WWE: RAW Results – February 8th 2021 | McIntyre Vs. Orton… Again

WWE Raw Results, Monday Night Raw comes to us live from the WWE Thunderdome. Will Edge have an answer on his Wrestlemania opponent? Or will Drew McIntyre confront Sheamus on his deception last week?

Before the show began we had a graphic shown in memory of Butch Reed.

We began RAW with Adam Pearce in the ring. He introduced…SHANE O MAC to the Thunderdome. Shane O is there to help Pearce make a blockbuster announcement concerning Elimination Chamber. The two men announced that the WWE Championship will be defended in the Chamber. The six men participating: Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, The Miz, Sheamus, AJ Styles, and of course the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Shane O then gave props to Pearce for what he has been able to put together and then leaves.

Entering in his place? AJ Styles and Omos.

Styles went on about it being the perfect time for him to become a 3 Time WWE Champion. He even said he may have been wrong about Pearce after all, maybe he isn’t a dumbass. Then he tells Pearce to get out of the ring so Styles can show everyone what he’ll do in the Chamber.

We got the entrance of Jeff Hardy before heading to commercial break.

When we returned from break Drew McIntyre caught up with Shane McMahon before he left the building. McIntyre said he would have appreciated a heads up about the Elimination Chamber match. He was under the impression that he would be facing Sheamus one on one.

McMahon said the one on one match would happen, but they needed something bigger for Elimination Chamber. Besides what’s bigger than McIntyre defending his championship in the chamber and proving he is a fighting champion?

AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy via Submission (Calf Crusher)

Hardy began the match off pretty aggressively, displaying some brute strength. Of course Styles wasn’t going to take the match lightly. The match really began to take a turn when Hardy landed funny off the top rope. Styles took advantage of the sudden injury with a chop block and even tossing Hardy into the ring post. Hardy looked to make a comeback, even with a bad leg, but missed the Swanton Bomb!

After the match, we saw what happened in Riddle’s match with Bobby Lashley last week. Then we went backstage where Riddle was chatting with Keith Lee.

Lee brought up Riddle’s black eye, which apparently he got from Lashley. Riddle said that while Lashley got the better of him last week, he is able to laugh it off. Lee then asked if Riddle really wanted to keep pursuing the United States Championship because he just keeps getting beat up by The Hurt Business. Riddle of course said he was going to keep going in his efforts to win the title.

Lee said it might be time for someone new to have a chance, someone like him. He said he has what it takes to beat Lashley and definitely has what it takes to beat Riddle tonight.

The New Day made their entrance to the ring and we went to another commercial break.

Returning from commercial Sheamus confronted Adam Pearce. Sheamus wanted to know why the match at Elimination Chamber isn’t a one on one match, like he was promised. Pearce tried to say he understood, but Sheamus didn’t wanna hear it. Sheamus felt like Pearce and McMahon don’t believe he is a draw.

Pearce once again tried to explain they just want to have the biggest main event possible at Elimination Chamber. Sheamus said it sounded like the main event was all Pearce’s idea and that he is tired of Broken Promises. While McIntyre is seen as the shiny new toy, he would be nothing without Sheamus. Sheamus let Pearce know that the brutality he is going to unleash at Elimination Chamber is on his head.

The New Day defeated Slapjack and T-Bar via Pinfall (Day Break)

With Mustafa Ali yelling orders from the commentary table, his team could not get the job done. While Slapjack and T-Bar had some offense and held New Day back from making quick tags, they got distracted. Slapjack didn’t see Woods tag in and that was the end for Retribution.

We saw how Bianca Belair’s parents reacted to her Royal Rumble victory. Then commentary informed us that Belair will be on the show later.

Ric Flair and Lacey Evans made their entrance before we went to commercial break.

Returning from break Damian Priest and Bad Bunny were chatting backstage.

Then back at ringside, Ric Flair had the mic. Flair said people want an explanation on why he wants to be back and he said it is because he doesn’t take any orders from any woman, especially his daughter. Then Flair continued to vent about his daughter. He said while Charlotte doesn’t need him, Lacey Evans could use his knowledge to be a star.

