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WWE: RAW Results – December 14th 2020 | TLC Go-Home Show

With TLC just days away, what kind of tricks may be up AJ Styles’ sleeve?

We began the show with commentary giving us a run down of what to expect Sunday at TLC. Then we went to the ring where the Miz happened to be. He was in the ring to read us “A Nightmare Before TLC.”

He then hyped up the last new episode of his reality show and his handicap match against Keith Lee later in the night. After he finally began the story, in which AJ Styles was the protagonist. Playing the role of the brave, WWE Champion? John Morrison. (Yes he was dressed like he was in Braveheart.)

The Miz continued the story where Styles beats McIntyre with a sword? Chaos. Then Miz said in the story Styles would become the new WWE Champion, but if he fails Miz would enter the story and attack! Miz said he would have a successful cash in, which Styles did not appreciate.

Styles, Morrison, and Miz then bickered about how the story was supposed to go when Sheamus entered the chaos.

Sheamus came down the ramp saying he thought he had seen everything in the WWE, but apparently he hadn’t. While their theater was slightly entertaining, Sheamus said he was prepared to fight. Styles told him if he wasn’t going to be apart of the solution he was apart of the problem.

Of course Sheamus said he preferred to be apart of the problem. Then Styles threw the Christmas tree that happened to be in the ring at Sheamus and escaped from the ring. He didn’t get too far because Sheamus threw a present right at his head before commercial break.

AJ Styles defeated Sheamus via Pinfall

Sheamus had control of the match early on, but Styles was able to throw him to the outside and regain control of the match. He did at one point go for a powerbomb while on the outside, but Omos saved Styles by ever so gently picking him off of Sheamus’ shoulders.

Sheamus ended up in front of Omos another time, but was able to accomplish his goal. The problem became Sheamus’ left leg, he favored it heavily throughout the match. The Calf Crusher that Styles locked in only further injured Sheamus’ leg. After a little chaos in the corner, Styles was able to secure the victory.

After the match, Sheamus tried to attack Styles but Omos caught him! Unfortunately for Sheamus, he ended up with his injured leg caught in the ropes. Styles used this as an opportunity to have Omos bring him a chair to attack Sheamus with. Styles definitely hit some low chair shots to Sheamus.

Then we went to commercial.

When we returned from commercial, we saw The Hurt Business making their way to the arena earlier in the day. They wound up harassing another WWE crew member, similar to last week. This time it was someone in catering and Bobby Lashley poured an entire carton of milk on the poor guy.

Then they stopped Sarah Schreiber. She asked MVP about his match with Riddle, which of course MVP said he would teach him some respect.

We then saw The New Day and Jeff Hardy in gorilla position, just chatting away. Riddle then came up to them with an idea. He suggested that he should be ringside for their match as Bro E. Kofi Kingston said “An enemy of the Butt Hurt Business is a friend of theirs.”

Then Jeff Hardy’s music hit and he had Riddle join him….Hardy Bros and all.

After The New Day’s entrance we went to another commercial break.

The Hurt Business defeated Jeff Hardy and The New Day via Submission (The Hurt Lock)

Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods began the match, but Lashley went for The Hurt Lock early and Woods tagged in Kingston. Cedric Alexander soon tagged himself into the match. The Hurt Business was in control for a good majority of the match. While the baby faces were able to get some offense, it just wasn’t enough. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate, but due to interference from Alexander he was not able to capitalize.

After the match, Cedric Alexander seemed to celebrate like he did all the work.

We then got a recap of what happened between Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Lana last week. Then we saw Asuka and Lana in gorilla. Lana felt like Sunday they could walk out tag team champions and she was confident together, but she was scared to face Jax alone.

Asuka then gave her a pep talk. She said she was proud to be Lana’s partner and she believed in her.

We saw Lana make her entrance and then we went to another commercial break.

Lana defeated Nia Jax via Pinfall

Lana of course began the match a bit timely, but wound up finding her groove pretty quickly. Jax went for a second rope Samoan Drop, but Lana was able to get out of it. Then Lana was able to get Jax into a tree of woe position and get a stomp…leading to a pinfall!

After the match, Asuka was celebrating backstage when Shayna Baszler attacked her. While Baszler left Asuka laying backstage, Jax attacked Lana. Baszler soon joined Jax in the ring and they attacked Lana’s ankle. Lana screamed out in pain while Jax hit multiple leg drops on Lana’s ankle.

Asuka finally was able to come help Lana, but the damage seemed to be done. We went to commercial break as Asuka tried to comfort Lana.

Returning from commercial, Elias was in the ring with…Jaxson Ryker. Apparently Ryker is now a bodyguard for Elias of sorts….apparently Ryker has been reborn because of Elias’ music.

As Elias dedicated his performance to Lana, R-Truth interrupted. Truth said he wasn’t one to interrupt, even though he was at the time. Of course Truth’s presence brought out the 24/7 crowd. Ryker wound up taking out the entire crew which allowed Truth to get away.

Then we saw Miz and Morrison backstage discussing what the best possibility for TLC would be. Miz isn’t a fan of Styles saying he should cash in on Drew McIntyre. Keith Lee then walked up.

Lee had a coin and told them to call it in the air. Miz and Morrison both called heads, which of course was the right call. Lee congratulated them of the victory, but said it would be the only thing they won.

