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WWE: RAW Legends Night – January 4th 2021 | McIntyre Vs Keith Lee

It is Legends night on Monday Night RAW! Who will show up? What will they do? Stay tuned to find out!

We began the show with Hulk Hogan…and a phone with a Hulkamania case. Yeah, it was odd.

Then in the ring were Miz and Morrison, it was time for Miz TV! They gave a lot of hype to the legends we were going to see throughout the night. Then they brought out their guests: The New Day!

Once Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods got into the ring, they fixed their mics so the WWE logo was right side up and then proceeded to take over Miz TV! The new show was called New Day Talks! Kofi was the host and Woods the band leader (and somehow bailiff).

Kofi came prepared with interview cards and asked Miz and Morrison a few questions, but Morrison was the only one giving him answers. As one could expect Miz wasn’t thrilled about his show being taken over.

While Miz was getting angry, Kofi and Woods decided it was time for the cooking portion of the show: Cooking Like Bootyworth! Woods put on a chef hat and everything. This just made Miz more angry and he said he was tired of being made out as a joke…then out came TEDDY LONG!

Teddy had the perfect solution, or so he thought, Miz and Morrison versus The Undertaker (which The New Day was thrilled about)! Adam Pearce came out to set Teddy straight on why that couldn’t happen. Then as Teddy Long does, he made a tag team match! Holla!

Before the match could begin we went to a commercial break.

The New Day defeated Miz and Morrison via Pinfall (Sliding Knee)

It seemed like New Day were in control for a good majority of the match. Miz and Morrison were able to get a few two counts, but in the end the former RAW tag team champions got the better of them. 2021 definitely has not began how Miz and Morrison would have liked.

After the match, we got a recap of what happened between Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss last week.

Then we went backstage to where Charly Caruso was interviewing Orton. Orton said last week the voices in his head were telling him to drop the match and set Bliss on fire. Of course that didn’t happen and he thinks it was because he faced The Fiend. As others have said facing The Fiend changes you. But because Orton didn’t drop the match he now hates himself.

Orton knows he has no boundaries now and is capable of anything and everything. What’s going to happen when he uses this new found hatred of himself towards someone else. He didn’t want to talk anymore about anything to do with The Fiend, but said he was going to find some legends and remind them why he is The Legend Killer. Then we went to commercial break.

When we returned from break, we saw how Angel Garza defeated R-Truth to become the new 24/7 Champion.

We then saw Garza backstage with Alicia Fox. Garza tried to show off his new found gold, but Fox wanted to talk about the guy who rode on his skateboard to Fleetwood Mac. When Garza had no idea what she was talking about, Fox left.

Garza then moved on to another group of legends: Tatanka, Sgt Slaughter, and Mickie James. Slaughter didn’t appreciate that Garza was interrupting them. Garza gave James a rose though anyways. Slaughter took the rose and smelled it, called Garza a maggot and that was that!

AJ Styles defeated Elias via Pinfall (Styles Clash)

Although Elias tried to redeem himself, for the second week in a row Styles defeated him. The match was good and Elias was rather impressive against the Phenomenal one. Elias even avoided a Phenomenal Forearm with a hell of a knee.

After the match, Jaxson Ryker went to hit Styles with Elias’ guitar, only to be stopped by Omos’ foot! Omos’ boot absolutely destroyed the guitar and sent Ryker running.

We got the entrance of Charlotte Flair and the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, before going to another commercial break.

Returning from commercial, Riddle was chatting with Big Show about becoming the Big Bro. After chatting Riddle had to go get ready for his match and then Randy Orton showed up.

Orton said it must being an interesting feeling knowing you’ll never wrestle in the ring again. Show doesn’t seem thrilled with that. Then Orton reminded him that his career is over because he got hit with a RKO and then punted in the head. Show said he could compete right now, which is when Orton put his hands on him.

He put Show back in his seat, which is when Show told him he wasn’t going to do anything foolish. Show said he was proud to be here with the other legends, but Orton chalked it up to Show not wanting to reintroduce himself to the Legend Killer.

Back at ringside we got the entrance of Asuka.

Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans defeated Charlotte Flair and Asuka via Pinfall

Having the Dirtiest Player in the Game in their corner did not help the Women’s Tag Team Champions. Throughout the match Evans did her best to almost make a pass at Ric Flair. Charlotte took offense to it and tried to brawl with Lacey. Eventually it came down to Charlotte and Peyton running the ropes….where Ric tripped up his own daughter.

After the match, Charlotte got in her dad’s face and told him to stay out of her business again. Then she told him to back up and get out.

Backstage we got a moment between Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Hulk Hogan, and Jimmy Hart. Sheamus got compared to Jimmy, which he didn’t appreciate but took it in stride. Then McIntyre did the ‘what ya gonna do brother’ with Hogan before we went to commercial break.