Flair made clear that the relationship is just casual, if Evans is overwhelmed by his charm? Well its expected. Then he served a warning to Asuka that they are coming for her RAW Women’s Championship. Evans then said that Charlotte Flair is a fool for turning away her daddy. Thankfully Charlotte decided to interrupt before we could hear more.

Once Charlotte got to the ring, it seemed like Ric was going to hold the ropes for her before Evans pulled him back. When Charlotte finally got in the ring she told Evans if she really wanted to learn she’d go work her ass off in the WWE Performance Center. Instead of doing that, Evans wants to wear her robe, use her name and her dad…all of which she has seen people try to do a million times.

Turning to her dad, she asked what he needs her to do. Validate him? She has never said she didn’t want his help, but for the last 7 years she has been trying to protect their legacy and add on to it. Flair says her father has no idea what he looks like to these people. She doesn’t care who he manages, but don’t drag her down with him.

Evans then interrupted, Char Char as she called her, and said they don’t have to be enemies. In fact, they should work together! Ric then suggested they become a tag team, which didn’t go well with Charlotte. Charlotte said she has been trying to prove to everyone she could do this on her own and as for Evans? She already has a tag team partner, Asuka.

According to Evans, Ric has spoken to WWE Officials and she’ll be next in line to face Asuka if she can beat Charlotte. Charlotte laughed and then said they should just have the match right now. Ric tried to put a stop to it, but Evans used him as a distraction. She hit Charlotte with her mic. Then before going to commercial break, Evan threw Charlotte into the steel steps.

Lacey Evans defeated Charlotte Flair via DQ

It seems that Evans will technically be owed a RAW Women’s Championship against Asuka now. What began as a match with Evans targeting Charlotte’s injured arm, turned into Charlotte releasing her frustration with the entire situation. When Ric Flair got in her way, Charlotte just went off. A huge spear led to Charlotte kicking and hitting Evans in the corner. Charlotte did not let up by the referee’s count of 5 and was disqualified.

As Ric Flair helped up Lacey Evans, watching his daughter leave, we went to commercial break.

When returned from break, Edge told us he had a massive decision to make. After making visits to all three champions, he was close to making his decision, but then the landscape began to change. Edge said he knows a few things, but he doesn’t know who is going to walk out Elimination Chamber champion. With that in mind though, Edge likes his odds against every single person entering the Chamber.

Edge said he will wait for the dust to settle after Elimination Chamber and then make his decision. The Miz, John Morrison, and Angel Garza then interrupted.

Miz said he knows Edge is waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, but Miz is more of a strategic person. He then told Edge his plan: Wrestlemania cash in. This led Edge to reminding Miz that he was the man to put the Money In The Bank briefcase on the map. Edge also knows that once he wins at Wrestlemania he will need eyes in the back of his head. While Edge is keeping three champions on high alert, Miz just gave away his plan.

Edge warned the Miz to focus on the Elimination Chamber and Bad Bunny. While Miz is content with being awesome, Edge has already done that. Now it is time for Edge to see his story through and become champion once again.

We then took another commercial break.

Damian Priest defeated Angel Garza via Pinfall (Reckoning)

Bad Bunny truly is having the time of his life out there. While he was in Priest’s corner, Bunny was able to cause Miz and Morrison to get ejected from ringside! For the second week in a row, Bunny and Priest were able to outsmart Miz and Morrison.

After the match we went backstage where Drew McIntyre was being interviewed. McIntyre in regards to the Elimination Chamber match said that its Wrestlemania season and he has learned to expect the unexpected. As for Sheamus? All he had to do was ask for a title shot. Things are a bit crazy, but McIntyre dares everyone to come at him.

Riddle made his entrance to the ring as we went to another commercial break.

Keith Lee defeated Riddle via Pinfall (Spirit Bomb)
Lana defeated Nia Jax in a Tables Match
Naomi defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall (Roll up)
Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre via DQ

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