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WWE: RAW Results | 28th June 2021; MITB 2021, No Matter What

Tonight we will see who will join Ricochet, John Morrison, and Riddle from the RAW side at Money in the Bank. MITB 2021 qualification starts now!

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville welcomed us to the show and then informed us that due to circumstances out of their control, Randy Orton is unable to compete tonight. RAW will now begin with a battle royal to determine who will join the triple threat match.

Then Riddle scooted over and gave a note to Pearce that was apparently from Orton. After Pearce and Deville read the note they found it was not from Orton, but Riddle just trying to do something nice for Orton. After a bit of discussion and begging on Riddle’s part, Deville and Pearce agreed to let Riddle compete in the Battle Royal. If Riddle wins he goes to the Triple Threat match to compete on Orton’s behalf.

Riddle won the battle royal to go on to the Last Chance Qualifying Match

Drew Gulak was eliminated early on. Then we saw Shelton Benjamin get eliminated by Jinder Mahal. We saw Angel Garza pull off a miracle by landing on just one foot after being tossed over the top rope.

Mustafa Ali taught Mansoor a lesson about never turning your back in a battle royal. Then it was time for some 24/7 Championship fun! R-Truth was eliminated from the match, followed quickly by Akira Tozawa, who was launched out by Mahal. Drew Gulak was waiting still at ringside and rolled up Tozawa! NEW CHAMP! But wait! R-Truth was quick and got his baby back by pinning Gulak! Unfortunately for Truth as he was celebrating his win Tozawa jumped off the apron onto Truth.

After that Omos came down to the ring and eliminated The Viking Raiders, or rather helped Mahal eliminate them. Once the Raiders were outside the ring, Omos destroyed them by throwing them into the barricades and the LED boards around the ring.

The match came down to Riddle, Jeff Hardy, Cedric Alexander, Jinder Mahal, and Damian Priest. Chaos, just as one should expect from a battle royal. We got to see Priest and Mahal take the fight to each other for a bit with Priest actually eliminating Mahal. Jeff Hardy then went and did Jeff Hardy things. After hitting Priest and Riddle with Twist of Fates, he went to hit one on Alexander but failed. Alexander eliminated Hardy and then gloated about it. Due to Alexander getting cocky, Priest was able to eliminate him! With Priest and Riddle as the final two, they really showed off a bit. Hard hits and kicks from both men.

In the end, Riddle was able to push forward and win the match. After the match, Randy Orton’s music played because Riddle is wrestling on behalf of Orton.

We then watched a video recapping everything that has been going on between Shayna Baszler and Alexa Bliss. After being caught up we saw Baszler backstage playing with a deck of cards. Nia Jax and Reginald walked up to her to check if Baszler was prepared for tonight.

Reginald tried to apologize for last week, but Baszler told him to shut up. She knows that Jax and she are not in the MITB 2021 ladder match because of Alexa Bliss. After Baszler gives Nikki Cross a hard dose of reality, she said she will send Bliss to meet her stupid doll. Of course, Bliss was listening from the shadows where no one could see her.

Before heading to a commercial break we saw Jaxson Ryker hitting one of the road cases with his leather strap because apparently, that is how one prepares for a strap match.

When we returned from break we got a recap of the battle royal. Then AJ Styles and Omos are interviewed. Styles said when you are supposed to be somewhere and aren’t, ya know like Randy Orton, you lose your opportunity. He said the match should be a singles match between him and Drew McIntyre. Since that is not the case, Styles said his chances of winning have drastically gone down and Omos now has to work harder to watch his back.

The interviewer then asked about Omos playing a role in The Viking Raider’s elimination earlier tonight. Omos said he was simply just checking out the competition. The footage was then shown of The Viking Raiders attacking Omos last week. Styles wanted an apology from the interviewer for giving Omos grief for doing the same thing The Viking Raiders did last week. Then Styles said with McIntyre being banged up and Riddle pulling double duty, he has the advantage. When Styles has the advantage, he says he wins.

