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WWE: RAW Legends Night | Keith Lee Vs Drew McIntyre Preview

Keith Lee is set to challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship on this Monday’s Raw which is being advertised as Legends Night, seeing a number of WWE legends returning for one night only.

Many felt that this match could easily have been a title match at this years Wrestlemania, with Keith Lee being one of the early favourites for this years Royal Rumble, so the match being moved to this week Raw has left many scratching their heads.

Give the Match Time

It is key that WWE book both men incredibly strongly in this match, with both players being viable main event players for WWE in the coming years.

It is crucial that the match is given the time and the respect that it deserves, much like we saw with AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship on Smackdown last year. That match left neither man walking away looking weak and produced one of WWE’s best matches of 2020.

Use Legends Wisely

We have often seen legends night become an opportunity for the old guard to embarrass the new crop of WWE Superstars, with the nostalgia pop seeming more important to WWE than helping to build new stars, this is an opportunity to make a change.

As Kofi Kingston chased the WWE Championship, his matches felt more and more important as we saw the WWE Superstars gathered around a screen and cheering him on. On Legends night, we should see the WWE legends desperate to watch this match, putting it over for how great it can be.

To go along with this, in backstage interviews with the legends, we should be getting their take on who will win the match, giving it that big fight feels throughout and an air on anticipation.

DQ Finish or a Heel Turn?

The match seems to have the classic WWE DQ finish vibe about it, although this may not be the worst thing in the world for this match. We all hate to see DQ finishes, but in this scenario, it could leave clambering to see the match happen on a bigger stage, with Sheamus possibly costing Lee the match to further their rivalry.

This could set up a match at the Royal Rumble between either Keith Lee and Sheamus or Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, with both men being annoyed at the match being cut short.

The other scenario that would keep both men strong would see Keith Lee cheat to win the championship and turn heel. Lee has been hinting at more and more heelish tendencies over recent weeks, with him and Sheamus clashing regularly.

Although Keith Lee has proven that he is an incredible face, he is yet to feel like a big deal on the main roster. The heel turn could be like when we saw Daniel Bryan steal the WWE Championship from AJ Styles with a low blow, a similar scenario to the one the Lee and McIntyre find themselves in today.

This could set McIntyre on a path of rebuilding, entering the Royal Rumble or possibly the Elimination Chamber as he chases a chance for redemption against Lee.

McIntyre’s Time to Return the Favour

During his two WWE Championship reigns, Drew McIntyre has been built up well to be an incredibly strong champion, with established names like AJ Styles, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins all helping to elevate the stock of the Scottish Psychopath

But one criticism that McIntyre has received is that he has yet to elevate the stock of any of the opponents he has faced as champion. The best matches in will see both men come out looking strong, with neither damaged by the events.

The likes of Andrade, Bobby Lashley and The Miz have all challenged McIntyre and have come away from it with no real benefit.

This match against Keith Lee is a great opportunity for McIntyre to display his ability to help elevate a star, bumping hard for Lee and having to really battle to retain his championship.

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