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WWE: Raw Results | August 3rd 2020

With news that Shane McMahon will be on RAW, what will he have in store for us?

Before the first match of RAW there seemed to be a lighting issue that confused commentary, although it was fixed quickly. Well fixed until Apollo Crews went to pose in the corner…Tom Phillips tried to blame it on storms in the area.

Before his match with Apollo Crews, MVP made it clear that he is the REAL United States Champion. After tonight, MVP said the beef he has with Crews will be over.

Apollo Crews defeated MVP via Pinfall (Blue Thunder Driver)

Not even the presence of Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley could help MVP become US Champion. The true US Champion showed a lot of strength and heart in this one to get the victory. Crews now technically holds two United States Championships, as he walked away with the championship MVP had made.

After the match Lashley tried to put Crews in the Full Nelson, but he escaped.

Crews was then interviewed by Charly Caruso. Crews said because of Lashley he had to sit at home, where his kids asked him about being US Champion. Now he can take his championship home to them and put it on his kids wall. While the championship MVP paid for? Well it looks good on his shoulder.

Back at ringside, MVP complained about the working conditions, ya know the flickering lights and everything. He told Crews he doesn’t care about his wife or kids, he just cares about getting his rematch. Then he said he wanted that rematch at Summerslam.

Before commercial, we saw Sasha Banks and Bayley backstage with all the gold. Then we saw a man guarding a door, which Tom Phillips said had something to do with why Shane McMahon is back.

Returning from commercial Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed. They are asked about defending any of the championships they hold at Summerslam. Bayley and Sasha though are tired of the boring back and forth with interviewers, so they have a video played instead. The video shows just how Sasha became RAW Women’s Champion.

After the video, Asuka is shown screaming and said that revenge will be very sweet. Back to Bayley and Sasha, they are livid! Before they can really continue airing their frustrations, Shayna Baszler interrupted. Baszler said she has waited in line long enough and punched Sasha in the face.

Kevin Owens is backstage when the IIconics come and talked to him. Billie and Peyton were hoping to be guests on the Kevin Owens Show tonight. Unfortunately for them, KO said he already had guests.

Once KO got to the ring, the mic began acting up. Once the mic finally began working, he introduced his guest Ruby Riott. Riott talked about how she has had some bad luck since returning. While she was excited about her victory over Peyton Royce, she wished Liv Morgan was there to celebrate with her. KO interrupted her and said that Morgan was about to join them.

Morgan said that KO convinced her to be out there and here what Riott had to say. KO interrupted first and said he had seen them from the beginning and they bring out the best in each other. KO said the friendships he has lost in his career, well he isn’t sure it was worth it.

Riott said that when she came back from injury she thought everything would be the same, but she was wrong. Morgan had changed and Riott didn’t feel needed anymore. The world Riott came back to, she wasn’t ready for. Riott became very emotional when asking Morgan to give the Riott Squad a chance to be stronger than they have ever been.

Enter the IIconics!

They say that everyone is tired of hearing the drama of Riott and Morgan that no one cares about. Billie is tired of seeing Riott’s posts on social media about her victory over Peyton Royce.

As the IIconics got closer to the ring, Peyton began listing some of their accomplishments. According to Peyton, the IIconics will always be better than Riott and Morgan.

While Morgan agreed that the IIconics may be better friends than her and Riott, the one thing Riott and her agree on? No one starts a better riot than them. Ko tried then to get the IIconics to hear the message and leave the ring, but that didn’t happen.

Billie and Peyton laid out a challenge for a match, anytime and anywhere. KO tried to get their mics to have technical difficulties, as Billie and Peyton were deciding who should say their tag line. This earned KO two slaps. He then asked Riott and Morgan for a little help. We went to break as the four ladies began to brawl.

Back from commercial we once again saw the mysterious door being guarded by someone.

The Riott Squad defeated the IIconics via Pinfall (Rollup)

A little impromptu tag team action! Riott and Morgan looked like things have never changed. Morgan gained the victory by rolling up Billie Kay. Kevin Owens seemed pretty impressed on commentary by the Riott Squad.

After the match, Peyton Royce attacked Morgan. As the IIconics went for their finisher on Morgan, Riott made the save. The newly reunited Riott Squad worked together to take out Billie Kay.

Back from commercial, Charly Caruso was giving us an update on other odd things that have been occurring backstage. Boxes of equipment had been turned over and apparently it was deliberate.

MVP then showed up. Caruso told him Apollo Crews had accepted his challenge for a rematch at Summerslam. Shelton Benjamin then appeared saying someone stole his 24/7 Championship.

At ringside the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre was making his entrance. A video of what happened last week, Randy Orton delivering a RKO to McIntyre, is shown.

