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WWE: RAW Results | July 19th 2021 – The Summer of Cena

The fallout from what took place at the WWE Money in the Bank 2021 PPV. Charlotte Flair has regained possession on the Raw Women’s Championship, her 13th Championship and Nikki A.S.H is the new Ms Money in the Bank. Meanwhile, the All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley completely decimated Kofi Kingston and literally smashed his hopes of becoming the two-time WWE Champion whilst Big E became Mr Money in the Bank.

Oh, and John Cena showed up… Welcome to the Summer of Cena!

We began RAW with John Cena! Cena wanted to get all the crowd hyped and gave a shout out to a young child celebrating a birthday! He then let us know that he missed us and he missed being in a WWE ring.

Cena loved how loud the crowd was, he said the WWE Universe is the biggest WWE Superstar. Tonight is deafening loud and electric according to the 16-time champion. While he let us know he probably will wear his Peacemaker costume to the Suicide Squad premiere, he also wanted to explain his actions from last night.

Cena said he ruined the championship celebration of Roman Reigns and it brought a lot of questions. Who brought Cena back to the WWE? The WWE Universe of course and Roman Reigns. What is Cena here for? The WWE Universal Championship? When? Summerslam. Why? Cena said he could tell you about the history of Summerslam and the history making, record breaking 17th championship win, but its not about that.

“It’s because Roman Reigns is an asshole.” Cena believes Reigns needs to be knocked down a peg. He said the pathetic Roman Reigns experience has gone on long enough. Cena then went on to say that Reigns is arrogant, self absorbed, overhyped, overprotected, and overexposed gimmick that is not as over as he says he is. Yes, coming from Cena!

There’s a saying that if you’re good, you’ll tell everyone. If you’re good you’ll demand everyone acknowledge you. Then Cena called upon the Dallas crowd to make some noise. Cena finished the rest of the saying: if you’re great, they tell you. He said he would be at Smackdown Friday and he can’t wait to see Reigns.

Then Cena said it was time to get to business and Riddle’s music hit. The two said ‘Bro!’ a lot before Cena left and we took a commercial break.

Riddle and The Viking Raiders defeated John Morrison, AJ Styles, and Omos via Pinfall (The Viking Experience)

Riddle and Styles began the match. Styles made a tag to Morrison after Riddle rocked him with a kick and back body drop. Morrison seemed to have an answer for some of Riddle’s moves, but Riddle hit an exploder suplex to keep control of the match.

Ivar then tagged into the match. The Viking Raiders then made some quick tags to keep Morrison down. When Riddle tagged back into the match, Morrison was able to escape and tag in Styles. Then we got a bit of chaos where Morrison tried to hit a move on Ivar over the ropes, but he was caught. Then The Viking Raiders took Morrison out. Riddle came over to celebrate, but Styles took the opportunity, with a little help from Omos, to hit a senton over the ropes to the outside to take out the competition.

In the end, Riddle used one of the drip sticks on Omos and blamed it on The Miz! Morrison tried to defuse the situation but got tossed back in the ring for his troubles. Styles then got in the middle of Omos and Miz, which left Morrison all alone in the ring and well, he really had no chance to win the match on his own.

For some reason, after the match the cameras went to Jaxson Ryker who just stared at the camera. Then we went to a video recapping what has been happening between Ryker and Elias. Back to Ryker, he told us to wait to see what he does to Elias tonight. It was weird. Then we went to a commercial break.

Returning from break we got a hype video, or more of a reminder video I guess, for next year’s Wrestlemania in Texas.

Then we saw Elias in the ring, ready to play a song. Of course he was interrupted by Ryker who said after tonight we will never have to hear the words Hello, I am Elias again.

Jaxon Ryker defeated Elias via Pinfall (Superplex through two tables)

Welcome to another Symphony of Destruction match y’all. The ring was surrounded by all sorts of musical instruments. We had a piano, a cello, drums, guitars, and my personal favorite a gong!

Ryker began the match off strong, but was soon thrown to the outside by Elias. Although Elias tossed him to the outside, Ryker grabbed a keyboard and halted Elias’ momentum. Then the drums came into play.

Eventually we got to the point of using the piano. At first the two tried to throw each other into the piano, but Elias was able to stop Ryker from putting his head through the piano. Elias was then able to toss Ryker into the piano and went for a quick cover. Ryker kicked out though. Then Elias got the cello involved by lifting it high above his head and just smashing it on to Ryker’s back.

In the end though, Ryker was able to superplex Elias off the top rope and through two tables on the outside of the ring! Ryker somehow was able to have the mindset and roll over to get the pin.

After a commercial break we returned to the entrance of the new RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Flair said it felt good to be the champion again. She said while the last year and a half hasn’t been kind to anyone, adversity brings opportunity. Flair said she is the opportunity that everyone has been begging for.

She said Rhea Ripley is an opportunist. Flair doesn’t have to take a page out of anyone’s book because she wrote the book. Ripley can do as many moves of her’s as she wants but she will never live up to the original. Flair then gloated about the amount of congratulatory texts she has been receiving. Now Flair is the only 11-time Women’s Champion in WWE.

Back to Ripley, Flair said she had her opportunity and failed. She beat Ripley last night and could beat her any day of the week.

