WWE: RAW Results – “IN YOUR FACE” | September 14th 2020

Tonight’s RAW sees Drew McIntyre face off against Keith Lee. While Mickie James tries to win her 7th Women’s Championship.

The show opens with commentary, consisting of Michael Cole, Bryon Saxton, and Dolph Ziggler, hyping up the show.

Then Drew McIntyre made his entrance to the Thunderdome. A video promo going through McIntyre’s history with Randy Orton was then shown.

McIntyre said that Orton may have broken his jaw, but he’s back. While McIntyre is lucky it wasn’t worse, he said Orton is lucky his head is still attached to his body after last week. Then McIntyre gave us a medical update on himself, medical personnel suggested he take some time off to heal. If McIntyre were to take their advice he would have to relinquish the WWE Championship.

McIntyre then acknowledged that both Orton and himself have been taking rides in ambulances recently. He then proposed that at Clash of Champions he defends the WWE Championship against Randy Orton in an Ambulance Match! Although that could be wishful thinking because Orton may not make it to Clash.

McIntyre then talked a bit about how the Claymore Kick became one of the most deadly maneuvers in WWE. A photo was shown on the tron of victims to the Claymore. Adam Pearce then interrupted.

Pearce said the extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown and he may not be able to face McIntyre in any kind of WWE Championship match. So McIntyre’s match for Keith Lee now has more weight to it. If Lee defeats McIntyre, Lee will go on to face McIntyre at Clash of Champions.

Then Keith Lee’s music hit. The two men shake hands, but Lee pulled McIntyre back. We went to commercial with the two men in a stare down.

Back from commercial, we got the entrance of the RAW Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits.

During Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance a promo video from earlier in the day was shown. In it the Smackdown Tag Team Champions said they would ruin the perception that the Street Profits are the best tag team in WWE.

The Street Profits defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall (Cash Out)

Cesaro began this match going after Angelo Dawkins with an upper cut, which Dawkins certainly wasn’t expecting. Cesaro and Nakamura held control of the match for most of the match, but Dawkins and Ford are smart. The RAW Tag Team Champions made an excellent tag just when Cesaro thought he had the match won. Cash Out and the Street Profits have the bragging rights.

The commentary talked up Asuka versus Mickie James. A video about James was then shown.

Backstage Lana was complaining to Angel Garza about Mickie James getting a title opportunity when it should be Natalya. As Garza was giving Lana a response, Zelina Vega and Andrade showed up.

Zelina was upset about Garza walking out on Andrade two weeks in a row and costing them tag team championship opportunities. Garza said he was tired of being yelled at and blamed for every set back. He pointed out that last week Andrade got beat, not him. Then Garza and Andrade got in a screaming match. Zelina stepped in and said she couldn’t do this anymore.

We went to commercial as Garza and Andrade shoved each other.

Back from commercial we saw the Mysterio Family backstage.

Then back at ringside The Hurt Business made their entrance. A video was shown on how Cedric Alexander came to join The Hurt Business.

MVP got on the mic and gave an official announcement from The Hurt Business: Business is booming! Bobby Lashley is in full control of the United States Championship. While Shelton Benjamin is now platinum status.

As for Cedric Alexander? Well after talking to his attorney he is now an official member of The Hurt Business. Alexander then said this is his job and he will do what he has to, to succeed. He said the WWE Universe didn’t understand that being with Ricochet and Apollo Crews left him broken.

Before Alexander could continue, Crews and Ricochet interrupted. Crews said that they treated Alexander like a brother. He went on to say that Alexander was weak minded and got manipulated by MVP and now has to deal with those consequences.

When Crews tried to say they always had his back, Alexander interrupted. Alexander said he took so many beatings on Crews’ behalf when he was United States Champion.

Ricochet got a bit emotional. He said Alexander turning his back on him hurt more than anything The Hurt Business has done. Now though, if Alexander thought The Hurt Business attacking him was bad, well now Crews and Ricochet are after him.