McIntyre said that Randy Orton has spent twenty years preying on vulnerability. He said Orton is nothing like Stone Cold or The Rock, because he is someone who will wait for a man to finish an extreme rules match and RKO them out of nowhere. McIntyre knew the warning and now that he has learned, it will never happen again.

McIntyre brought up the fact that at one point or another, both him and Orton were seen as the future of the industry. While it didn’t totally work out as planned for McIntyre, he brought up that this business was never apart of Orton’s plan.

Unlike Mcintyre, Orton had this business handed to him. McIntyre doesn’t resent him for it, but he does find it interesting when Orton brags about his early accolades. McIntyre said unlike Orton, he had no one to clean up his mistakes for him. Those mistakes got McIntyre fired.

While McIntyre started to talk about the fact that the mistakes Orton had made, should have gotten him fired way more times than McIntyre.

Randy Orton and Ric Flair then interrupted.

Orton said if he didn’t want to be here, well he wouldn’t be. Orton has made a lot of money, but he is still around because he enjoys being there. RKO after RKO. Punt kick after punt kick…he loves it.

Orton said that he should have been fired multiple times, but the difference between him and McIntyre? Orton is worth more to the company. Then, now, and forever Randy Orton is the chosen one.

He then challenged McIntyre to say one opinion about him that is original. McIntyre said that Orton represents everything that is wrong in the WWE. Orton has not taken the time to pass down his knowledge with the guys in the back. McIntyre said ten years ago it would have done a lot for him. At Summerslam McIntyre said he has a lot of receipts to cash in. Some of his own, some for guys in the back, and some for former colleagues.

As we returned from break, Ric Flair strolled up to Kevin Owens and the Riott Squad, wanting to have a word with KO. Flair said he thinks KO is getting to comfortable being a guy who wants to help out others, more than looking out for his career.

KO thanks him for his concern, but he is doing okay. He said that he has sacrificed a lot to be at the top and now wants to go a different way. KO said he is trying to do what Randy Orton could, if he wanted.

Flair isn’t thrilled with what KO was saying. He told him if he took care of himself and wasn’t worried about everyone else, maybe KO would be getting a title shot at Summerslam. KO said if Flair was so worried, he would show him the kind of fight he has in a match with Orton next week.

In the ring, Nia Jax is there with Pat Buck. She said she understands that people look to her as a role model. Last week it was her job to make the WWE Official step back. Instead of apologizing to Buck, she challenged him to a match as a way to prove her wrong.

He isn’t having it. Jax said the apology he is after he will get after having a match with her. Instead of agreeing to a match, Pat informed Jax that because of her actions last week…she is suspended indefinitely, WITHOUT PAY.

Jax doesn’t take the news well at all and head butts Pat. This left him down and out. An angry Jax got him out of the ring and she left yelling about her suspension.

Before commercial, R-Truth came running to ringside with the 24/7 Championship. He was then followed by the ninjas!

Akira Tozawa defeated R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin to become the new 24/7 Champion

The 24/7 Championship scene is never dull. The ninjas decided to get involved in the match! Thanks to their distraction, the Hurt Business was too distracted dealing with ninjas to realize Tozawa was getting the victory.

Backstage we finally see Shane-O Mac. He said he was bringing something different…RAW Underground.

Returning from another commercial, we got a recap of last week and what happened with Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik was then interviewed. He said that he is doing this because of what he watched his dad go through. Is he crazy for it? Maybe. If people think he is crazy now, they’ll think he is even crazier after he challenges Seth Rollins to a match at Summerslam.

Shayna Baszler versus Sasha Banks ends…..I have no idea how or why

The match had been entertaining, definitely more of what we should be expecting from Baszler. Unfortunately the match came to an abrupt and odd end, when Asuka attacked BAYLEY on the outside. Bayley of course was not involved in the match at all, but the bell still rung.

Back from break, Asuka is still in the ring. After almost watching an entire match replay, Asuka told us that Kairi Sane would be okay. Unfortunately though Sane isn’t there, but she is and she wants a rematch with Sasha at Summerslam.

Baszler still at ringside, got a mic. She said she wasn’t going to fight Asuka, but she would be cheering Asuka on to win the RAW Women’s Championship. Of course Baszler wants this so she can get a match with Asuka and destroy her.

Sasha Banks and Bayley came back out. Banks said she would give Asuka a rematch, but only if she could do one thing….beat her best friend Bayley! Bayley did not seem thrilled with this idea.

Backstage, Andrade and Angel Garza are with Demi Burnett (from the Bachelor). Yes Garza got her number and gave her a rose. Zelina Vega appeared and was less than thrilled with Demi’s presence.

Back at RAW Underground, Shane gave us another hyped up promo about tuning in for what we’ll see next.