We then saw Nikki Cross preparing for her match in gorilla when Lucha House Party wished her luck. Then Sara Schreiber came up and asked Cross about her new superhero persona. Cross said she is aspiring to be a hero. She found something deep down inside of her that she now has the courage to show. Cross wants everyone to embrace that and just go for it. She said with the MITB briefcase she could be a huge inspiration! Then she stopped herself from getting too far ahead of herself and focusing on the task at hand. We then somehow got to Nikki calling herself Nikki Ash: Nikki Almost a Superhero.

Nikki Cross defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall

Cross tried to use her quickness to her advantage early on, but Baszler countered with her power. Baszler though hit her knee on one of the turnbuckles when Cross moved. As Baszler rolled to the outside, Alexa Bliss came to ringside. This served as a distraction and Cross was able to hit a cross body to the outside, taking out Baszler, Jax, and Reginald!

After a commercial though Baszler found herself back in control of the match. Cross got back in control thanks to a tornado DDT. Away from the match, Bliss took out Jax and Reginald with a kick to Jax and a low blow to Reginald. As Bliss walked away, Baszler looked confused. A rollup attempt by Cross, which Baszler kicked out of but Baszler was off her game.

We then saw footage from Bobby Lashley’s Hell in a Cell match with Xavier Woods from last week. Before going to another commercial break, Kofi Kingston made his entrance to the Thunderdome.

Returning from break Kingston said he was still processing all that happened last week and his feelings. I mean he had to stand by and watch Lashley continue to beat up Woods because MVP locked him out of the cell. Kingston said Woods went out there last week to have his back and he couldn’t do the same.

He said people have been disrespecting Woods for a long time and think he isn’t up to snuff but after last week? Woods showed everyone what kind of competitor he is in the match with Lashley. While Lashley won the match fair and square, what happened afterwards was not okay. The pain Woods was feeling and the look on his face, Kingston can’t get out of his head.

Kingston said he will make Lashley pay when he takes everything from him and becomes the WWE Champion. Before Kingston could continue, MVP’s music hit.

MVP said he couldn’t help but hear Kingston say he was going to defeat Bobby Lashley and become the new champion. He said that was the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard Kingston said. MVP said he is looking forward to MITB 2021 because they will finally be in front of a live audience.

While Kingston may be a feel-good story, MVP said he is no threat to The All-Mighty. Then MVP told Kingston that Lashley enjoyed every second of what he did to Woods and looks forward to humiliating Kingston at MITB 2021. Apparently what Brock Lesnar did to Kingston will look like child’s play after Lashley is through with him.

Kingston said he is tired of hearing about Big Bad Bobby because in his opinion Lashley is getting a little soft. He went through a list of things that have happened to Lashley in the past couple of weeks: McIntyre beating Lashley within an inch of his life, but MVP helped Lashley win and how close Woods came to beating Lashley. As for Kingston, he has already beat Lashley and knows he can do it again. According to Kingston, Lashley is looking more beatable by the week. The layers of the All-Mighty are being stripped away and soon Lashley could end up looking like MVP.

Of course, MVP didn’t like that. Kingston said when he was WWE Champion he didn’t take a day off. He took the WWE Championship everywhere to show everyone that anything is possible. MVP though has Lashley taking days off and his eyes off the prize. MVP questioned how hard Kingston was actually working when he was champion. Then he brought up Woods and how he couldn’t make it to work this week and may not be back next week.

Kingston let him know Woods would be back next week because he has heart, unlike MVP who has been milking a knee injury for almost six months now. MVP said his knee is legitimately injured and he is not cleared for combat because if he was he would whip Kingston’s ass. Kingston left the ring and MVP tried to take a swing at him with his cane, but he ducked! TROUBLE IN PARADISE!! Now MVP is hurt.

