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WWE Raw 25: Manhattan Center crowd erupt in “bulls**t” chants at lack of action

The special WWE RAW 25 Celebration was tainted with terrible timing issues, as the Manhattan Center crowd erupts with “bullshit” chants and demands of refunds.

Originally advertised by the venue as a 90-minute even-split portion of Monday Night Raw, The Manhattan Center portion of the show angered fans who were far from happy with the lack of action their $500 tickets produced.

Raw started hot from the Barclays Center, with an incredible promo from arguably one of wrestling’s greatest villains; Vince McMahon, followed by an interruption from Stone Cold Steve Austin who, for old times’ sake, hit the WWE Chairman with a Stone Cold Stunner before toasting the live crowd.

Then followed an 8-Woman Tag Team Match and a backstage legends segment, both at the Barclays Center.

Around an hour into the show, The Undertaker made his appearance for the first segment in the Manhattan Center and cut a 2-minute promo which left a lot of fans baffled – purely for the fact he didn’t actually say a whole lot. No challenges, no promise of revenge on Roman Reigns – nothing.

The Manhattan Center portion of the show had clearly changed because following Undertaker’s promo, the action immediately returned to the Barclays Center. In one hour of broadcasting, the live crowd at the Manhattan Center had seen precisely 2 minutes of a show and zero in-ring action. Fans began to take to Twitter and Reddit to express how ripped off they were starting to feel, but things would get even worse.

Raw returned back to the Barclays Center for Poker with the APA featuring Heath Slater, Rhyno, and a bunch of legends who would join the game throughout the course of the night. Following that, past RAW General Managers were presented, again at Barclays, with John Laurinitis, Eric Bischoff, William Regal and Daniel Bryan being introduced to the live crowd.

More in-ring action took place at the Barclays Center, with an Intercontinental Championship match between defending champion Roman Reigns, and challenger The Miz in which The Miz regained the title.

Still at the Barclays Center, The Peep Show hosted by Christian with guests Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan followed, which ended in a scuffle with Sheamus & Cesaro. A backstage promo with Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, and Ric Flair followed before the show finally went across to the Manhattan Center.

The Manhattan Center finally got its first in-ring action, with a match between Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy that lasted precisely 4 minutes. It was now 2 hours into Raw, and the Manhattan Center had seen around 7 minutes of a show.

That’s all we would see from the Manhattan Center for a further 30 minutes. The live crowd were “treated” to a 205 Live dark match which was booed out of the building, while airing live around the world from the Barclays Center was a showcase of the legendary female stars of WWE history, including The Bella Twins, Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Lilian Garcia, Jacqueline, Torrie Wilson (who seems not to have aged at all), Michelle McCool, Terri Runnels, Maria Kanellis and Trish Stratus. No Lita or Alundra Blayze.

Backstage, Elias bumps into Chris Jericho, who puts him on the list. Elias then goes out to the ring, but is interupted by John Cena. After some back and forth, Elias reversed an Attitude Adjustment and hit Cena with a low blow, before smashing his guitar over the back of the 16-time World Champion.

Remaining at the Barclays Center, The Godfather bumps into Mark Henry, who mistakes his wife for a ho.

Titus Worldwide vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno was up next, which was pretty much a filler match to get the Dudley Boyz on TV, who made use of their time by putting poor Heath Slater through a table.

While this match was going on, the news was breaking over Twitter that crowds were getting seriously angry and frustrated at the Manhattan Center. The show was well over 2 hours in, and the crowd there had one televised match and a 2-minute promo. The Tweets consisisted of general complaints of fans feeling ripped off, to this video of fans chanting “bullshit” and asking for refunds:

To make matters worse, a photo was released from the Manhattan Center that appeared to show Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross asleep:

Sadly, this photo provided a great metaphor for the night.

After the break, the show continued from Barclays, with “Mean” Gene Okerlund interviewing AJ Styles regarding his upcoming title defense at the Royal Rumble against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, in a segment that could have waited for tomorrow, given the number of legends backstage that could have been used.

With that, it was finally back to the Manhattan Center. 2 hours and 45 minutes into RAW, and the Manhattan Center would get it’s “main event” which has to be seen to be believed.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels came to the ring to absolute deafening silence – something which has surely never happened in the history of their WWE careers. Quite obviously frustrated and feeling ripped off, the live crowd showed absolutely no care for this segment, even booing Shawn Michaels’ attempt to shill the WWE Network. It was obvious Triple H was doing his best to win back the crowd, but it seemed most hope was lost, and at that point there were actually a number of fans who had walked out. After referencing Rick Rude and Chyna, the pair brought out Road Dogg & Billy Gunn, who in turn brought out X-Pac, who in turn brought out Razor Ramon – complete with WCW Outsiders gear. Not only that, Raw cut to commercial just as Razor walked out. His entrance was cut completely.

Back on air, The Balor Club arrived, which led to a mass “Too Sweet” with DX and Hall, which should be looked at as a missed opportunity – a chance for a Balor Club heel turn and a beatdown of some legends on a memorable night – but it wasn’t to be. They were interrupted by The Revival, who unfortunately, were trated like The Ascension were in a similar situation, and were just destoryed by everybody after a very abrupt match.

All in all, the Manhattan Center portion of Raw saw less than 30 minutes total action, on a show which was on the air for 3 hours and 20 minutes. It’s hard to stay neutral as a journalist writing a piece, but one has to admit that the Manhattan Center crowd has every right to feel slighted.

Ending Raw, we had a showdown between Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar and Kane which ended as Strowman laid out Kane, and put Brock Lesnar through the announce table, much to the delight of the legends and superstars surrounding the ring.

And that was your Raw 25 Royal Rumble go-home show. WWE completely messed up the Manhattan Center portion of the show, leaving angry fans sitting idle for long stretches while watching the broadcast on the big screen. $5oo to watch the majority of Raw on a screen.

It also gave valuable screen time to far too any mid-card stars, despite how many legends had been flown in to ultimately deliver nothing more than a cameo, sometimes even only for a brief second, such as MVP had a “blink and you’ll miss him” appearance.


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