Enter Rhea Ripley.

Once Ripley entered the ring, the crowd began to chant for her. Ripley then said if Flair thinks she can beat her any night of the week, how about tonight then. Flair reminded her that she took her title last night and left Ripley holding her knee in pain. For Ripley’s sake, Flair declined the match.

Then Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville entered the picture. They pointed out the fact that Flair said she could beat Ripley any night of the week. So if Ripley is up for it, well so should Flair. Pearce made the rematch official for later tonight.

We then saw highlights from the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match from last night.

Then we saw Alexa Bliss on her playground. She said she had a special guest for tonight and said she would see us soon.

Natalya and Tamina made their entrance to the ring before another commercial break.

Natalya and Tamina defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax via Pinfall (Superkick)

When we returned from commercial the match had already begun. Jax had taken Tamina out of the picture for the time being. So the former champions put their focus on Nattie.

Unfortunately in the end, Reginald caused a distraction which caused Jax and Baszler to lose the match.

After the match Baszler said she was sick of it. They had been an unstoppable tag team, but since Reginald joined them things have gone down hill. While it looked like Jax wasn’t in agreement because she was hugging Reginald, she wound up head butting Reggie!

As Reginald sat in the ring in disbelief, the 24/7 Champion crew made their way to the ring. Akira Tozawa was able to run away from everyone, but Reginald.

Reginald is the new 24/7 Champion

Sheamus made his entrance to the ring and we took a commercial break.

When we returned to RAW, we found out that Karrion Kross will be making his RAW debut tonight.

Sheamus defeated Humberto Carrillo via Pinfall (Brogue Kick)

After Sheamus missed a clothesline, Carrillo took over the match. When it looked like Sheamus was taking a breather on the outside, Carrillo showed no mercy. He did a baseball slide kick through the ropes and then hit Sheamus with a crossbody to the outside.

Getting the action back in the ring, Sheamus tried to suplex Carrillo back in the ring, but he blocked it. A crossbody off the top rope got Carrillo a two count. Carrillo was really impressive in the beginning of the match, even utilizing Sheamus’ new face protector against him, but unfortunately it didn’t last.

Sheamus hit Carrillo with a powerbomb on the apron! This helped give Sheamus control of the match for a bit. Carrillo really gave it his all in this one, but Sheamus just played the game a bit smarter. After Carrillo punched Sheamus’ mask, which seemed to hurt him, Sheamus caught him with the Brogue Kick.

We then saw highlights from the WWE Championship match last night. MVP and Bobby Lashley made their entrance to the ring and we went to another commercial break.

Returning from break Lashley got the mic. Lashley said he did all the talking he needs to do in this ring when he destroyed Kofi Kingston last night. No more talking, but Lashley passed the mic over to MVP so I guess talking is still happening.

MVP said the people in attendance are lucky, especially in Dallas since they haven’t seen a winner in many years. After messing with the crowd, MVP admitted that Kofi Kingston got some things right: Lashley did lose his edge. MVP apologized to Lashley. Going forward though, anyone who gets in the ring with Lashley will be faced with annihilation.

Lashley then asked who was going to answer his open challenge.


Bobby Lashley defeated Keith Lee via Pinfall (Spear)

Well this outcome made me upset, but it was so good to finally see Keith Lee back in the ring again. Lee looked great and was just as quick and agile as he always is. Lashley actually seemed thrown off by Lee in the beginning of the match.

When the match went outside of the ring, Lee was able to smash Lashley into the ring post. Lashley did recover though and hit a spear to Lee on the outside. When the match got back in the ring, Lashley attempted to put Lee in The Hurt Lock, but Lee wasn’t having that. Instead Lashley hit a chokeslam and another spear to put the match away.

After his victory, well Goldberg came out. Goldberg walked right up to Lashley and said he was next.

Jeff Hardy defeated Karrion Kross via Pinfall

NO MORE WORDS IS BACK!!! Which I had thought was going to be the highlight of this match, but Hardy’s got tricks y’all. Although Kross seemed to be dominating the veteran, Hardy still found a way to get a Twist of Fate. While he missed the Swanton, Hardy was able to avoid an elbow to the skull. The two went to the corner and Hardy hit a powerbomb into a pin! With his feet on the ropes, Hardy got the victory!

Rhea Ripley defeated Charlotte Flair via DQ

Ripley seemed to not let her injured knee bug her, at least in the beginning of the match. There was some good back and forth between the two women. Ripley even locked Flair in a Figure Four! Flair was able to reverse the pressure though, but did not escape Ripley’s wrath. Ripley was able to hit Riptide, but Flair was too close to the ropes and got her foot up before the count of three.

Flair got frustrated and grabbed her title ready to just leave. Ripley of course went to stop her and got a face full of the RAW Women’s title.

Nikki A.S.H defeated Charlotte Flair to become the new RAW Women’s Champion

CASH IN!! Nikki took advantage of Ripley attacking Flair after their match and decided it was the perfect time to cash in. While Flair was down on the mat, Nikki climbed to the top rope. After the bell rung, Nikki hit Flair with a crossbody!

We ended RAW with Nikki A.S.H celebrating her victory!

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