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WWE: RAW Results | 05/04/21 | WrestleMania Week

WWE Raw comes to us from the ThunderDome in Florida, and its WrestleMania Week!!!

Drew McIntyre will take on King Corbin in the main event match following his interference on last weeks show. Bobby Lashley will take on Cedric Alexander following the Hurt Business disbanding last week. Rhea Ripley will also team with her WrestleMania opponent in a tag team match against WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Who knows what could happen on the #RawGoHome!!

We began Monday Night RAW with the entrance of Drew McIntyre. As McIntyre got in the ring, a video showing what happened at the end of RAW last week was played.

After the recap, McIntyre got on the mic. He reflected on last year’s Wrestlemania and now he is back fighting for the WWE Championship. He warned The All Mighty, Bobby Lashley, that their match would still be happening. Lashley has tried to take him out, but he is still standing. At Wrestlemania it will be the fight of their lives.

McIntyre brought up the fact that they have both taken similar journeys to get where they are. The difference? Sacrifice. When Lashley goes home he gets to make up for lost time; McIntyre doesn’t have that luxury. McIntyre brought up wanting to go home when his mom was going through chemo, but she told him to stay and fight for his dreams.

He then went on to say that he would run through King Corbin tonight and go on to Mania to end the All Mighty era.

Enter Bobby Lashley and MVP.

Lashley asked if McIntyre was done yet or did he need to go on more about last year’s Mania. He gets how long it took McIntyre to get to the top and while he was a great champion, his time at the top is over. Lashley said he saw fear in McIntyre’s eyes last week. When he had McIntyre in The Hurt Lock he felt him quiver. The same thing will happen at Wrestlemania.

McIntyre said he didn’t quiver, but he passed out because The Hurt Lock is no joke. He then joked about Lashley needing all this help, which Lashley denied.

MVP then got involved. He said there is no way McIntyre makes it to Wrestlemania. Then King Corbin came out.

Corbin agreed with MVP that McIntyre may not make it to Mania. Tonight he finishes what he started last week.

After showing what happened in Xavier Woods’ match with AJ Styles last week, we took a commercial break.

Returning from break, Riddle found The New Day at gorilla. Jokes ensued and then The New Day asked Riddle how he was feeling about his upcoming matches.

Xavier Woods defeated AJ Styles via Pinfall (Rollup)

Styles began the match going right after Woods. He even got the Calf Crusher locked in early on. Kofi Kingston then got on the mic and told Omos that he gave them his best and they are still standing! Omos went after Kofi as he slid in the ring. The referee told Omos to get off the ring apron as Kofi slid back to the outside, leading to Woods’ victory.

We saw Bad Bunny and Damian Priest arrive at the Thunderdome in a three million dollar Bugatti. Then we saw Braun Strowman walking backstage before we took a commercial break.

Back from commercial we got a video featuring the rivalry of Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman.

Then Strowman was in the steel cage covered ring. He said he has dealt with bullying his whole life. Those people didn’t really know him or what he was about. Strowman says that Shane O has no idea what he has gotten himself into. When the steel cage door closes at Wrestlemania Shane has no where to run. He isn’t going to just kick Shane’s ass for him, but he is fighting for everyone who has ever been called stupid or not good enough.

Enter Shane McMahon.

Shane said when he gave Strowman the opportunity to pick their match at Wrestlemania it was a test of his intellect. He then called the steel cage match not that stupid. If this match was against anyone else, it would favor Strowman. Shane O said he would outwit him and beat him inside the steel cage.

Then Jaxson Ryker and Elias made their entrance. Before we took a commercial break.

Braun Strowman defeated Elias and Jaxson Ryker via Pinfall

While Elias and Ryker used the numbers game to their advantage, they could not keep the Monster Among Men down. Once Strowman got the match back in his control, that was it. Two power slams and a double pin by Strowman to make a statement.

Miz and Morrison were being interviewed backstage. They were carrying around paint cans, which the interviewer found odd. Miz and Morrison played it off as them being artists of many talents.

They walked up to Bad Bunny’s Bugatti and painted all over it. A three million dollar car ruined by “artists.” Then we took another commercial break.

When we got back from commercial, Bad Bunny saw the new paint job on his Bugatti. Then Miz and Morrison jumped him from behind!