Back from break, we’re still at RAW Underground. Shane-O explained that there would be little rules and a lot of carnage. He then introduced the next contest, featuring who used to be Babatunde.

We then watched Babatunde destroy two men, in separate matches, that never stood a chance against him.

The Street Profits then were introduced to ringside and yes they did dance through the ”crowd“. Once in the ring, the two men welcomed us to RAW. Then they went into addressing the fact that Andrade and Angel attacked them last week.

Dawkins though took a moment to give a shoutout to Demi. The Profits joked around for a little bit, before getting serious. They are done playing nice after being attacked.

Angel Garza defeated Angelo Dawkins via Pinfall

Unfortunately the first singles match did not go according to the Street Profits plan. Before the match, Montez made a face at his red solo cup, but still took a drink from it. While Dawkins seemed to be in control for the majority of the match, he was concerned when Ford suddenly collapsed by the commentary table. This distraction led to Garza gaining the victory.

Andrade defeated Montez Ford via Ref Stoppage

At least I think Andrade was declared the winner. Unfortunately, Ford collapsed during the match. He had started off okay and even seemed like he was on the verge of victory, but after some rope shaking Ford could not continue.

Dawkins and medics checked on Ford’s condition and then we went backstage.

Murphy was watching the destruction he caused to Aleister Black on his phone. After he was done he looked up to Seth Rollins. Rollins said he was proud of Murphy for making the right decision last week. He told Murphy he should be proud of himself and now they can focus on the future.

Murphy brought up Dominik’s challenge for Summerslam and said it was ridiculous. Rollins merely looked at him and walked away.

After a commercial, we watch Erik from the Viking Raiders try his hand at RAW Underground. He destroyed his opponent.

Charly Caruso is outside of the trainers room waiting on an update on Montez Ford, when Angel Garza strolled up. Garza said that Caruso didn’t need to be scared and that everything would be okay….more flirting from him.

Zelina and Andrade showed up. Zelina showed a lot of fake concern for Ford and went right into how she was curious what this all meant for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Before she could continue Dawkins came out of the Trainers Room. He said they weren’t quite sure yet, but all signs were looking like Ford had been poisoned! Bianca Belair then appeared from the room and gave Zelina one chance to tell her what they poisoned her husband with.

Belair was not playing and when she wasn’t getting answers from Zelina she attacked! The two had to be pulled apart and then back to ringside we went.

Tom Phillips showed us a video from earlier in the night of the parking lot. A bunch of people dressed in all black threw things at equipment that caused a fire.

Back from commercial, the Hurt Business was stopped backstage by Charly Caruso. Charly brought up the fact that everyone lost championships tonight. MVP said it wasn’t about them not being able to get it done, but sabotage. Shelton Benjamin thought it was no coincidence that these acts of sabotage have happened on the nigh of RAW Underground.

Commentary lets us know of matches that will happen next week: Bayley versus Asuka and Kevin Owens versus Randy Orton.

We the got a recap of Seth Rollins’ history with Dominik Mysterio. Then Seth Rollins and Murphy made their way to the ring.

Rollins said that he had some housekeeping to tend to before answering Dominik Mysterio and then he looked to Tom Phillips. He then asked if Phillips considered himself a professional and an unbiased journalist. Rollins asked if he took pride in his job.

Phillips looked terrified when Rollins asked him what he did last week when Dominik Mysterio hit him with a kendo stick. Rollins said Phillips is apart of the greater good whether he likes it or not and did not appreciate Phillips cheering Dominik on last week.

After explaining to Phillips these things, Rollins said it is time to find a new voice of Monday Night RAW and asked for Murphy to get Phillips. Of course though, Samoa Joe was not going to let this happen. Joe got up and said they wouldn’t bully his broadcast partner. He said they could go back in the ring and make their point or Joe would make them pay.

Joe said he was laughing harder than Phillips last week. After a stare down, Rollins told Joe he didn’t want to do this. Joe being Joe took off his headset and said he really did.

We went to commercial as Joe was getting ready to get in the ring.

Back from commercial, Joe still had yet to join Rollins and Murphy in the ring. Before he could, Dominik Mysterio (King of Sneak Attacks it seems) came from behind and attacked with a kendo stick! After taking out Murphy, Mysterio was able to hit Rollins with a 619. By the sound of Joe on commentary, it was a beautiful set up!

Rollins then had no choice but to accept Dominik’s Summerslam Challenge.

We went back to RAW Underground, where Dolph Ziggler was fighting. Ziggler of course beat his opponent.

The Hurt Business showed up. MVP said that they would now be in control of RAW Underground. We ended RAW with the Hurt Business doing what they do best, hurting people because after all in RAW Underground….anything goes.

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