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WWE: RAW Results | November 2nd 2020 – The Viper Strikes Back

After encountering The Fiend last week, what will Randy Orton have in store for the WWE Universe tonight?

Randy Orton opened the show. Orton said that he became a 14 time World Champion eight days ago. He proved eight days ago that he was the best period. He listed off a bunch of legends he is better then, including Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and the Undertaker.

Orton said that he is better than everyone in the locker room who has said Triple H protected him or that management picked him. He said that he is in the position he is because he is the best. Eight days ago he showed the world he is now longer the Legend Killer, but simply a legend.

Then Orton said he welcomed the bullseye on his back and dared any one in the locker room to challenge him. Alexa Bliss’ music then hit. Once Bliss made it into the ring, there was a stare down of sorts between her and Orton, with Orton circling her looking for The Fiend. After a few moments the lights went red, but The Fiend wasn’t the one who came to attack Orton.

Drew McIntyre came out and delivered a Claymore Kick to Orton! He dared Orton to give him his rematch and that he would make Orton’s life hell.

As McIntyre was walking up the entrance ramp, Miz and Morrison snuck out to the ring. Miz wanted to cash in! Unfortunately for Miz, McIntyre came back and prevented a cash in. He said no one else was taking the WWE Championship from Orton, but him. Then we went to commercial break.

When we returned from break, Elias was in the ring attempting to give an acoustic version of his new song Amen. His mini concert was interrupted by Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy defeated Elias in a Guitar on a Pole Match

At one point Hardy was close to grabbing the guitar, not long after the match began, but Elias threw a stool at him! Both men had their chances at grabbing the guitar, but in the end Hardy pulled down the guitar after a Twist of Fate! He hit Elias with the guitar and got the three count.

After the match we saw Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose preparing for their tag team match, which would be after the next break.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose via Submission (Kirifuda Clutch)

Before the match, Lana came out to be ringside while her Survivor Series teammates fought each other. Nia Jax and Dana Brooke started the match, seeing Brooke and Rose execute good teamwork. Unfortunately Lana’s presence proved to be a distraction, causing Brooke to get caught in the Kirifuda Clutch.

Backstage Randy Orton was interviewed by Charly Caruso. Orton thought it was funny how people forgot how easy it is for the hunters to become the haunted. He said Drew McIntyre needed that reminder, with an RKO. Then we went to another commercial break.

Returning from break we got the entrance of R-Truth. Before his match, R-Truth was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. Truth had said he was not out there to have a match with Bobby Lashley, but to have Bobby Boucher sign his water bottle.

Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth via Submission (The Hurt Lock)

Truth tried to just lay down and have Lashley pin him and get the match over with quick, but it was a trick! Unfortunately it didn’t work out in Truth’s favor. After a couple offensive moves from Truth, Lashley took over.

After the match 24/7 Championship rules were back in play. Drew Gulak ran down to the ring, but unfortunately Lashley was still in the ring. Lashley beat up Gulak and then put him on top of Truth.

AND NEW 24/7 Champion….Drew Gulak

Backstage Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik were about to head out to the ring to try and get the 24/7 Championship from Gulak. But they ran into Jordan Omogbehin. Then we went to a commercial break.

When we returned from break Nia Jax was being interviewed. Jax was fed up with Lana. She was upset that Lana was on the Survivor Series team and interfered in her match tonight. Jax then said she would give Lana the opportunity to prove she is a fighter. After tonight Lana’s career, and time on Team RAW, will be over according to Jax.

Back at ringside we got the entrance of AJ Styles and James Omogbehin. Styles got the mic and talked about Smackdown’s Survivor Series team. He told the WWE Universe not to worry because RAW had the advantage…Captain AJ Styles! Styles believed there was no other option for captain, as he is the best of the best.

He then brought out Keith Lee and Sheamus. Styles said he gathered them out there because they are the best of the best. Before he continued, Keith Lee interrupted and said no one agreed to call him captain. Sheamus agreed and said he would never take orders from Styles.

Styles tried to convince them what was at stake. Apparently Styles’ legacy would get a boost if they beat Team Smackdown. Then Braun Strowman entered the picture! Strowman believed he should be on Team RAW! Lee said that Strowman should have to qualify just like every other member.

Strowman then listed his qualifications, which he said proved he should be captain of the team. Then an argument almost started before Adam Pearce appeared. Pearce said he would love to have Strowman on Team RAW, but hasn’t been able to find an opponent for him. Styles then convinced Pearce to make a Triple Threat match!

We went to commercial after Pearce made the match official.

Braun Strowman defeated Sheamus and Keith Lee to become a member of Team RAW at Survivor Series

A wild match which saw two members already apart of Team RAW, try to stop Strowman from qualifying. The steps were used, the barricade destroyed, while these three beat the living hell out of each other.

After the match, AJ Styles tried to get everyone to shake hands and get along. Just when it seemed to work, Sheamus and Strowman hugged, Sheamus hit Strowman with a Brogue Kick. Then Keith Lee pounced Sheamus out of the ring, leaving Styles to kick Lee. Styles then had a freak out about why they all couldn’t get along going into Survivor Series.

