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    WWE: Pete Dunne insists BritWres ‘isn’t over’ after #SpeakingOut

    In an interview with the Daily Star, WWE NXT star Pete Dunne commented on the #SpeakingOut movement:

    “It was horrible to hear these stories come out and everything that came with that because British wrestling was, alongside my own career, something I was trying to build. The whole time, I was trying to give back as much as I could, but with the pandemic and, of course, the Speaking Out stuff, that combination has really hurt British wrestling. But that doesn’t mean that it’s all over for British wrestling. Things are starting to move back to normal and [Speaking Out] is now at a Parliamentary level which is great. I was doing the best I could, and so were a lot of people, but it’s above us, and we need people who actually know how to make the correct changes. I am glad it is in their hands… hopefully from here it can only move in the right direction and people are aware of the changes that need to be made. Fingers crossed, in a year’s time, British wrestling looks completely different.”

    “There are small changes that, as a talent, I would love to see. At every show there should be first aiders there, and even if it’s something as simple as a DBS check. The only thing I can recommend and see are those small, simple changes that are kind of no brainers. Anything above this, as I say, I’m so glad it has moved to a Parliamentary level. I get to have a meeting involved with the people involved in that party and they’re passionate about finding some kind of change. I really do want to urge people to listen to them and talk to them. Even though people perceive someone like me as the forefront of British wrestling, I am not qualified to suggest changes and whatever else, it’s completely above me. All I can say is that I fully support any positive, professional change to the industry. I want it to be better and, of course, safer. Fingers crossed they’re the people to do it, so I urge people to reach out to them and listen to what they’re saying.”

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