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WWE NXT UK Results – October 3rd, 2019

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NXT UK.

  • Piper Niven defeated Isla Dawn via pinfall.
  • Ilja Dragunov tells Radzi that he is not cleared to wrestle. He is interrupted by Alexander Wolfe who offers to take his place in his match tonight because he likes him. Wolfe also says to think about his future.
  • Piper Niven says she is focused on the NXT UK Women’s Champion, before being interrupted and beat down by Jinny and Jazzy Gabert.
  • Alexander Wolfe defeated Saxon Huxley via pinfall.
  • Ashton Smith talks about his defeat to Jordan Devlin, but is interrupted by Grizzled Young Veterans. They mock Smith about his win/loss record, but Ashton comes back by saying they lost their last two title matches.
  • Mike Bird was set to face Jack Starz, but Gallus dragged a lifeless Starz to ringside and confronted Bird, the trainer of Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. They beat down Bird, only for Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster to make the save. However, Joe Coffey returns to join Gallus is beating down all three men.
  • Kay Lee Ray defeated Tegan Nox via pinfall.


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