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WWE RAW Results | July 20th 2020

The Big Show finally got his opportunity at Randy Orton and we got the fall out from Extreme Rules.

The show opened with a recap of what occurred at Extreme Rules, with significant replay of the Eye for an Eye match.

After our Extreme Rules recap, Seth Rollins and Murphy made their way to the ring. As they made their way to the ring, Tom Phillips gave us an update on Rey Mysterio’s condition; which was basically the same as last night, he should be able to keep his vision.

Rollins finally got the mic and explained what happened to Mysterio last night. While Rollins said he understood the stipulation going into the match, he said what happened will stay with him forever. He went on to say that it was difficult for him. Rollins asked the WWE Universe if they regret what they have done to him. Apparently what happened to Rey Mysterio is all our fault guys.

Rollins then went on to remind us that Mysterio asked for this stipulation. According to Rollins, actions have consequences. Now it is time to leave the past behind, out of sight out of mind. With Mysterio out of the way, Monday Night RAW can finally fulfill it’s potential.

Cue Aleister Black. Black wasn’t buying anything coming out of Rollins’ mouth. He said he was here to rectify everything and then tried to get to the ring. Murphy stopped him and the two men brawled while Rollins yelled directions from the ring.

We went to commercial with Rollins running from the ring as Black finally got into the ring.

Seth Rollins defeated Aleister Black via Pinfall (Curb Stomp)

A competitive match up. During the match Black suffered an injury to his arm, which he tried to fight through. He hit Rollins with the Black Mass, and one to Murphy for good measure, but unfortunately could not drag Rollins from the ropes for a cover.

After the match, Murphy and Rollins stayed on the attack of Black. According to Samoa Joe, they had a point to prove or rather to make Black an example. Throughout the attack, Rollins asked how Black’s arm was. Rollins and Murphy then continued attacking his arm, smashing it against the ring post and announcer’s table. The final blow was a curb stomp to Black’s arm, on top of the announcer’s table cover.

Commentary then took as to a recap of how MVP believes he became the United States Champion. Then we went backstage where MVP and Bobby Lashley were with Ron Simmons. Simmons asked them to think about what he told them, apparently there is a better way.

After Simmons left, MVP called over R-Truth. Truth was skeptical of the meeting and brought a pan, ya know just in case. He complimented MVP’s title, but said it was a replica and that Apollo Crews is still champion. This led to…..

Shelton Benjamin defeated R-Truth to become the NEW 24/7 Champion

Benjamin came from behind and kicked Truth right in the face.

MVP then gave Benjamin an offer to join them in the ring, which he took. Lashley, MVP, and the new 24/7 Champ made their way to the ring as we went to another commercial.

Back from commercial, commentary informed us that Apollo Crews is still the United States Champion. MVP is in the ring and had the mic and doesn’t seem to care that he actually is not the US Champion. He went on to say that his victory was a foregone conclusion, whether Crews showed up or not.

Then MVP said a few things about Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, his opponents in a tag team match. Ricochet and Alexander came out and said they just see a coward that holds a championship he didn’t earn. Ricochet called MVP a chump and let him know that him and Alexander will be champions in WWE again on their own terms.

MVP said they are just kids that should still be sitting in catering. He then gave them the option, since Crews wasn’t gonna show up, to pick any two of them to face tonight. Ricochet and Alexander interrupted and said they do have a friend, one who is making their return to RAW. That friend? Mustafa Ali!!

Before going to another commercial Ali, Ricochet, and Alexander took out Lashley with beautiful super kicks. Then they took over the ring, leaving MVP and his boys stunned.

Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Ricochet defeated MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall (450 Splash)

Although the team of Ali, Alexander, and Ricochet were being dominanted for a good majority of the match….their quickness helped them out. Thankfully it was a happy return for Ali as he got the winning pin.

After the mat we heard from Randy Orton. Orton asked if we ever thought about the moments that have changed your life. He said some might think he is referring to when he joined Evolution or had his match with Mick Foley, but those aren’t what he is talking about. Orton is talking about the moment, 175 days ago, when he hit Edge with a steel chair.

The friendships Orton thought were etched in stone, are gone. He said a moment that brought so many people pain, made Orton feel fantastic. Tonight, Orton said he would enjoy ending Big Show’s career once and for all. Then we went to another commercial.

Back from commercial, Ron Simmons is hanging backstage with the Viking Raiders. After, a video showing highlights of Big Show’s career was shown.

Once the video was over, Samoa Joe had an interview with Christian via satellite. Christian said he knew what he was getting himself into last month, but wasn’t expecting Ric Flair’s involvement. He also said that he will never look at Orton or Flair the same ever again. Actually Christian said he wasn’t sure he’d ever be the same again.

Christian said Big Show has people to root him on tonight and that he can’t wait to watch him knock Orton out cold.

Backstage Bianca Belair was interviewed. Belair said last week she wanted to show up and show out, while helping Ruby Riott out last week. Then Peyton Royce showed up. Royce told Belair she was the dumbest for getting involved in the IIconics business.

Ruby Riott and reminded Royce what happened last week, before acknowledging the absence of Billie Kay. Royce said Billie was handling business and it was none of their beeswax. Then Royce gave Belair advice about watching herself around Riott before she became like Liv Morgan.