Riddle defeated Bobby Lashley via Pinfall (Rollup)

Lashley looked to be destroying Riddle, but in the end Riddle put one over on him. The Hurt Lock was locked in and Riddle tapped, but the ref didn’t see it! Because Lashley felt Riddle tap he let go of the submission and began to celebrate. MVP and Lashley argued with the ref when Riddle took advantage.

After the match we went backstage where Mark Henry and Ricochet were chatting. It seemed as though The World’s Strongest Man was giving Ricochet a pep talk about standing his ground with Retribution.

Once Ricochet walked off, Randy Orton came up to Henry. Orton mentioned he was going to be in the Royal Rumble match before asking Henry if he would be as well. Of course the answer was no as Henry is using a scooter to get around because of some sort of leg injury.

Orton then brought up the history between the two men and said he owed Henry some receipts. If Henry could pedal out of the arena fast enough, Orton said he would give him a pass. Henry went to leave as we went to another commercial break.

When we returned from break, MVP and Lashley were being interviewed. MVP said the match wasn’t controversial, but Lashley was robbed of a victory. Lashley said Riddle tapped out, but its okay next time Lashley promised to punish Riddle.

Back at ringside Mandy Rose was making her entrance to the ring when she was attacked by Shayna Baszler! Dana Brooke came down to the ring to check on her tag team partner and then got in the ring saying she’d wrestle Baszler.

Dana Brooke defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall (Bridging Pin)

Brooke was able to counter the Kirifuda Clutch into a pin!

After the match, Baszler did not let go of the submission until Mandy Rose kneed her in the head. Then Rose and Brooke proceeded to drop Baszler!

Backstage Orton once again strolls up to a group of legends. This time the group consisted of IRS, Molly Holly, and Ric Flair. Orton said he thought for old times sake Flair could walk him down to the ring later, that is of course if Flair didn’t mess up like he did with Charlotte tonight.

The men then got into an argument about all they have been through together. Orton made sure Flair knew that his daughter is ten times the competitor he ever was. Then told Flair that the man standing in front of him is a shell of the Ric Flair he learned everything from.

Then we went to another commercial break.

We returned from break to see Keith Lee preparing for his championship match. Riddle came up to him to wish him luck: New year, new champ.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy via Pinfall (RKO)

Orton really needs to stop facing Hardy, I can’t take another spot where Orton tries to destroy Hardy’s ears. While this time there was no screwdriver, Orton used his hands to try and stretch out Hardy’s ear. Definitely a rough match for Hardy.

Backstage Lucha House Party ran into Melina! Melina did the Lucha chant with them. Then back at ringside we got the entrance of the RAW Tag Team Champions: Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

Lucha House Party defeated The Hurt Business via Pinfall (Crucifix Pin)

Upset alert! Lucha House Party is off to a rockin’ start for 2021! Could this mean good things for Wednesday? We’ll have to wait and see.

After the match, MVP is furious and lets Benjamin and Alexander know! Benjamin and Alexander argued themselves, leading to Alexander walking away!

We then went backstage where we saw Torrie Wilson talking with Nikki Cross. Angel Garza came up to try and give Torrie a rose. She told him she was in the middle of a conversation with Cross, but that she invited Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Cardi B. Torrie then pointed out a room and told him to go give the rose to Cardi B.

Of course none of those celebrities were in the room, instead the Boogeyman scared Garza! Garza ran off from the room and ended up being caught in a pin by R-Truth!

R-Truth regained the 24/7 Championship!

After the match Truth skipped off with Cross and Torrie. Then Ron Simmons came up to Garza……DAMN!

We got the entrance of the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre before we went to another commercial break.

Drew McIntyre defeated Keith Lee via Pinfall (Claymore Kick)

As all the WWE Legends looked on from their seats at the entrance ramp, McIntyre and Lee put on a hell of a match. McIntyre actually powerbombed Lee through the announcer table! Lee pounced McIntyre over the barricade, a la Adam Cole style. Though a hard fought battle, the match ended the same: with McIntyre walking away WWE Champion.

Lee and McIntyre shared a fist bump after the match in a sign of respect. McIntyre then asked for a mic. But uh, well he couldn’t quite speak as GOLDBERG’S music hit.

The WWE Legends on the entrance ramp stood up, some clapped and some seemed in shock. Goldberg strolled right past all of them and made a beeline for the ring.

Goldberg took the mic from McIntyre and told him there couldn’t be a better person to represent the WWE Champion. He then listed things that McIntyre has: size, speed, athleticism. But according to Goldberg, the one thing McIntyre doesn’t have is respect.

He accused McIntyre of not believing that any of the legends on the ramp poses a threat. Goldberg then said he wasn’t out their to demand anything, but he was out there to challenge McIntyre to a match at the Royal Rumble.

McIntyre said he is all about respect, but fighting Goldberg now would be like fighting his dad! We ended the show with Goldberg shoving down the champion!

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