WWE: Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen – DVD Review (2013)

Wrestling never really paid much attention to its history, or at least Vince McMahon didn’t until it realised the money to be made in it. Thus, the WWE release a DVD set dedicated to an act that, as a complete faction, never wrestled in the WWE. And given that the Four Horsemen are THE greatest faction to have ever been assembled in the wrestling world, this should have been a five-star DVD all the way. Sadly, it falls short.

The main problem is Arn Anderson. It’s the 21st Century and we all know that wrestling is a “work.” His comments on the DVD, which sound as if he’s telling the “story” as reality, jar on what otherwise is a perfectly sound run through the Horsemen story. My only other complaint on that score would be that the story pays scant attention to the in-ring action, content to give us insights into the Horsemen’s real-life predilection for living the high life.

The other problem is the bonus matches; indeed out of all the classic Horsemen moments, they could have put some better games on than the collection that is there. Yes, the War Games is a classic, but Blanchard/Rhodes is awful and few of the rest is must-see.

Still there are definite highlights (watching Tully Blanchard is always a pleasure, Ric Flair has some great stories and Paul Roma’s stint in the Horsemen generates some of the funniest moments on the DVD) to pursue, yet there is a sense of disappointment that this could have been so much better.

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