After seeing what happened in Eva Marie and Piper Niven’s (I cannot call her Doudrop y’all, I just can’t) match last week, they were interviewed. Marie said Niven made a rookie mistake last week, but everyone makes mistakes. That is why Marie asked for a rematch, so Niven could learn from her mistakes.

Piper Niven and Eva Marie defeated Asuka and Naomi via Pinfall (Crossbody)

Naomi and Niven began the match. Naomi did try to bring the fight to Niven, but after a missed sunset flip opportunity, it started not to look good for her. Niven though missed a senton, which allowed Naomi to make the tag to Asuka.

After a bit of back and forth with Asuka, Niven went to make the tag to Marie, but Marie jumped off the apron! I guess Marie wanted to give Niven a dose of her own medicine, but it backfired on her. Instead of Niven losing the match, she was able to take care of both Naomi and Asuka to win the match all on her own.

After the match though, Eva Marie took the microphone and announced herself the winner of the match….only her.

John Morrison versus Ricochet ended in a double countout

After a tad heated moment backstage before this match, Morrison and Ricochet did not hold back. Morrison looked to be in control of the match, as Miz put him over on commentary. After blocking a neck breaker attempt though, Ricochet sent Morrison to the outside.

Ricochet then hit Morrison with a baseball slide sending him into the announcer’s table. The Miz then attempted to block Morrison from Ricochet, but Ricochet used Miz’s wheelchair to take Morrison out. Then as Miz continued to complain, Ricochet took a drip stick and sprayed it on Miz (the second time tonight)! Once the action got back in the ring, Ricochet brought the fight to Morrison. Fireman’s carry and then a sliding clothesline could not put Morrison away.

Morrison on the other hand hit a rolling senton and a huge kick, but Ricochet still had some fight left. The match ended in a double count-out because Morrison missed Starship Pain and rolled out to the apron. Ricochet dropkicked him off the apron and then went to go for a dive when Morrison moved. Morrison says on the barricade thinking he was safe, but Ricochet jumped off the ropes and hit a huge crossbody. Ricochet got back over the barricade at the count of 9 but had no chance to get back in the ring.

Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and Tamina defeated Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, and Rhea Ripley via Pinfall (Big Boot)

Rose and Brooke were able to hit some double team moves on Nattie. Then the match went a tad crazy. Ripley took out Tamina and then was taken out by Flair because Flair took out her knee with a chop block. After Flair got the victory, Ripley returned the favour and chop blocked Flair!

Jaxon Ryker defeated Elias in the Strap Match via Pinfall (Powerslam)

Elias had nowhere to run off to this time. Even with the strap though, Elias was able to pull off some impressive moves. Right off the bat he gained control and took the action outside of the ring. He was able to hit Ryker with the strap a few times pretty good while he was tied up on the ring post.

The match got back inside the ring and although Elias hit a knee on Ryker it just wasn’t enough. Just as the match seemed to be hitting its stride, Ryker hit a powerslam for the win… Next, who’s going to MITB 2021?

Drew McIntyre defeated Riddle and AJ Styles to qualify for MITB 2021

I think this may have been the one ending fans thought would not happen. Although McIntyre lost to Lashley and had the stipulation of no longer being able to challenge him for the WWE Championship, McIntyre is on his way to MITB 2021.

The action was off to a crazy start. McIntyre took everyone out with suplexes and then the action went to the outside. Of course, McIntyre cleared off the announcer’s table, but Riddle and Styles were able to work together before McIntyre could put either of them through the table. Actually, they were able to team up and put McIntyre through the table, which kept him out of the match for a good bit!

At one point Riddle hurt his foot when he ran into the steel steps after going to hit Styles. Medics came down and took Riddle to the back. He eventually came back with his foot wrapped up, but he still used that foot to kick his competitors and such. Just when it seemed like Riddle had the match won for his pal Randy, Omos pulled Styles out of the pin attempt. This left McIntyre time to prepare and hit the Claymore.

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