Cedric Alexander defeated Ricochet via Pinfall (Lumbar Check)

During the match, Crews took out Shelton Benjamin and then was attacked by Bobby Lashley. Before Lashley did too much damage to Crews, Erik came out and brawled with him. With the playing field a bit more level, Ricochet gave a valiant effort, but the new aggressive side to Alexander was too much.

After Alexander’s victory the lights went out and Retribution’s logo began to appear. Retribution was then shown on the tron. The first person to speak said they were a product of empty promises. They once trusted, but now walk with eyes wide open.

Another member of the group said when you show loyalty to an entity that casts people aside like garbage, you become garbage. They all thought their time at the Performance Center would lead them to fame, but they won’t suck up to the machine. Retribution is there to gut reality.

Back in the ring The Hurt Business was waiting for Retribution to show up.

Backstage Sarah Schreiber interviewed Mickie James. James talked about how much she loves the business. James said it is clear that she has always had what it takes to be RAW Women’s Champion. She said that what is fueling her tonight is knowing this could be her last chance at it.

Asuka made her entrance as we went to another commercial break.

Returning from break, Adam Pearce was yelling at security. The Hurt Business showed up and MVP said it was time to upgrade security. MVP isn’t concerned about Retribution because of who is in The Hurt Business. Pearce finally agreed and thanked them for volunteering. The Hurt Business laughed as the walked off.

Asuka defeated Mickie James via Referee Stopage

The match had a big fight feel to it. Both women brought it and made it super entertaining to watch. James actually caught Asuka in a submission at one point! A great match was unfortunately ruined by an odd ending. Asuka had James in the Asuka Lock, but James rolled over. The official announcement was James could no longer continue the match.

Zelina Vega made her way to the ring after the match. Vega said had been thinking about her future. She said that Asuka has been so focused on the superstars of the past, that she has forgotten about Zelina Vega. Vega said she was ready for the RAW Women’s Championship. A slap to the RAW Women’s Champion and then Vega left.

Charly Caruso then interviewed Keith Lee backstage. Lee said he knew the opportunity to face Drew McIntyre may come. The goal to be WWE Champion is a goal that drives everyone. While McIntyre will do whatever it takes to stay WWE Champion, Lee said he will do what he must to become WWE Champion. Then we went to commercial.

Bobby Lashley defeated Erik via Submission (Full Nelson, Hurt Lock)

MVP joined commentary for this match. Erik delivered some devastating knees to Lashley, but it wasn’t enough. Lashley got the submission locked in and it didn’t take long for Erik to submit.

Kevin Owens was then interviewed backstage. KO said he doesn’t know why Aleister Black has a vendetta against him. He could have said something during the KO Show a couple weeks ago, or Hot Topic wouldn’t honor his coupon code, or maybe no one cared enough to pick a fight with him. KO could care less about the why, he is just worried about how. How the beating he gives Black tonight reminds him everyday about what happens when you pick a fight with KO.

When KO walked away, Aleister Black showed up in the shot.

Back at ringside the ring crew was setting up the steal cage, then we went to commercial break.

Returning from break, Braun Strowman showed up at RAW Underground. Strowman said he was pissed off and told Shane McMahon to get out of his way.

We then went back to last week and what happened between Murphy and Dominik Mysterio.

Then backstage we saw Seth Rollins preparing for his match, when Murphy came into the locker room. Rollins said he had been waiting for Murphy. He said last week is in the past and tonight is an opportunity. Rollins said it is the perfect opportunity to teach Dominik and the world a lesson.

He asked Murphy if he was ready for his role tonight because it is important. Rollins then slapped Murphy and put him against the lockers. He told Murphy his job was to stay backstage so Rollins didn’t have to deal with him. Another slap to Murphy for good measure and Rollins was gone.

When we returned from commercial we were informed that Mandy Rose has been traded to Monday Night RAW.