Then we went to another commercial.

Miz and Morrison defeated Keith Lee via Pinfall

Miz and Morrison attempted the double team right off the bat, but Lee was able to fight them off for the most part. After a commercial Miz and Morrison did take control of the match. Eventually they were able to use this double team by pinning Lee at the same time.

We got a recap of the feud between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt before we went to another break.

When we came back from break it was time for the Firefly Funhouse field trip! Wyatt made his entrance to the Thunderdome in his Christmas ugly sweater and seemed extremely happy to be there.

Once he was in the ring, Rambling Rabbit and other puppets from the Funhouse appeared in the crowd. Wyatt then got a mic and said it warmed his soul to see everyone’s faces in the Thunderdome

Then Wyatt apologized to Orton about their match last week. He said it was just one giant misunderstanding. He knows “He” is a sick and deranged mind…but he wished he got the chance to finish what he started with Orton.

According to Wyatt their will be no fun at TLC, just pain and sadness, which sounds splendid? Because of that, Wyatt said he prepared some jokes. He pulled out a piece of paper and began to tell the WWE Universe some jokes.

After one of his jokes, Randy Orton appeared on the tron. Once Orton got his attention, he said he didn’t realize he would get the chance to meet the devil (The Fiend) last week. For the first time in a long time, Orton was out maneuvered, which he said won’t happen at TLC.

Then he challenged Wyatt to a game of hide and seek. Wyatt laughed in the ring, but said he couldn’t resist a game. After accepting, Orton told Wyatt to come find him.

After a recap of what has been going on with Retribution and Ricochet we went to commercial break.

Mace defeated Ricochet via Pinfall (Fireman’s Carry)

As Mustafa Ali sat on commentary, he watched Ricochet be able to gain some offense on the much larger Mace. This had Ali send Slapjack and T-Bar as distractions so Mace could regain control of the match.

After the match, Retribution joined Mace in the ring. As Mace, T-Bar, and Slapjack held Ricochet back, Ali yelled at him. Ali said this would only end with Ricochet joining Retribution.

Backstage we saw Bray Wyatt wandering around backstage looking for Orton when he ran into Riddle. Riddle then tried to pitch Wyatt a new business, Bronouns. Riddle said it would be a great addition to the Funhouse. While Wyatt said it sounded neat, he was very busy and left.

Rambling Rabbit then showed up. Riddle wanted to call him Broda (Bro+Baby Yoda) and asked him to sign a carrot for his pet.

Shayna Baszler made her entrance as we went to commercial break.

As we returned from commercial break, we were informed that Lana would be unable to compete at TLC this Sunday. Asuka will have to find a new tag team partner.

Dana Brooke defeated Shayna Baszler via DQ

Just when it looked like Brooke was getting back into the match, Jax pushed her off the top rope. This led Baszler getting disqualified.

After the match, Baszler and Jax continued to attack Brooke. Mandy Rose made the save, running down to the ring with a kendo stick. Unfortunately the kendo stick was not enough, that is until Asuka came out. Between Rose and Asuka they were able to send the Women’s Tag Team Champions packing.

Backstage R-Truth was chatting with the Pig from the Firefly Funhouse when Bray Wyatt showed up. Truth told him he had a wonderful family before we went to commercial break.

When we returned from commercial break Wyatt was still looking around for Orton backstage. While he walked around the concourse he found a room with a lonely rocking chair. Wyatt walked in and sat in the chair. Orton then attacked him from behind!

Orton overpowered Wyatt and tossed him into some sort of box. After locking the box, Orton grabbed a jug of gasoline and poured it over the box. Then Orton pulled out a lighter and lit the box on fire!

Orton watched as the box went up into flames, but OUT CAME THE FIEND!! He put Orton in the Mandible Claw and that’s how we went to another commercial break.

Riddle defeated MVP via Pinfall (Corkscrew Moonsault)

A quick match! MVP was able to dodge a knee from Riddle right of the bat, but Riddle was able to regain control. A quick knee and then the moonsault…victory!

After a commercial it was time for the WWE Champion and AJ Styles to meet face to face. Tom Phillips was in the ring to facilitate, but he really wasn’t needed.

Styles told McIntyre he should address the WWE Championship because it would probably be the last time he had it around his waist. While they have never faced each other one on one, Styles dug into McIntyre’s history. He couldn’t believe it took McIntyre so long to climb the WWE mountain.

Styles then said he believed that McIntyre can’t handle the pressure of being WWE Champion. Apparently McIntyre takes too many risks, like being in his first TLC match.

McIntyre responded to everything Styles threw at him. He said the journey he took to get to the top of the WWE mountain made him who he is, a champion who does not crack under pressure and will destroy Styles come Sunday.

Then McIntyre said while every man dies, not every man truly lives. Sunday McIntyre is willing to do whatever it takes to remain WWE Champion, but is Styles willing to do the same. He then attached the championship to the hook in the ring.

Styles then made it seem like McIntyre would have to face more than just himself at TLC. Miz and Morrison then attacked McIntyre. McIntyre was able to fight them off, hitting Morrison with a Claymore using a ladder. With the help of Omos, Styles as able to overpower McIntyre.

We ended RAW with Styles climbing the ladder and pulling down the WWE Championship!

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