Angel Garza cut a promo dedicating a rose to a member of the WWE Universe before we went to commercial break.

Upon returning from break Drew McIntyre was interviewed about his match against Miz and Morrison tonight. Tonight would be a 2 for 1 special on Claymore Kicks. McIntyre also said he would be Orton’s guardian angel. No one else is getting that WWE Championship from Orton, but him.

Then it was time for the Firefly Funhouse. Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt dedicated the episode to the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment. Then Abbey swore, a swear jar was brought out….I’m honestly unsure of what went down during Firefly Funhouse. We saw flashbacks to Orton burning down the house at Wyatt’s compound and said He never forgets. Then Alexa Bliss did, what she called a nifty little trick to close out the Funhouse.

Returning from commercial we got the entrance of Nia Jax. During her entrance Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans got an inset video promo. Royce said there was no way Lana would make it out of this match in one piece. While Evans said the announcers table wouldn’t be in one piece at the end.

During Lana’s entrance she got a video promo as well. She said she would be turning the tables on Jax tonight.

Nia Jax defeated Lana

For the seventh time, Lana got put through a table.

Before a commercial, R-Truth ran into The Hurt Business backstage. Truth quickly thought better of continuing his walk and turned the other way.

Back from commercial break it was time for the VIP Lounge. MVP spoke on Bobby Lashley’s Survivor Series match against Sami Zayn. Lashley’s message to Zayn was simple, at Survivor Series there would be no more playing around and he would put Zayn to sleep.

MVP then began talking about tonight’s business. According to him, they handled WWE’s Retribution problem and are looking for payment. That payment? The RAW Tag Team Championships.

The New Day then made their presence known. Xavier Woods said he was a big fan of Bob Lashley and used to get in trouble for staying up too late watching Lashley’s matches…ya know in the 6th grade. Kofi Kingston then tried to put everyone in The Hurt Business over. Kingston then spoke about how The New Day have also been doing this a long time and doing it well.

The New Day are the most decorated WWE World Tag Team Champions and then Kofi bragged a bit about himself. Kofi has more championships then the entirety of The Hurt Business combined. MVP reminded Kofi that his historic WWE Championship reign was ended by Brock Lesnar in 8 seconds.

Jokes were made at the expense of Lashley, which led to MVP pointing out the differences between the teams. Woods couldn’t believe that The Hurt Business thought they could beat the 10 time, or 9 time (there is confusion there), tag team champions. He said that the only thing The Hurt Business can be compared to is a failing 2020 internet startup, while The New Day could be an internationally traded business at this point.

We then went to break.

The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin) defeated The New Day (Lateral Press)

A fast paced, competitive match up. Lots of good back and forth action, that gave each man a chance to shine. Woods for a bit really stepped up for The New Day, taking the fight to both Alexander and Benjamin. Kofi when in the match pulled off some impressive offense. While Benjamin and Alexander were able to show they could be a legitimate tag team.

Backstage Nikki Cross tried to talk to Alexa Bliss. Cross wanted answers as to why Bliss has been ignoring her. She assumed The Fiend is the reason Bliss has been shutting her out. Cross told Bliss she is stronger than letting someone else make her decisions for her. By this point Bliss still hadn’t acknowledged Cross’ presence, when she finally turned around we saw Bliss had on some scary contacts. Then we went to break.

When we returned Mustafa Ali was walking to ringside to watch Ricochet versus Tucker.

Ricochet defeated Tucker via Pinfall (Recoil)

Quick matchup, which apparently was made because Ricochet confronted Tucker about what he did to Otis. Tucker got in little offense, while Ricochet just took over.

After the match, Ali got on the ring apron. Then the rest of Retribution joined him at ringside. T-Bar came up behind Ricochet and threw him out of the ring. Then Retribution began attacking Tucker!

After they finished with Tucker, Retribution turned back to Ricochet. Ricochet tried to fight back, but it was no use. Before T-Bar and Mace hit Ricochet with a Double Chokeslam, Ali told Ricochet that no sin is forgiven until it is punished.

Backstage Sheamus tried to convince Drew McIntyre to join Team RAW at Survivor Series. They could reform the Celtic Connection! While McIntyre said nothing would make him happier than fighting with Sheamus side by side, he was focused on Randy Orton. Sheamus understood and told him if he changed his mind to call him.

We got the entrance of Miz and Morrison before we went to another commercial break.

Drew McIntyre defeated Miz and Morrison via Pinfall (Claymore)

Miz and Morrison did their best. Morrison pulled off some impressive moves against the big Scottish man, but most pin attempts ended with McIntyre kicking out at 1! McIntyre at one point slammed Morrison on top of Miz. An entertaining match up!

We ended RAW with Randy Orton hitting Drew McIntyre with a RKO and the Fiend’s laughter looming over the Thunderdome.

Paige Brearley
Paige Brearley
'We want you to stand out here in front of the world, and we want them to hear Triple H's words come out of your mouth. We are going to listen to every word, and then we're gonna beat the hell out of you.' - Dean Ambrose
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