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    WWE: RAW Results | December 21st 2020 – Down in a Blaze Glory

    After TLC ended with Randy Orton setting The Fiend on fire, what is next for The Legend Killer?

    The show began with Charlotte Flair making her entrance. As Flair entered the ring, we got a recap of her tag team championship match last night.

    When Flair got on the mic, she said nothing has changed in the past six months. A friend asked for help, and there was something in it for her, and that friend happened to be Asuka. Then she introduced Asuka to the ring.

    Asuka said a few things in Japanese and then celebrated the fact she is now a double champion. She said that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler weren’t ready for her and they certainly weren’t ready for Flair.

    Before the champions could continue celebrating, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler interrupted. Jax said it was good to see Flair, even if it took her six months to heal her broken arm. Then Jax made fun of Flair’s “robotic” voice. In her robotic voice, Flair reminded Jax that she kicked her ass last night.

    Jax laughed, but then said her and Baszler have a list similar to Santa Claus, but its seasonings beatings.

    Then Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out. They said Jax and Baszler looked different and at first couldn’t quite pinpoint why. Then they realized they looked different because they no longer held the tag team championships. Flair suggested getting a ref out there and asked Asuka if she wanted to stay out and watch the match.

    As a referee made their way to the ring, we went to commercial break.

    Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeated Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose via Submission (Kirifuda Clutch)

    Rose and Brooke were holding their own for quite awhile and even seemed to impress the tag team champions. Jax and Baszler though mounted a come back and focused on Rose when we came back from a commercial break. It did seem like Team Flex were close to a victory, but after Baszler kicked out of a pin, she was able to throw Brooke in the Kirifuda Clutch.

    After the match, Jax and Baszler taunted the new tag team champions. This allowed Rose and Brooke to take them out!

    Then we got a recap of how The Hurt Business became the RAW Tag Team Champions. After we saw The Hurt Business walking backstage where they ran into a member of the WWE crew. This crew member had a New Day shirt on, which didn’t go over well with The Hurt Business. They ripped the New Day shirt off of him and then put a brand new Hurt Business shirt on him.

    Then we went to another commercial.

    When we returned from break, The Hurt Business was making their entrance to the VIP Lounge. MVP then welcomed us to the VIP Lounge. Then Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin hyped up their victory last night.

    Bobby Lashley said we should get used to seeing the Hurt Business with all the gold. Then Lashley guaranteed that there is no one who can beat him for the United States Championship. MVP then suggested getting a photo to commemorate the moment. R-Truth photobombed them!

    Of course where Truth goes, the 24/7 championship crew follows! After the chaos of the 24/7 crew, Riddle and Jeff Hardy showed up.

    Riddle congratulated them on the big win last night, but feels like they are doing a few things wrong. Instead of spending all that money at the club, Riddle said they should just chill with the homies. This led to Riddle saying how we are all the same, self aware carbon matter hurling through the void of space. MVP completely disagreed with everything Riddle was saying.

    Hardy finally got on the mic. He said that the only criterion of wealth is a man’s character. Before commercial, Hardy said they would fight tonight with a lot of faith.

    Returning from commercial, Angel Garza was being interviewed. He said its the holidays and there is no better gift in the world to give women then the gift of Garza…

    Angel Garza defeated Drew Gulak via Pinfall (Wing Clipper)

    Of course the match began with Garza throwing his pants at Gulak to act as a distraction. The match was rather quick, a superkick led to the Wing Clipper.

    After the match we saw some highlights of the WWE Championship match from TLC. Then AJ Styles and Omos were interviewed backstage by Charly Caruso. Styles said he was livid that the Miz screwed him out of the WWE Championship.

    Caruso then asked why Styles was going on Miz TV if he was so mad. Styles said he wanted to find out what Miz had to say for himself. Then we went to another commercial.

    Returning from break, Miz welcomed us to Miz TV, but with less enthusiasm than normal. He then said last night he had a chance to become a 2-time WWE Champion, but failed. He then apologized about his failure before having AJ Styles come out.

    Styles called Miz selfish and incompetent. The men then bickered about how Miz costed them both the match last night. Miz gave a passionate rant about how much the Money in the Bank briefcase meant to him and what a successful cash in would have meant for him. Then Miz apologized to Styles and asked him to let him make it right.

    Miz offered Styles the opportunity to be a costar in the next installment of the The Marine. A mockup of what the movie poster would look like was shown on the tron. Styles was very tiny on the poster and Morrison was no where to be found on it! This led to more bickering and Omos reminded Miz that Morrison was the one to cash in the contract.