Then Charly Caruso interviewed the Mysterio family before the steel cage match. Dominik said if he wants to follow his dreams and in his dad’s footsteps he can’t back down from any challenges. Rey said that he is more concerned than Dom in this moment. He said the family will be out there to support him, but once Dom is walks into the cage he is on his own. Then again so is Seth, so maybe Seth should be concerned about Dom.

Seth Rollins defeated Dominik Mysterio via Pinfall (Curb Stomp)

Dominik started off the match well with a side Russian leg sweep and a quick attempt at an escape. Murphy though didn’t stay in the back and got a kendo stick to Rollins. The landscape of the match completely changed. Coming back from a commercial, Domink somehow got control back in the match. Murphy became a factor yet again, but not in Rollins’ favor as he shut the steel cage door in his face. Dominik’s attempted to win via Frog Splash, but Rollins came back with TWO Curb Stomps.

After his victory, Rollins attacked Murphy! It had seemed like Rollins was ready to welcome Murphy back as a disciple, but being slammed with the steel door set him off. Rollins threw Murphy into the barricades and the steel cage.

Before Rollins left he told Angie Mysterio that he hoped Aliyah turned out better then Dominik. Angie and Aliyah then went to check on Dominik. Before Aliyah got in the ring though, she checked on Murphy.

RAW Underground time! Dolph Ziggler was fighting first and made quick of his first opponent. Then Riddick Moss got in the ring. Moss and Ziggler had a nice back and forth until….Braun Strowman took them both out.

Then Commercial break.

Back from break, Drew McIntyre was interviewed. McIntyre said last week he could have picked any moment to attack, but he didn’t until Randy Orton hit Keith Lee with the RKO. McIntyre said he wasn’t saying Lee wouldn’t have kicked out, but Orton is a 13 time champion. Then Keith Lee strolled up.

Lee didn’t like what McIntyre was saying. He reminded McIntyre that the match he didn’t interfere in, Lee defeated Orton. Lee thinks McIntyre is afraid of what would happen if he defeats him tonight.

McIntyre laughed it off, but after a few more words between the two a brawl broke out.

We then saw Titus O’Neil get let into RAW Underground. Back inside RAW Underground, Braun Strowman is destroying everyone who stepped into the ring.

Titus O’Neil actually took Strowman down, but The Monster Among Men choked him out.

Aleister Black attacked Kevin Owens from behind and then we went to commercial.

Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black via Pinfall (Stunner)

Kevin Owens never stops fighting. Black focused on Owens’ injured leg, which made it difficult for Owens to stand. The lights flickered momentarily and Black was distracted. The distraction allowed KO to hit the Stunner, even when it seemed like KO wouldn’t be able to finish the match.

Backstage McIntyre and Keith Lee continued fighting backstage. Adam Pearce yelled at them that if they didn’t stop he would cancel their match. Then we went to another commercial break.

Back from break, the Riott Squad made their entrance. They also had a promo video play during their entrance, where Ruby said Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler’s partnership is only held together because of the tag titles.

Riott Squad defeated Lana and Natayla via Pinfall

Although Natalya tried to gain the upper hand by attacking Liv Morgan at the beginning of the match, it didn’t work. Liv and Ruby used a double team move on Lana to gain the victory.

After the match, Nia and Shayna entered the ring and attacked Lana and Nattie. Samoan Drop to Lana on the announcer’s table!

Before commercial we saw Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre walking backstage.

Braun Strowman squared off with Dabba Kato at RAW Underground when we returned. Shane McMahon stopped the men from fighting though. Apparently we will see them fight next week.

Drew McIntyre versus Keith Lee ended in a no contest

The match was exactly what you’d expect from the two big men. They know each other well and it was a competitive back and forth match up….that is until Retribution showed up!

Retribution surrounded the ring and then attacked the WWE Champion and Keith Lee. The two men didn’t stand much of a chance against the many members of Retribution.

The Hurt Business did make good on their promise to go after Retribution. MVP, Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin took the fight to Retribution. This gave time for McIntyre and Lee to recover. The two men hit huge dives to the outside and were the only ones left standing as RAW came to a close.

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