WWE: RAW Results | 08/03/21 | Whole Lotta Lashley

Happy International Women’s Day! ? – RAW comes to us from the WWE Thunderdome, Bobby Lashley demands his Championship celebration and Braun Stowman wants an apology from Shane O’Mac.

We began the show with a recap of how Bobby Lashley became the WWE Champion. Then backstage we saw the arrival of Lashley and The Hurt Business from earlier in the day.

Lashley said he is a happy man and intends to stay that way. He waited 16 years to get his opportunity as WWE Champion. Lashley made it clear that he will be champion for a long time.

At ringside Miz’s music hit and out came Morrison and Miz. Miz said he was prepared to get his ass kicked by Lashley last week, but not to lose the WWE Championship. He also complained about having to defend the championship multiple times last week.

MVP and Lashley were seen walking backstage before we went to another commercial break.

Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz via Submission (The Hurt Lock)

Miz attempted to run away at the beginning of the match, which of course didn’t work out. The match was all Lashley. He didn’t let up on Miz what so ever.

Throughout the match, we had seen that Drew McIntyre was backstage paying close attention to the match. After the match, McIntyre was interviewed. He accused Lashley of taking the easy way to the title. The interview didn’t last long though, as McIntyre was attacked by Sheamus!

We went to commercial as Sheamus threw McIntyre around the backstage area.

Of course when we returned from break we got a recap of what occurred right before break.

Then we saw a very ticked off Drew McIntyre walking backstage, when he ran into Adam Pearce. McIntyre told Pearce to make a match: McIntyre versus Sheamus, NO DQ for tonight!

Then we saw what happened with Braun Strowman last week. Strowman was then walking backstage when he ran into R-Truth. Truth tried to convince Strowman to help him get the 24/7 Championship back. Strowman wasn’t having it. He told Truth he was out to get an apology from Shane McMahon.

Then we went to another commercial break.

Returning from break, Braun Strowman made his entrance.

Strowman went on about wanting respect from Shane McMahon. He said he didn’t understand what McMahon’s motivation has been in humiliating him. He then demanded McMahon come out to the ring and apologize to him.

McMahon came down to the ring and got right into Strowman’s face. A quick apology was thrown out before McMahon left. Strowman did not seem very content with the apology.

Then we saw Sheamus walking around backstage. As he was walking, we got a recap of his attack on Drew McIntyre from earlier in the night.

Drew McIntyre versus Sheamus ended in a No Contest

The two former best friends really brought the fight. They began the action before the bell, as McIntyre attacked Sheamus during his entrance. Once the two competitors brought the fight into the ring, the bell finally rang. We saw kendo sticks, chairs, and the steel steps come into play. In the end, after running into each other with the steel steps, neither man was able to continue the match.

We went to commercial as medics checked on both men.

Returning from break we saw what went down between Sheamus and McIntyre. Then we got a video reminding us what has been going on with Randy Orton for the past three months.

After the video we saw AJ Styles and Omos being interviewed. Styles talked about what has been going on with Randy Orton recently. He said Orton has been haunted by The Fiend and Alexa Bliss. Styles then made fun of Orton for not only having voices in his head, but also now having to deal with this voodoo magic.

Enter Randy Orton.

Orton didn’t find his situation funny and asked Styles what the joke was. Styles wound up calling Orton weak, which did not go over well. Orton threw out a challenge for a match later tonight. Styles accepted.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods then made their entrance to the Thunderdome before we went to a commercial break.

Xavier Woods defeated Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall (Roll up)

Before the match began we were told that The New Day would get a RAW Tag Team Championship opportunity next week. Benjamin began the match off by shoving Woods to the outside. When Woods got back in the match, it took him a bit to get offense going.

Once Woods got some offense going, he was able to shock Benjamin! After yelling at Kingston, Benjamin got rolled up by Woods! In the end, Benjamin and Cedric Alexander didn’t look too happy.

Riddle was then interviewed backstage. He didn’t seem too concerned about his match with Slapjack tonight. Honestly Riddle was more concerned with where he was going to leave his scooter. Thankfully The New Day came through the curtain and Riddle left his scooter with them.

Riddle made his entrance to the ring as we went to commercial break.

Riddle defeated Slapjack via Pinfall (Bro-Derek)

The match began strong for Riddle with forearms and a senton. After Mustafa Ali yelled at Slapjack, he finally was able to take over the match. The comeback didn’t last long though, as Riddle hit Slapjack with a gigantic knee.

After the match Ali yelled at Slapjack to stop embarrassing him.

Then we saw a recap of what happened earlier in the night between Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon.

Backstage Adam Pearce came into Shane McMahon’s dressing room. Pearce asked if what happened earlier was all he wanted to say to Strowman. McMahon asked Pearce to tell Strowman to meet him in the ring. Apparently McMahon isn’t quite done.

Then we went to a commercial break.

Returning from commercial, McMahon was in the ring waiting for Strowman. When Strowman got to the ring, McMahon tried to talk into his mic, but it magically wasn’t working.

McMahon left Strowman in the ring to get a new mic. This time the mic worked and McMahon began walking up the entrance ramp, confusing the hell out of everyone.

I honestly couldn’t tell you the point of this segment or really what went down. McMahon seems to enjoy having fun at others expense, which is what he did with Strowman tonight. He taunted Strowman by throwing around the word stupid a lot.

Strowman then got fed up and left the ring in pursuit of McMahon. Once he got backstage he saw a car speed out of the Thunderdome and assumed it was McMahon. But when Strowman walked away, McMahon appeared!

Lana and Naomi made their entrance to the ring as we went to commercial break.

When we returned from break, the Women’s Tag Team Champions were making their entrance….accompanied by Reginald. Nia Jax explained that Reginald has been going through a lot recently, but Jax was willing to take a chance on him. Shayna Baszler did not seem thrilled.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Lana and Naomi via Pinfall

Reginald really ruins everything. Naomi and Lana looked to be in a good position to win the tag team championships, but Reginald inserted himself into the situation. This led to Naomi tagging in Lana to deal with Reginald. Unfortunately, Jax ran into Lana, who then knocked into Naomi on the apron taking her out of the match.

AJ Styles defeated Randy Orton via Pinfall (Phenomenal Forearm)

Things just continue to get weirder for Orton. In what was a highly competitive, almost Wrestlemania like match, Alexa Bliss once again showed up for an Orton match. This time she was on the tron. Her appearance caused Orton to be distracted and Styles took advantage of that.

After the match, Bliss appeared on the tron again just laughing. Orton could do nothing but stare at the tron. And thats the show everyone.

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