WWE: Royal Rumble 2006 Results | January 29, 2006

Date: 29th January, 2006
Venue: American Airlines Arena
City: Miami, FL
Attendance: 16,178
Commentators (RAW): Joey Styles & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Commentators (SmackDown!): Michael Cole & Tazz
Theme Song:  Royal Rumble by Jim Johnston



Royal Rumble 2006 promotional poster
Royal Rumble 2006 promotional poster

The main feud heading into the Royal Rumble on the Raw was between Edge and John Cena, with the two feuding over the WWE Championship. The feud started at New Year’s Revolution when Cena won an Elimination Chamber also involving 5 other superstars. Immediately after the match, however, Vince McMahon came out and stated that Edge was cashing in his Money in the Bank contract that he won at WrestleMania 21. Edge then came out with Lita and, two spears later, he pinned Cena to become WWE Champion. Then the next night, Edge held a live sex celebration which got smashed up by Cena and Cena delivered an FU on Lita and sent a message to Edge.

The main feud heading into the Royal Rumble on the Smackdown! brand was between Kurt Angle and Mark Henry over the World Heavyweight Championship. The World Heavyweight Championship was originally held by Batista. He defended the title against Henry at a SmackDown! live event in a steel cage match. Henry was disqualified in the match and Batista retained the title but his triceps were injured. As a result, he was forced to vacate the title on the January 13 episode of SmackDown!. Later on, a 20-man battle royal was arranged to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion. Raw superstar Kurt Angle won the battle royal last eliminating Mark Henry and winning the vacant title thus also starting a rivalry between the two. This also made Angle leave Raw and move to SmackDown!. The next week, Henry defeated Rey Mysterio to become the Number One Contender to Angle’s title.

Prior to the annual Royal Rumble match, several qualifying matches for the match took place on WWE’s flagship television programs. The first three qualifying matches were held on the January 9, 2006 edition of Raw. Chavo Guerrero defeated Rob Conway, Shelton Benjamin defeated Val Venis and Kane defeated Snitsky, meaning they had earned a place in the Rumble. A Battle Royal also took place on the January 16, 2006 edition of WWE Heat in addition to a Singles match between Trevor Murdoch and Antonio Thomas, which Murdoch won.


Match Results

Cruiserweight Championship:
Six-Way Match:

Gregory Helms defeated Kid Kash (c), Funaki, Jamie Noble, Nunzio and Paul London (7:40)

Singles Match:
Mickie James defeated Ashley (7:44)
Guest Referee: Trish Stratus

Singles Match:
The Boogeyman defeated John “Bradshaw” Layfield (with Jillian Hall)  (1:54)

Royal Rumble Match:
Rey Mysterio won by last eliminating Randy Orton (1:02:12)

WWE Championship:
John Cena defeated Edge (c) (with Lita) (14:02)

World Heavyweight Championship:
Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry (with Daivari (9:29)



Chris Benoit and Booker T continued their feud over the WWE United States Championship. Benoit went on to win the title from Booker at No Way Out. Rey Mysterio was awarded a match against Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship which was scheduled to take place at WrestleMania 22 but before that, Mysterio defended his spot against Randy Orton at No Way Out. Orton won the match and Rey’s title shot. Mysterio would later be readded to the match, forming a Triple Threat match between Angle, Mysterio and Orton. At No Way Out, Angle successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against The Undertaker, but lost the title to Mysterio at WrestleMania.

In February, the Road to WrestleMania tournament was arranged to determine a new number one contender to Cena’s WWE Championship. This was an 8-man tournament on Raw. Triple H, Rob Van Dam and Big Show faced each other in the final round of the tournament which was a triple threat match. RVD performed a Five Star Frog Splash on Big Show, but when he made the pin, Triple H pulled the referee. While the referee was distracted, Big Show was able to kick out. Triple H took advantage and performed a Pedigree on RVD to win the tournament and become the number one contender to the WWE Championship. At WrestleMania 22, Cena defeated Triple H to retain the WWE Championship via submission after forcing Triple H to submit with the STFU.


Royal Rumble Stats

Draw Entrant Brand Order
Eliminated by Time
1 Triple H Raw 28 Mysterio 60:09
2 Rey Mysterio SD! WINNER 62:12
3 Simon Dean SD! 1 Mysterio and Triple H 00:45
4 Psicosis SD! 2 Mysterio 01:15
5 Ric Flair Raw 3 Triple H 01:20
6 The Big Show Raw 7 Triple H 09:02
7 Jonathan Coachman Raw 4 Big Show 00:30
8 Bobby Lashley SD! 6 Big Show & Kane 04:17
9 Kane Raw 8 Triple H 03:33
10 Sylvan SD! 5 Lashley 00:18
11 Carlito Raw 26 Van Dam 38:29
12 Chris Benoit SD! 17 Orton 30:31
13 Booker T SD! 9 Benoit 00:18
14 Joey Mercury SD! 22 Nitro 29:14
15 Tatanka SD! 12 Mercury & Nitro 14:09
16 Johnny Nitro SD! 23 Michaels 25:45
17 Trevor Murdoch Raw 13 Michaels 13:41
18 Eugene Raw 15 Benoit 16:25
19 Road Warrior Animal SD! 10 Van Dam 02:49
20 Rob Van Dam Raw 27 Mysterio 23:52
21 Orlando Jordan SD! 21 Orton 16:09
22 Chavo Guerrero Raw 11 Triple H 00:59
23 Matt Hardy SD! 14 Viscera 07:42
24 Super Crazy SD! 16 Mysterio 07:40
25 Shawn Michaels Raw 25 Shane McMahon*
26 Chris Masters Raw 19 Carlito 07:01
27 Viscera Raw 18 Carlito & Masters 05:20
28 Shelton Benjamin Raw 24 Michaels 06:51
29 Goldust Raw 20 Van Dam 03:09
30 Randy Orton SD! 29 Mysterio 13:04

* Shane McMahon was not a participant in the Royal Rumble Match

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