Back at ringside Asuka made her entrance. Before Rhea Ripley’s entrance we were shown a video of her giving an interview earlier in the day. She said she won’t give away her strategy, but she knows exactly what she is doing. If Asuka wants payback she will have to wait til Wrestlemania, as they need to get a long tonight.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Asuka and Rhea Ripley via Pinfall (Running Knee)

Ripley certainly had a strategy for this match. When Ripley was in the match, Baszler and Jax focused in on destroying her. After Asuka got back into the match, she was betrayed by Ripley! Ripley actually attacked Asuka and then threw her back into the ring for Baszler to get the victory.

After seeing what happened to The Hurt Business last week, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin confronted MVP backstage. Alexander did not take too kindly to MVP calling them an embarrassment and incompetent. While he may not defeat Lashley, he will give him a scar to remember him by. Then he said he can’t wait for Drew McIntyre to win at Wrestlemania and expose MVP and Lashley.

After Benjamin and Alexander walked off, Sara Schreiber immediately interviewed MVP. He said he wasn’t concerned about how Lashley’s match later tonight, but he is disappointed. He was disappointed in Alexander’s ungrateful attitude. Before MVP, Alexander wasn’t even relevant.

Then Lashley strolled up and asked what happened. He said he would break Alexander in half before we took another commercial break.

When we returned from break Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald were walking backstage. They were stopped by Schreiber, but she never really got a question answered as the teams in the Tag Team Turmoil showed up. Each team tried to stake their claim to why they will win. Billie Kay even showed up!

Before another commercial break, Bobby Lashley made his entrance and we saw a video on the history between him and McIntyre.

Bobby Lashley defeated Cedric Alexander via Referee Stoppage (The Hurt Lock)

Before the match began Benjamin and Alexander attacked Lashley! Lashley was able to throw Benjamin out of the ring so that the match could began. Alexander gave it his best effort and put together a good sequence of offense for a bit, but Lashley of course got right back into the match.

After the match, Benjamin tried to go after Lashley yet again. Lashley though took him out and put him in The Hurt Lock for good measure.

Before another commercial break we saw Damian Priest and Bad Bunny walking backstage.

Returning from break, there was hype for Wrestlemania week festivities. Then we saw a video going over the feud between Randy Orton and The Fiend.

After Bad Bunny and Damian Priest made their entrance, we saw again what Miz and Morrison did earlier in the night.

Priest said that Miz has been so concerned with Bad Bunny that he couldn’t even hang on to the WWE Championship for more than a week. Miz and Morrison crossed a line tonight. He said it is easy to beat down a man two on one. So at the grandest stage of them all, Priest suggests making it a tag team match.

Bad Bunny said he came here believing in his dreams and his love of the business. He said he respects everyone back there. Bad Bunny has a lot of good memories of WWE, but no he doesn’t know what to think. He said he is very grateful to have had the opportunity to perform at the Royal Rumble. Bad Bunny then listed off a bunch of WWE Legends that he loves and respects. He even said he used to love and respect the Miz, but clearly the Miz doesn’t respect him.

The Miz destroyed his DJ set for know reason. While Bad Bunny jumped from the top rope at The Royal Rumble, what was he supposed to do? There still is no reason for Miz to have done the things he has to Bad Bunny. At Wrestlemania he will show the Miz how to respect him.

Then Miz and Morrison appeared on the tron clapping for what they just heard. The Miz said Bad Bunny doesn’t belong here and has overstayed his welcome. They accepted the tag team match, then got in their limo and left.

Backstage we saw Mustafa Ali, who was stopped by Sheamus. He began to warn him about Riddle, but Ali wasn’t about it. He said Riddle is the reason Retribution is done and he isn’t United States Champion. They continued talking until Riddle scooted past them.

Riddle made his entrance to the ring and then we took another commercial break.

Riddle defeated Mustafa Ali via Pinfall (Bro-Derek)

Ali looked good in this match. He took control of the match with a Sunset flip, but Riddle came back with a Senton. When the action went to the outside, a distraction by Sheamus gave Ali the opportunity to gain back control. In the end though, the United States Champion got the victory.

Drew McIntyre defeated King Corbin via Pinfall (Claymore Kick)

Corbin tried. MVP tried to help him. In the end though, Drew McIntyre is heading to Wrestlemania. Corbin did bring the fight to McIntyre, but he looked to be focused on beating McIntyre. As MVP pointed out, Corbin didn’t need to beat him, but take him out! He gave Corbin his cane, but McIntyre ducked Corbin’s attempt at hitting him with it.

After the match, Bobby Lashley came out. We ended RAW as the Wrestlemania opponents stared each other down.

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