WWE: RAW Results | May 24th 2021 | Riddle Me This, Bro

Last week Kofi Kingston pinned the WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley. This week sees Xavier Woods take on Riddle.

We began Monday Night RAW with MVP in the ring. He then brought out the WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley. Then we saw a video of what happened last week. The video included Kofi Kingston pinning Lashley, with some help from Drew McIntyre.

After being caught up on what happened last week, MVP asked for a round of applause for Lashley. Then MVP said it was an exciting night and hyped up WWE going back on the road in July. MVP then talked about the dark cloud that is hanging over them, ya know Drew McIntyre.

Lashley said he beat McIntyre at Wrestlemania and then again at Wrestlemania Backlash. He said if it were up to him, he would move on from McIntyre. MVP said they have tried to move on from McIntyre, which they thought they did with the open challenge last week.

Enter Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre said they shouldn’t look so surprised to see him. He said his business is getting the WWE Championship back. If it wasn’t for MVP, McIntyre said he would have beat Lashley at Wrestlemania. He told Lashley not to look at MVP, because he thinks Lashley wants to prove that he is the number one superstar on RAW. To do that though he has to defeat McIntyre.

After a little back and forth, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods made their way to the ring. Kingston said they were making incredible points, but don’t forget he pinned the WWE Champion last week. Lashley asked if Kingston thanked McIntyre yet. McIntyre said he was welcome.

Kingston didn’t like the insinuation that if McIntyre wasn’t out there he wouldn’t have won. He said he accepted the open challenge because he never got a rematch for the WWE Championship. Since McIntyre knows a thing or two about rematches, Kingston asked him step aside. Kingston pinned Lashley, which is something McIntyre hasn’t done in months.

Adam Pearce then came out and announced that McIntyre and Kingston would have a match tonight. The winner of said match will go on to Hell in a Cell and face Lashley for the WWE Championship. MVP and Lashley seemed to love the idea.

We went to commercial break as MVP, Lashley, and the women who were in the ring left.

Drew McIntyre versus Kofi Kingston ended in a No Contest

The Almighty One had a plan it seemed for this match. As Lashley and MVP watched from atop of the entrance ramp, Kingston and McIntyre were putting on a pretty good match. McIntyre’s power was on full display, but on the flip side Kingston showed off why he has been so good for so long. Kingston had opportunities to show off his high flying abilities and quickness.

Although taking the risk to the outside did cost Kingston. At one point McIntyre slammed Kingston into the apron with an inverted Alabama Slam. After a pin attempt by McIntyre, Lashley pointed at his watch. McIntyre seemed to notice and got up in the corner pointing at Lashley. When we returned from a commercial, Lashley and MVP were sitting with commentary. Kingston went for a crossbody to the outside and took everyone out! Instead of getting a finish to what was a pretty good match, MVP and Lashley attacked both competitors.

Although Lashley and MVP brought the match to an abrupt end, they were the ones who got the worst of the attack. A Claymore Kick for MVP and Trouble In Paradise to Lashley!

We saw footage of Asuka’s match with Charlotte Flair from last week. Then we saw Rhea Ripley and Flair’s interaction from earlier in the day. As they were talking, Nikki Cross came up to them. Cross said she could beat both of them and challenge one of them to have a match with her. Flair, already scheduled for a match, told Cross that even though she could beat her in two minutes..its a no. Ripley accepted the match though, with a two minute time limit apparently.

Rhea Ripley made her entrance to the ring before we went to commercial break.

Returning from break, we got another promo video for Eva Marie’s return.

Nikki Cross defeated Rhea Ripley

Cross was able to last two minutes with the RAW Women’s Champion. Ripley shoved Cross down right away, but Cross kept fighting back. A forearm and jaw breaker to Ripley, gave Cross her big opportunity to pin the champion. Honestly it felt like Ripley did not remember she was in a beat the clock match and the clock ran down.

After Cross celebrated her victory, Charlotte Flair’s music hit. Flair seemed amused that Cross got the victory. Then we took another commercial break.

After seeing what happened in Drew McIntyre’s match with Kofi Kingston, cameras took us backstage. McIntyre walked in Adam Pearce’s office, followed shortly by Kofi Kingston. They were furious and wanted answers from Pearce. Pearce said next week the match will happen again with the same stipulation.

Charlotte Flair defeated Asuka via Pinfall

Yes, we did just see a match between these two women last week. This week the outcome was different. The two longtime rivals began the match in a collar and elbow tie up, both looking to gain control of the match. Asuka looked to get the Asuka Lock in early, but Flair was able to get to the ropes. Eventually Flair targeted Asuka’s knee and began to wear the former champion down.

After some action outside of the ring, Flair was able to counter the Asuka Lock into a pin for the win.

