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WWE: NXT Takeover; In Your House 2021 Results | Fatal Five-Way

In Your House is back! Tonight we’ll see a Fatal Five-Way, More Championship matches, a million-dollar ladder match, and the TakeOver debut of Xia Li.

After our intro video, we got a performance by Naomi Fox! Then Todd Pettengill was introduced as our host for the evening! Once Todd got the largest crowd in Capitol Wrestling Center history hyped, it was time for our first match!

Bronson Reed and MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter) defeated Legado del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza, Joaquin Wilde, and Santos Escobar) via Pinfall (Tsunami)

Winner. Take. All. The PPV started the night off hot with this six-man tag team match. A quick-paced match, with Wes Lee and Raul Mendoza starting the match should have been expected. Legado del Fantasma tried to have a game plan to keep Bronson Reed out of the match, but that failed.

Once Reed got into the match Santos Escobar decided to tag in Mendoza, who was not thrilled at the tag. We saw Reed do some pretty cool things in this match, including a double Samoan Drop and smashing Escobar through one of the barricades! While there was a moment or two where it seemed like Legado del Fantasma were going to take the match, MSK and Reed would not go down easily!

After the match, we saw Kyle O’Reilly getting into an altercation with Johnny Gargano and the rest of The Way in the parking lot earlier in the day. Fatal Five-Way coming later tonight.

Xia Li defeated Mercedes Martinez via Pinfall

Li had a really strong first TakeOver. She looked very impressive against the woman who eliminated her from the Mae Young Classic four years ago. The match actually began with the two woman falling through the ropes to the outside as Li take Martinez down.

In what may be a surprise to some, Li held a firm control on the beginning of the match and it almost looked as though Martinez was not going to get much offense in. Martinez was able to take out Li’s leg though and that changed the course of the match. She went to go for an Air Raid towards the end of the match but Li was able to counter. This led to the end of the match.

After the match Li had Boa give her a steel chair. As Li went to hit Martinez with the chair, Martinez was able to block the attempt. Martinez then took the chair and began to beat down Li. As Martinez was doing this, the lights began to flicker and Mei Ying appeared at the top of the entrance ramp.

Martinez was not going to back down though as she is always down for a fight. Mei Ying looked to choke Martinez, but Martinez got the steel chair and hit her with it. That unfortunately did not get the job done. Mei Ying got hold of Martinez again and threw her off the stage into the barricade!

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher gave a warning to the Grizzled Young Veterans ahead of their Tornado Tag Match this Tuesday.

We then got a video showing how we got to the Million Dollar Championship ladder match. Then Ted DiBiase made his entrance to the ring and was accompanied by security and the Million Dollar Championship.

LA Knight defeated Cameron Grimes to become the New Million Dollar Champion

The crowd seemed firmly behind Grimes from the very beginning of the match. As with most ladder matches, this one was a bit chaotic and hard hitting. These two competitors left it all on the line.

Grimes continued to fight back anytime it looked like he was out of the match. Both Grimes and Knight wanted so badly to impress DiBiase, that they were putting each other through hell. Knight had set ladders up in different ways and utilized those ladders by slamming Grimes into them. Of course Grimes paid him back with a few back drops and other moves into ladders. It was an excellent ladder match and everything it needed to be.

Just when it seemed like Grimes had the opportunity to climb the gold ladder, Knight knocked him off into a ladder set up on the outside of the ring.

After seeing Knight celebrate with DiBiase, we went backstage where Hit Row and Todd Pettengill gave us a merch plug. Then cameras showed us an altercation between Pete Dunne and Karrion Kross. The two men had to be separated and William Regal did not seem too happy… The Fatal Five-Way is coming soon!

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Ember Moon via Pinfall to retain the NXT Women’s Championship (One Armed Powerbomb)

Another successful title defense for Gonzalez. Ember Moon gave it a valiant effort to become a 2-time NXT Women’s Champion and it did look like it was going to happen.

Moon began the match hitting Gonzalez right away with a drop kick, but Gonzalez did not go down. When Moon tried to capitalize, Gonzalez actually shoved her off the top rope. This is when Gonzalez began to takeover the match. Moon did have some of her attempts at taking control of the match halted by the interference of Dakota Kai. Thankfully though, Moon has a good friend of her own.

After Kai had gotten away with putting Gonzalez’s foot on the ropes after an Eclipse, Shotzi Blackheart made her return! Blackheart wound up chasing Kai around the ring and once they got to the ramp, Blackheart got her. After some punches up the ramp, Blackheart threw Kai into a bed of plants on the stage. This left the two women in the championship match on their own. After a Tornado DDT on the ramp, Moon went for another Eclipse. Gonzalez blocked the attempt though and that was the end of Moon’s championship hopes.

After the match, Todd Pettengill said that his night has not been so good but he was going to let it go and play karate fighters… against Dexter Lumis! Pettengill made the mistake of asking Lumis how his luck with ladies has been, which just made Lumis angry. Lumis won fatal karate fighters in case you were wondering.

Then we got a hype video for the return of The Great American Bash on July 6th. The commentary team then let us know what would be going down this Tuesday on NXT.

We then saw a video on the NXT Championship match, the Fatal Five-Way which is next!

As Johnny Gargano was making his way towards Gorilla Position, we saw security and Regal trying to break up Shotzi Blackheart, Dakota Kai, and Raquel Gonzalez! Regal has lost all control of the NXT Brand.

Karrion Kross defeated Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and Pete Dunne via Submission/Referee Stoppage (Kross Jacket) to win the Fatal Five-Way

A brilliant match with a rather flat ending. The five competitors went after each other immediately. KOR and Cole took their fight outside of the ring, while Dunne and Gargano fought each other. All the while Kross was watching things unfold. Kross got involved in the fighting by taking on Dunne.

Kross eventually gave suplexes to everyone in the match and seemed to be in full control. This lasted for a bit, but then the rest of the competitors decided it would be in their best interest to work together against Kross. Thanks to Gargano and Dunne, Kross was put through the front door of the set on stage! This took him out of the match for a bit and left Cole and KOR the only people in the ring.

This match was filled with a lot of cool sequences and moments for the challengers. At one point Gargano countered the Bitter End and threw Dunne (Lawn Dart) into Cole and KOR who were in the corner. Another time after some double superkicks and hard hits, all four men were down but Cole fell onto Gargano! Gargano of course was able to kick out at 2.

When Kross did get back into the match, he again dominated but the challengers worked together yet again. In a shocker, Cole and KOR teamed up and Powerbombed Kross onto the announcer’s table. The table of course didn’t break. Honestly, this is a fatal five-way you really should go check out because the four challengers really put on a show and left it all out there. There are so many moves I missed or just need to be seen and not read about.

In the end, KOR had a submission move on Cole and it looked like he was going to get Cole to tap, but Kross got back into the match. Kross Jacket on KOR. Cole rolled out of the submission and KOR passed out in Kross’ hold. It was fatal.

After the match, McKenzie Mitchell caught up with William Regal to get his thoughts on the night. Regal said in his seven years at the head of NXT he had never seen so much bedlam. He then said that maybe it was time for a change and walked off. That’s the end of the PPV.

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