WWE: NXT TV Report: 10th April 2014

So Bo is heading to the big leagues! I expected him to make the jump after losing the title but was more surprised by Paige and Adam Rose.

Rusev looked as good as he is probably going to, on Monday. I worry about his longevity.

Paige was a big surprise and it was great to see. So was Rose. I’m not completely sold on the gimmick myself but can spot that it has huge potential. I think it is better being on Raw and burning out rather than on NXT and it doing the same. Either way, I think the dude will be fine in the long-term.

I am probably the only person who has the most faith in Bo. When he came up before, he was so vanilla. Now he has a character that he has really clicked with and I see a great run ahead of him.

Before all those what ifs, let’s get on with NXT this week!

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch – Winner: Adam Rose

As I said, I’m not totally convinced but the NXT crowd are hugely behind Rose.

His first music was better but I hear they have hit some licencing issues. Very unlike WWE.

I am firmly convinced Rose can get over any future problems with the gimmick because he can go in the ring.

Short squash match on NXT? Who’da thunk it?

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks w/ Charlotte – Winner: Bayley

I hope with Emma and Paige moving on up, Bayley can become one of the foundations of the Diva’s division in NXT.

That was why I love NXT, women’s wrestling done right. No matter how much these ladies go against the grain, we should never credit them any less for it.

Once again, I would have liked a little more storyline behind the match. Why was Charlotte even there if she wasn’t going to help Sasha or let her partner lose?

Sylvester LeFort vs. Mojo Rawley – Winner: Mojo Rawley

Here is that dude that is getting a huge push on NXT from some reason unbeknownst to me.

Mojo reminds me of a face version of Alexander Rusev. Just so one dimensional.

Trying to figure out what the point of that was? NXT is majorly lacking in storylines at the moment.

I say that and out comes Brodus. Nothing to do with Mojo or Sylvester but something resembling a storyline, at least.

Brodus Clay & Adrian Neville

I really like the potential in this feud.

Neville gets a real test, given the size difference.

Brodus gets to work on his new character that we were all clamouring for, at one point, without the pressure of the on looking masses.

Khali, CJ Parker & Bayley

A Khali promo? My word!

As if Khali wasn’t bad enough, they threw CJ Parker into the mix and forced Bayley into the mix as well. Poor her.

Bo Dallas vs. Justin Gabriel – Winner: Bo Dallas

That promo was awesome.

“I gave you cookies!”

If you ever needed proof that Bo is going to make it no matter the reaction from the crowd, this was it.

So JBL is general manager again? Hunter must have got bored of stealing some more limelight for himself.

Justin Gabriel now looks like Mason Ryan light. Mason Ryan himself looks strikingly like Batista. NXT now possesses Inception like depth in their look-a-likes!

This match couldn’t have been more ‘meh’ if it tried.

Overall Show

This show, on its own, was pretty terrible.

I realise WWE priorities were elsewhere this week but the reset button should have been hit in NXT, much like it was on RAW.

I’m scraping for highlights but I thought they furthered the feuds of Clay/Neville and Zayn/Graves somewhat.

Bo on the mic was great to watch and I have even more faith in him going onto the main shows than I already had.

NXT has done nothing to keep new viewers around since Arrival and the Great Khali being on isn’t going help achieve that any better.

I think all of the issues remain at the feet of creative and they seriously need to up their game and give this talent what they deserve. Especially so, given the people who have moved or are moving up to the main roster.

– By Richard Thompson

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