pinfall (ATL)

    Ruff started off the match with a quick pinfall attempt for a 2 count! After that it was all Theory.

    After the match Theory got on the mic. Theory said that his victory is exactly what happens when he is given the proper time to warm up. Apparently last week when he faced Adam Cole, Theory was ice cold. Theory said he wanted to prove to Cole that he is the future of NXT, but Cole has broken ribs. He said he is the future of NXT and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it.

    Cue Dexter Lumis.

    Dexter Lumis defeated Austin Theory via Submission

    Lumis started off the match strong with a big right hand shot to Theory. This match couldn’t have been what Theory was expecting, but he also can’t use the excuse that he wasn’t warmed up. Theory did have some control during the match, but Lumis was able to stop him with a huge spine buster, which changed the match back in Lumis’ favor.

    After his victory, Lumis was attacked by Cameron Grimes! Grimes hit Lumis with a Cave In! He then got close to Lumis and said that next time he is asked a question, he should answer.

    Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez were preparing for their match when McKenzie Mitchell walked into their locker room. Mitchell asked why they attacked Rhea Ripley.

    Kai said Ripley got involved in their business last week. Gonzalez said tonight she will take are of Ripley once and for all. Kai was not thrilled that Ember Moon is back and demanding a NXT Women’s Championship match. She said Moon needs to get in line behind her.

    Then a commercial break.

    Back from break Cameron Grimes is asked why he attacked Dexter Lumis. Grimes said that when he asks someone a question they should answer and not just stare at him. He also said that people need to learn not to mess with Cameron Grimes.

    Then a Prime Target video on Kyle O’Reilly versus Finn Balor was shown. In it we found out that Finn Balor broke his jaw in two places. The physician said that Balor would miss a little bit of time.

    After the video, we were shown footage of Ridge Holland arriving to the building earlier in the day. Holland said last week he didn’t have a Mercedes, but this week his does. Somehow that is thanks to Adam Cole.

    We then went to another commercial break.

    Returning from break Damian Priest was interviewed. Priest said his victory party Sunday was a great time. He said his name living forever is not just a phrase or an empty word. After burning Johnny Gargano’s name into the North American Championship, he is left wondering who is next.

    Ridge Holland defeated Danny Burch via Pinfall

    While the match was hard hitting, once Holland got going there was no stopping him.

    After the match Burch, who didn’t seem thrilled with how he was treated, took another go at Holland. Burch slapped Holland in the face, but this led to Holland delivering a lot of head butts to Burch in return. Oney Lorcan made the save. Lorcan and Holland brawled for a bit and none of the refs could stop them.

    After Lorcan took a dive to the outside, it seemed like he was finally able to take down Holland. Lorcan went to check on Burch, while refs swarmed Holland.

    Back at the Garganos, Johnny is watching footage of the women’s battle royal that Candice LeRae won a few weeks ago. When LeRae asked why, Johnny said the USB of the footage was in the TV and pointed out how many times Indi Hartwell saved LeRae in that match. Johnny then said he thinks something is there and that he has always liked Hartwell.

    When we returned from another commercial break, we are at Thatch As Thatch Can wrestling school! Timothy Thatcher said life is full of peaks and valleys, so when presented with the opportunity you have to strike first. “A man is not defined by his losses, but the pain he inflicts.”

    Back at ringside we saw a replay of what happened before the commercial break. Unfortunately during all of the chaos Holland sustained an injury and had to be stretchered out. Holland gave the thumbs up, so hopefully he is okay.

    Shotzi Blackheart defeated Xia Li via Pinfall (Senton)

    Not a long match, but Li used all of striking ability to throw Blackheart off. After attempting to go for a suplex from the top rope, Li was planted by Blackheart which is how she was able to get the win.

    After the match, Boa delivered a letter of some sorts to Xia Li. Once she read the letter, she quickly exited the ring and headed towards the back.

    Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley defeated Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez via Pinfall (Eclipse)

    During picture in picture, Ripley was being dominated by Gonzalez. Gonzalez and Kai used quick tags to try and keep Ripley away from Ember. Once Ember got into the match, she looked like she hadn’t missed 14 months of in ring work. Ripley and Gonzalez took each other out of the match, there was an attempt of using the announcers desk to take each other out, but that didn’t really work. This did leave Ember able to finish off Kai though.

    We ended the show with Moon and Ripley standing tall.

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