Ruby Riott defeated Peyton Royce via Pinfall (Riott Kick)

Finally Riott is back in the win column. It was a decent showing for the two women, with Riott getting in a bunch of offense.

After a recap of what has been happening with Angel Garza and Andrade, Charly Caruso caught up with them for an interview….oh, Zelina Vega as well. Vega took over the interview and her boys have been on the same page. She went on to say that maybe Garza and Andrade would win via countout because the champions may be too scared to show up.

As Garza was going to speak, the Street Profits attacked them from behind! To another commercial we went!

The Street Profits defeated Angel Garza and Andrade via Pinfall (Frog Splash)

Montez Ford is a beast, after getting the tag from Dawkins he just took off with move after move. Garza and Andrade seemed to be on the same page, but that didn’t stop the Street Profits from getting the victory. Ford transitioned in mid air on the Frog Splash, it was beautiful.

A recap of what went down in the controversial RAW Women’s Championship match last night was shown.

Returning from a break, Zelina Vega was yelling at Andrade and Garza. She said they blew their opportunity at taking over the division yet again. Vega was not happy about having to fix their problems again.

Back at ringside we got the entrance of Bayley Dos Straps and Two Belts Banks, or so she thinks. Mike Rome did NOT announce Sasha Banks as the RAW Women’s Champion.

After their introductions, the crowd at the PC showed them no love. Banks decided to address the issue up front. She said last night she fought for the championship, unlike Asuka who the championship was handed to (Becky Lynch leaving and all that). Banks then said Bayley just borrowed the ref’s shirt because someone had to officiate her match.

Bayley said as a role model, when she saw Banks with the cover on Asuka she had to make a split second decision or what she called the “right” thing. Banks said that the crowd didn’t need to understand, but they need to get her and Bayley hold ALL THE GOLD!

Asuka couldn’t let them get away with it though, as Kairi Sane and her made their way to ringside. Asuka was not ready for a thief and wants her title. As the Kabuki Warriors make their way to the ring, they are stopped by Stephanie McMahon’s appearance on the tron.

Steph congratulated the Golden Role Models on being the Women’s Tag Team Champions. She even congratulated Bayley on being the Smackdown Women’s Champion, but not Sasha. Steph actually said the RAW Women’s Championship last night was a horror show. While Sasha believed she won at Exreme Rules, Steph had a different opinion. Next week, Asuka will take on Sasha Banks to determine who the rightful RAW Women’s Champion is. Steph made it clear that if a certain role model gets involved next week, Sasha will lose.

Before break, the Kabuki Warriors attacked the champs.

Kairi Sane defeated Bayley via Pinfall

If this truly is Sane’s last time on RAW, it was good to see her end it on a high note. Match was a tad back and forth, but Sane didn’t give up…even when Bayley made her arm the target. Even with pain in her arm Kairi did hit the Insane elbow, Bayley just happened to get her foot on the rope. Asuka’s happiness when Kairi did get the victory was awesome.

Mid match, Shayna Baszler was interviewed backstage. Baszler compared her interest in the match to a shark when they find prey in the water.

Drew McIntyre was asked about his condition after Extreme Rules. He said he felt like he had fallen down seven flights of stairs, but he was glad to still be champion. McIntyre then said he was on his way to the ring to address his future.

In the ring, McIntyre gave credit to Dolph Ziggler for the stipulation he chose last night. He went on to say he wanted a worthy opponent next, as he is done with Ziggler.

Of course, Dolph Ziggler couldn’t let things go and his music hit. Apparantly last night Ziggler saw fear in McIntyre. McIntyre cut him off and said he just beat him last night, couldn’t figure out why Ziggler would be out there now.

Ziggler said he was so close to having his moment last night and becoming champion. McIntyre couldn’t believe Ziggler was searching for another match and told him he felt bad for him. He went to leave, but Ziggler tried to grab him…GLASGOW KISS!

As McIntyre walked up the ramp, Ziggler recovered and got the mic. Ziggler said he deserved the match and McIntyre could pick the stipulation or whatever he wanted. He had McIntyre’s attention. McIntyre said he’ll pick the stipulation and accepted.

Pulling a Dolph Ziggler, McIntyre said he would make him wait until right before the bell rings. Turn about is fair play.

Then we heard from the Big Show. Show listed off the things Randy Orton has been able to accomplish this year. He said he knows the risk he is taking with this match. Show once hoped that the Legend Killer would never show back up, but here we are.

He talked about the bond he shared with Orton, but said Orton cannot change the cards he has been dealt or his stripes. Show ended his promo by saying this may be the end of the line for him, but “this old tiger will do anything and everything to make sure Randy Orton doesn’t write the end of my story.”

Randy Orton defeated The Big Show via Pinfall (RKO)

Show started off the match well, but when he went to go get a table he was attacked by Andrade and Angel Garza. Thankfully the Viking Raiders made the save before any real damage could have been done.

Show went for a Vader Bomb at one point, but Orton was able to move out of the way and caused Show to land on a table. This spelled the beginning of the end for Show. A vintage Orton DDT, led to the RKO and the victory.

Of course Orton couldn’t let that be the end of it. Those voices in his head must be real loud because after the match Orton set up for the punt. There was no way Show was getting out of the way. We ended RAW with the Legend Killer yelling in Show’s ear, “one more legend down.”

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