Before another commercial break, a crew member told Bobby Lashley that Adam Pearce wanted to see him.

When we returned from break, Adam Pearce questioned what happened earlier in the night and if that is the kind of champion Lashley wants to be. Lashley doesn’t think McIntyre or Kingston can represent RAW like he does. He said that he interfered to help Pearce out. Pearce explained if MVP or Lashley get involved in the match next week or even go to ringside, they will be suspended 90 days without pay.

A video package showcasing the history between Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander was then shown.

After the video, Shelton Benjamin made his entrance to the ring. Cedric Alexander then made his entrance and grabbed a microphone. He said before the match began he needed to get something off his chest. Alexander said that he and Benjamin had something. They were the RAW Tag Team Champions and apart of The Hurt Business.

MVP took the two in, nobodies as Alexander said, and turned them into something. They got kicked out of The Hurt Business because Benjamin is washed up. The only reason Benjamin became a tag team champion is because Alexander carried the team. Alexander said he has years to make up for past mistakes because he is in his prime. Then Alexander questioned what Benjamin has to show for all his hard work. Last week was a fluke win and Alexander said he learned from it.

Cedric Alexander defeated Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall (Neuralyzer)

Benjamin used his veteran instincts to attempt to teach Alexander a lesson. At first Benjamin was in complete control of the match, he tossed Alexander all over the ring and even into the barricade. Alexander was able to avoid a move, sending Benjamin to the outside or so he thought. Then Alexander thought he caught a break, but Benjamin flipped back in the ring.

In the end, Alexander caught Benjamin in a headlock and as commentary put it seemed to lose it with punches and such. Benjamin did fight out of it, but a thumb to the eye (that the referee did not see) led to Alexander’s victory.

After a look back at what has been going on with Randy Orton and Riddle, Riddle made his entrance to the Thunderdome. Then we took another commercial break.

Riddle defeated Xavier Woods via Pinfall (RKO)

Yes you are reading that correctly, Riddle won a match by using the RKO. The match began with the two men in a lock up in the corner, which did lead to a clean break. This match featured good mat grappling and in my opinion, it was a good showcase of how fantastic Woods is in the ring.

A triangle attempt by Riddle was stopped by Woods thanks to a rope break. Then the action really began to pick up a faster pace. Gut Wrench Suplex by Riddle, then a suplex by Woods! Woods used a lot of strength and Riddle’s momentum to another huge suplex! If you watch any match from tonight, make it this one.

So yes, Riddle won the match, with Randys finisher – Riddle and Randy are an amazing team, currently under the name RKBro.

Can Riddle keep his momentum going?

Jaxson Ryker defeated AJ Styles via Pinfall

Before the match began we found out that Charlotte Flair will face Rhea Ripley at Hell in a Cell for the RAW Women’s Championship. Back to the match we see that Elias and Omos are not at ringside.

Styles began the match with a huge drop kick to Ryker, taking control of the match. Ryker made a quick comeback though with a slingshot suplex. Then Ryker put Styles into a bear hug. Ryker then got tossed to the outside, so Styles went for a dive. As Styles went to toss Ryker back in the ring…a knee from out of nowhere by Elias! Ryker took advantage and pinned the grand slam champion.

Omos made his way down to the ring and pulled Elias out of his hiding spot. He shoved Elias down and then chased him and Ryker to the entrance ramp. Ryker was able to escape, but Elias was thrown into the LED boards by Omos.

Sheamus defeated Humberto Carrillo via Pinfall

Carrillo used a series of forearms to try and get some distance from Sheamus, but it really didn’t work. He was able to stun Sheamus for a bit and send him to the outside though! Suicide dive to the outside, which sent Sheamus into the announcer’s table, but it was not enough to put away the Celtic Warrior. A handful of tights got Sheamus the win.

After the match Sheamus attacked Carrillo again. Ricochet made the save though. Then Ricochet and Carrillo took turns hitting high flying moves on Sheamus. The 450 Splash and Moonsault being two of those moves.

Natalya and Tamina defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax via Pinfall to retain the Women’s Tag Team Championships

Reginald yet again interfered in a match which hurt the team he was trying to help in the first place. Although Reginald began watching the match from the back, he made his way down to the ring as Baszler got tagged back into the match. This caused a distraction which Natalya took advantage of.

Nia and Tamina later in the match began fighting on the outside. This ended with Nia sending Tamina over the barricade with a back body drop! Back in the ring, Reginald had the referee distracted when Baszler had a pin attempt. Baszler got angry and yelled at Reginald to leave. As he was walking back up the ramp, FIRE!! Nattie took advantage and retained for her team.

After the match Baszler checked on Reginald, but then challenged him to meet her in the ring next week!

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