    This got Miz to realize that Omos was right. Morrison cashed in the contract, not Miz. Miz then demanded his Money In The Bank contract back.

    Enter in Drew McIntyre.

    McIntyre told them to stop bickering because if anyone was going to take them out, it would be him in their six man tag street fight later in the night. Then he said after his victory at TLC, he had a little celebration with Sheamus and Keith Lee.

    McIntyre said that during their celebration they had some pints and reminisced about the Nightmare before TLC skit Miz and Morrison put on last week. This led to McIntyre, Sheamus, and Lee to make a story of their own!

    After beginning the story, Sheamus and Lee joined in. Soon a brawl broke out! As Sheamus was setting up for the Brogue Kick, Styles kicked Lee into Sheamus. This led to issues between Sheamus and Lee.

    We got a video on what has been going on with Retribution and Ricochet before getting Retribution’s entrance to the ring. Then we took a commercial break.

    When we returned from break Sheamus and Keith Lee were arguing with each other backstage. McIntyre then got in between them to try and diffuse the situation. After sending Sheamus away to cool off, he turned to Lee. He told Lee that while Sheamus can sometimes be a prick, he is a guy you want on your team.

    T-Bar defeated Ricochet via Pinfall (Feast Your Eyes)

    T-Bar was just too powerful for Ricochet to overcome. It didn’t help that the rest of Retribution were ringside and Ricochet had to deal with them. Ricochet was able to take out Mace and Slapjack, but going after Mustafa Ali proved to be the wrong move.

    After the match T-Bar got on the mic and told Ricochet that Retribution is not his enemy. He told Ricochet he either joins them or they end his existence.

    Then we got a video of The New Day from earlier today. Xavier Woods said they have had championships before and lost them, but they know how to get to the top of the mountain. Kofi Kingston said his hat was off to the Hurt Business. Kingston said he even lost pieces of his tooth during the match! But in the end success is measured by how one bounces back.

    Before commercial break, The Hurt Business made their entrance.

    Bobby Lashley and MVP (The Hurt Business) defeated Jeff Hardy and Riddle via Submission (The Hurt Lock)

    For their first time truly being a tag team, Riddle and Hardy worked well together. Unfortunately, the power of The Hurt Business overwhelmed them. Lashley put a lot of focus on Hardy after pushing him off the top rope.

    After the match we saw AJ Styles, Miz, and Morrison arguing backstage. Then we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break Elias was in the ring with Jaxson Ryker. Elias thanked fans for putting his album on their best of lists.

    Jaxson Ryker defeated Gran Metalik via Pinfall (Powerbomb)

    A very quick match, which saw Elias hang out on the top rope and try to play a song.

    After the match highlights from the Firefly Inferno Match was shown. Then we saw Randy Orton walking backstage before we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break, Randy Orton made his entrance to the ring. Orton said that over the years he has been called many things: sick, twisted, deranged and demented. Last night he proved that he is all of those things. While a normal person would have regrets setting another man on fire, Orton said the Fiend is no man and he is not normal. Orton said he enjoyed every single second of last night.

    According to Orton, the voices in his head no longer exist as of last night. In their place is the sound of The Fiend gasping for his last breath. Orton said The Fiend is gone and he is the sick son of a bitch who ended him.

    Then the lights in the Thunderdome began to go down much like they would if The Fiend was coming out. Orton left the ring and when the lights came back, he saw Alexa Bliss in the ring on a swing set.

    Bliss said The Fiend built the swing set for her and asked Orton to come play. Bliss then made a few jokes about where The Fiend could be before saying if he ever comes back….it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

    Charlotte Flair made her entrance before we took another commercial break.

    Charlotte Flair and Asuka defeated Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans via Submission (Figure Eight)

    Royce and Evans just could not seem to get on the same page. When it seemed like they had isolated Asuka from her corner and had opportunities to win the match…they would tag themselves in halting the opportunity.

    Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, and Keith Lee defeated Miz, Morrison, and AJ Styles via Pinfall (Spirit Bomb)

    Christmas cookies, egg nog, and kendo sticks made to look like candy canes! Once McIntyre, Sheamus, and Lee got on the same page…they seemed unstoppable. Although Styles and his team were able to put Sheamus through a table and once again attack McIntyre’s knee, it just wasn’t enough.

    After the match, it seemed like Sheamus was going to make nice with Keith Lee, but that quickly changed. BROGUE KICK!

    We ended RAW with McIntyre yelling at Sheamus for his actions.

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