WWE: Royal Rumble 1990 Results | January 21, 1990

Date: 21st January, 1990
Venue: Orlando Arena
City: Orlando, FL
Attendance: 16,000
Commentators: Tony Schiavone &
Jesse “The Body” Ventura



Royal Rumble 1990 promotional poster
Royal Rumble 1990 promotional poster

The Bushwhackers (Butch and Luke) made their WWF debut in Madison Square Garden on December 30, 1988, defeating The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov). They got involved in a feud with The Bolsheviks, which was to be settled at WrestleMania V. Bolsheviks missed the event, however, so they were replaced by The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques and Raymond), whom Bushwhackers beat. Bushwhackers and Rougeaus continued to feud with each other for the rest of the year, culminating in a tag team match at Royal Rumble 1990.

Greg Valentine and Ronnie Garvin had been feuding since a match on December 30, 1988 in Madison Square Garden (MSG) which Valentine won by grabbing the tights for leverage. On the April 22, 1989 episode of Superstars, Garvin defeated Valentine in a match. On the following edition of Superstars, they both faced each other in a retirement match where the loser could not wrestle anymore in WWF. Valentine won the match, sending Garvin into retirement. Garvin became a referee for WWF. During this time, he disqualified his rival Valentine in a match against Jimmy Snuka and was suspended after the match. Valentine was so irate that he demanded for Garvin to be re-instated as a professional wrestler and his request was accepted. At Survivor Series, they both battled in a match on opposing teams.

All the other wrestlers in World Wrestling Federation were prepared to participate in the 1990 Royal Rumble match. Many tag team wrestlers, mid-card wrestlers and main event wrestlers chose their entry numbers to participate in this matchup. WWF Champion Hulk Hogan also signed to participate in the match as well as other champions also signed.


Match Results

Dark Match: 
Paul Roma defeated Brooklyn Brawler (6:13)

Tag Team Match:
The Bushwhackers defeated The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (with Jimmy Hart) by pinfall (13:35)

Singles Match:
Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and The Genius fought to a double disqualification (11:07)

Submission Match:
Ronnie Garvin defeated Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (with Jimmy Hart) by submission (16:55)

Singles Match:
“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan defeated Big Boss Man (with Slick) by disqualification (10:26)

Royal Rumble Match:
Hulk Hogan won by last eliminating Mr. Perfect (58:46)



Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown’s encounter in the Royal Rumble match led to a one-on-one match between the two at WrestleMania VI, which resulted in a double countout. Demolition (Ax and Smash) and Colossal Connection (André the Giant and Haku) also began a feud with each other for the Colossal Connection’s WWF Tag Team Championship due to their encounter in their Royal Rumble match. It led to a tag team title match at WrestleMania, where Demolition defeated André and Haku to win the titles. The main event featured a title vs. title match as WWF Champion Hulk Hogan took on WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior for both men’s titles. Warrior won the match, winning the WWF Championship and then he vacated the Intercontinental Championship, leading it to be decided in a tournament, won by Mr. Perfect.


Royal Rumble Stats


Eliminated by
1 Ted DiBiase 18 Ultimate Warrior 44:47
2 Koko B. Ware 1 DiBiase 01:36
3 Marty Jannetty 2 DiBiase 01:35
4 Jake Roberts 3 Savage 10:03
5 Randy Savage 4 Rhodes 10:10
6 Roddy Piper 7 Brown 12:20
7 The Warlord 5 Andre 08:16
8 Bret Hart 9 Rhodes 16:16
9 Bad News Brown 6 Piper 06:04
10 Dusty Rhodes 12 Earthquake 18:18
11 André the Giant 10 Ax and Smash 10:16
12 The Red Rooster 8 Andre 01:58
13 Ax 13 Earthquake 12:50
14 Haku 20 Hogan 22:31
15 Smash 16 Haku 15:01
16 Akeem 11 Snuka 02:31
17 Jimmy Snuka 19 Hogan 17:03
18 Dino Bravo 15 Ultimate Warrior 06:13
19 Earthquake 14 Snuka, Smash, Haku, DiBiase and Neidhart 02:31
20 Jim Neidhart 17 DiBiase, Martel, and Ultimate Warrior 08:42
21 The Ultimate Warrior 25 Hogan, The Barbarian, Rude 14:29
22 Rick Martel 24 Ultimate Warrior 08:14
23 Tito Santana 21 Ultimate Warrior and Martel 05:09
24 The Honky Tonk Man 22 Hogan 04:01
25 Hulk Hogan WINNER 12:49
26 Shawn Michaels 23 Ultimate Warrior 00:12
27 The Barbarian 26 Hercules 05:47
28 Rick Rude 28 Perfect 06:29
29 Hercules 27 Rude 03:02
30 Mr. Perfect 29 Hogan 03:32

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