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WWE: RAW Results | November 30th 2020 – Triple Threat Sudden Death!

Tonight we find out who will be Drew McIntyre’s next opponent.

Alexa Bliss is in the ring after we watched the intro video, it is time for A Moment of Bliss. With a new (and improved?) Bliss, the Moment of Bliss set got a face lift with new chairs and an odd table.

After welcoming us to the show, Bliss welcomed her “favorite superstar” as her guest: Randy Orton.

Once Orton got into the ring, Bliss commented that he was in a fowl mood and then played a video of what happened last week. After the video, Bliss laughed and said she couldn’t believe The Fiend did that to Randy Orton. Then asked Orton if he asked himself why The Fiend did that to him.

Orton said he knew Bray Wyatt pretty well, but hasn’t been properly introduced to The Fiend. According to Orton though, he has a lot in common with The Fiend. The main difference is Orton keeps his pain and suffering hidden. We all know Orton hears voices, but Orton said those are the same voices The Fiend hears.

A while back Orton had to find out Bray Wyatt’s weakness and then burned it to the ground. Now he has to do the same thing with The Fiend and apparently that weakness is Alexa Bliss. Bliss dropped her playful act and asked Orton who was manipulating who. Then the lights began to go out, leading Orton to believe he was right.

More lights went out and then it all went red. The Fiend was in the ring and we saw Bliss in Orton’s arms. The Fiend held out his arms as he got closer and Orton made the quick transfer and get away.

Then we went to commercial break.

Returning from break, commentary hyped up NXT War Games and then we saw a video of Drew McIntyre winning the Royal Rumble.

Jeff Hardy defeated Elias via Pinfall (Swanton Bomb) in a Symphony of Destruction Match

The ring was surrounded by plenty of musical instruments, including guitars, cellos, and drums. At one point when the men were fighting outside the ring, R-Truth came out of a piano! This led to many more superstars making their way down to the ring to chase after Truth. Hardy eventually won the match with a Swanton Bomb through a table and a few instruments…outside of the ring, really close to the steel steps.

Backstage we saw Keith Lee preparing for the triple threat match when Riddle walked up. Riddle began talking a lot about the opportunity to become WWE Champion and a bunch of other nonsense, complete with an awful attempt at a Scottish accent.

Then we went to another commercial break.

Returning from break we heard from Mustafa Ali and Retribution. Ali asked why Ricochet can’t see what he sees. Ricochet has been pushing the same boulder up the same mountain, only to fall back down to the ground every week. Ali said it is the same thing that has happened to everyone in Retribution. He then questioned why Ricochet can’t see that he is supposed to be standing with them.

Slapjack then spoke and said Ali showed him that he had been left behind. He said Ali showed him who he really is…a weapon for Retribution.

Back at ringside, Ricochet made his entrance to the ring. During his entrance a video from Ricochet’s twitter was shown. In the video he said he needs to surpass Ali and be better than him. Then we went to another commercial break.

Slapjack defeated Ricochet via Pinfall

Ricochet seemed to be in control of the match for a while, but got distracted by Ali. This allowed Slapjack to take control for a short time. At some point during the match, Dana Brooke came down to the ring and slapped Ali! Ricochet attempted to fight off the rest of Retribution on his own, but that failed.

After the match we got a video recapping Drew McIntyre’s Wrestlemania victory over Brock Lesnar. Then we went to another commercial break.

Returning from break it was time for Miz TV. Miz and Morrison then introduced Sheamus, who would be one of their opponents later tonight.

Once Sheamus got to the ring, Miz and Morrison tried to make small talk about how Sheamus’ holiday was, but Sheamus wasn’t having any of it. Finally getting to the point, Miz brought up the fact that Sheamus gave Drew McIntyre his family shield back two weeks ago.

Morrison then said a bunch of speculation as to why McIntyre has “forgot” about Sheamus. Sheamus said he didn’t expect anything in return for giving McIntyre his family’s property. Miz and Morrison then tried to convince Sheamus to turn on McIntyre tonight so that Miz could cash in. Sheamus just laughed.

Miz got angry at Sheamus laughing and told him he should laugh at his career because it is a joke. This got Sheamus’s attention and he took off his jacket and started a fight. Unfortunately for Sheamus, Miz used the Money In The Bank briefcase to attack him.

Backstage we saw Asuka and Lana, they seemed to be discussing their match against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in just moments. Asuka then made her entrance to the ring and Lana gave a quick interview. Then we went to commercial break.

Returning from commercial, Sarah Schreiber caught the Women’s Tag Team Champions before they went to the ring. Jax said last week was a fluke, but Baszler seemed to disagree. Baszler said she was doing her job fighting Asuka, while Jax was busy not putting Lana through a table. After a little bickering, the champs seemed to get on the same page by agreeing to bring it to Asuka and put Lana through a table.

