WWE NXT/Stardom: Who is Io Shirai? | Part One

The Formation of Triple Tails

Io Shirai

Going into 2010, Io Shirai continued to appear for various promotions. On June 19, she, her sister, and Kana formed the Triple Tails stable. The trio made their in-ring debut that day, beating Ayumi Kurihara, Shida, and Yoshiko Tamura. They had several shots at the NEO Tag Team Titles but failed to win the gold each time.

During that time, Shirai also traveled to Mexico to further her training. She made her debut there on October 18, losing to Faby Apache. She continued to travel between Mexico and Japan, appearing for several promotions in each country.

Triple Tails produced their first event on February 13, 2011. There the Shirai sisters lost to Atsushi Kotoge and Daisuke Harada. They held their second event on May 8, where the trio beat Akino, Kagetsu, and Syuri in the main event.

All three women held a press conference on July 23. They announced Io would be leaving the stable after their final show on September 18 to pursue a singles career. At the event, the trio defeated Dash Chisako, Haruhi, and Sendai Sachiko.

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