Asuka and Lana defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax via Pinfall

Two weeks in a row! Asuka and Lana seemed to be on the same page, but they did get caught a few times. Specifically when trying to go for baseball slides….it didn’t end well for them. But they stuck to their game plan and amazingly Lana was able to pin Baszler! Yes, Lana pinned Shayna Baszler.

After the match, Drew McIntyre checked on Sheamus. Sheamus questioned where McIntyre was while Miz and Morrison were beating him up. Eventually he agreed that he was excited to finish what he started in their match later.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston made their entrance before we went to break.

Returning from break, Kofi said that while Thanksgiving was over, they still had things to be thankful for…like Woods getting the hosting gig at G4! Woods then thanked everyone for the support. Kofi told him he should practice for his new gig by giving us a rundown on The Hurt Business’ inability to capture the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Of course The Hurt Business could not let Woods and Kofi keep having fun and interrupted.

MVP said The New Day was in desperate need of a wake up call. Apparently the score is 2-2 between the teams. He said the next time they put up the tag team championships, their title reign would be a distant dream.

Cedric Alexander then slid in the ring and got in Woods’ face. He called their win last week a fluke and would prove it tonight.

Cedric Alexander defeated Xavier Woods via Pinfall (Lumbar Check)

A competitive match up between the two, especially with it being Woods’ first singles match since returning from injury. Alexander came out of the gates with a quick attack on Woods before the bell rang, but Woods was able to make a good comeback. Woods was able to move out of the way of a dive to the outside, but once back in the ring fell victim to the Lumbar Check.

Instead of staying in the ring to celebrate with MVP and Shelton Benjamin, Alexander celebrated on his way back up the ramp.

Backstage Riddle came up to the “Skipper”, AJ Styles and Omos. Again Riddle brought up the triple threat match, but brought up his bunny…which Omos knew about.

Keith Lee made his entrance to the ring and we went to another commercial break.

AJ Styles defeated Riddle and Keith Lee via Pinfall (Phenomenal Forearm)

As with most Triple Threat matches, this one had some chaos. Each man looked to have had the victory secured multiple times, but in the end Styles was able to hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Riddle to become the Number One Contender.

After seeing a recap of what happened on Miz TV earlier, Miz and Morrison were then interviewed by Charly Caruso. Caruso asked about their strategy since it seemed their original one failed. Miz said a lot of things, but instead of a plan it seemed he was just stating facts. Morrison then had an idea and the two left the interview.

Dana Brooke then made her entrance to the ring before we went to yet another commercial break.

Dana Brooke defeated Reckoning via Pinfall

This certainly didn’t go to Retribution’s plan. In fact after her loss, Reckoning was yelled at by Ali, “there is no failure in Retribution.”

After the match, Miz and Morrison found AJ Styles and Omos. Miz and Morrison brought Styles a peach pie because, ya know, he’s from Georgia. Styles was actually quite quick to agree to help Miz. He said it would be much easier to beat the Miz for the WWE Championship then McIntyre.

We got a video of how McIntyre regained the WWE Championship before commercial break.

Returning from break, MVP found Riddle backstage. MVP said Riddle’s opportunity at the WWE Championship died a sudden death. Riddle said at least he had the opportunity, unlike Bobby Lashley. MVP got in his face, but Riddle started to say that they both had free time and MVP could now listen to his business ideas. This didn’t go so well for Riddle. Bobby Lashley came up from behind and took him out.

Before the main event, Keith Lee came up to Sheamus. Lee was wondering if Sheamus would be turning on his tag team partner.

Back at ringside Drew McIntyre made his entrance for his interview.

McIntyre Said it felt good to stand their WWE Champion once again. Two weeks ago he told Randy Orton he would Claymore his head off and pin him, which is exactly what he did. Then McIntyre said he told Roman Reigns he was going to humble him, which according to McIntyre he accomplished.

He said he would cross paths again with Reigns and would win the war. Looking ahead, McIntyre said he had no beef with AJ Styles and their match would be phenomenal. He warned Miz not to cash in the briefcase because it is the only thing keeping him relevant.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus defeated Miz and Morrison via DQ

Styles tried to keep to his word. While the match was pretty decent, Miz and Morrison were getting beat up. Styles took the opportunity to attack McIntyre with a Phenomenal Forarm causing the DQ.

After the match, Morrison hit Starship pain on McIntyre, while Styles tried to convince Miz to cash in. Styles even went as far as grabbing the briefcase himself and handing it to the ref.

When Miz finally got in agreement with Styles, McIntyre recovered and hit Morrison with a Claymore! So no cash in!

We ended RAW with Omos carrying Styles off before McIntyre could get to him.

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