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WWE: Royal Rumble 2014 Results | January 26. 2014

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3:50AM: Well that’s it, another Royal Rumble in the book. I hope you enjoyed the live coverage we have provided tonight. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forgot to keep visiting The Wrestling Mania for all your wrestling needs. This is Michael Owen signing off, thanks for following along tonight. 


3:45AM: Batista wins and I have to say that I am majorly disappointed. I was excited for most of the Rumble but as soon as Batista came in, the air seemed to leave the arena. All the surprise entries were average and not to have Daniel Bryan in the Rumble match is a huge mistake. I can only hope they move the MITB to WrestleMania, Bryan wins and cashes in on Orton after he beats Batista.


2:43AM: Punk is out and it’s time for the match we’ve all been waiting for. I’m gonna keep filling in the form below as the Royal Rumble goes on. There is no way I can keep up by writing it so keep refreshing and you can see how the Rumble progresses. Enjoy the match everyone, I’ll be back with my thoughts once it’s finished.

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Time Eliminations
1 CM Punk 27 Kane* 3
2 Seth Rollins 24 Reigns 2
3 Damien Sandow 1 Punk 0
4 Cody Rhodes 11 Goldust 0
5 Kane 2 Punk 1
6 Alexander Rusev 3 Kingston 0
7 Jack Swagger 6 Nash 0
8 Kofi Kingston 7 Reigns 1
9 Jimmy Uso 5 Ambrose 0
10 Goldust 12 Reigns 1
11 Dean Ambrose 25 Reigns 3
12 Dolph Ziggler 8 Reigns 0
13 R-Truth 4 Ambrose 0
14 Kevin Nash 9 Reigns 1
15 Roman Reigns 29 Batista 12*
16 The Great Khali 10 Rollins, Ambrose & Reigns 0
17 Sheamus 28 Reigns 1
18 The Miz 16 Harper 0
19 Fandango 13 Torito 0
20 El Torito 14 Reigns 1
21 Antonio Cesaro 26 Reigns 0
22 Luke Harper 23 Reigns 2
23 Jey Uso 17 Harper 0
24 John “Bradshaw” Layfield 15 Reigns 0
25 Erick Rowan 18 Batista 0
26 Ryback 19 Batista 0
27 Alberto Del Rio 20 Batista 0
28 Batista, Batista WINNER 4
29 Big E Langston 21 Sheamus 0
30 Rey Mysterio 22 Rollins 0

*1 = Kane eliminated Punk after he had been eliminated himself
*2 = Romain Reigns breaks Kane’s record for total eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match.


2:40AM: Promos from all the entrants for the Rumble. Extremely awkward but I’m extremely excited so I just want them to get on with it now. I haven’t been this excited for a Rumble match in years. I just hope they don’t go with the obvious Batista win, I’d be happy with a Reigns or Bryan win.


2:37AM: Backstage with the new tag team champions. We get a replay of the Kick-Off show. Surprised they had the title change on the pre-show, I suppose it could have lead to a few last minute buys. Unbelievable that the New Age Outlaws have been back for a month and have won the titles. I feel bad for The Usos.


2:35AM: Plug for WWE Network, could I be any more excited for Legends House? Nope.


2:30AM: The Wyatt’s put a beating on Cena after the match. If this leads to Bray vs. John Cena at WrestleMania then I am more than happy with that. Sister Abigail on Cena and the crowd start a Yes chant. What a night for Bray Wyatt, he has dominated the two biggest stars of WWE. Cena refuses help to the back but has had a rough night at the Royal Rumble.


 2:05AM: Randy Orton vs. John Cena 

I’m gonna say something controversial. I really like John Cena’s new t-shirt. He comes out to his usual mixed reaction but is loving it as usual. Orton looks all business. Formal announcing from Lilian Garcia is nice to see. The fans show their disinterest in this match before it even begins with a Daniel Bryan chant. Lock up early and takedown from Cena. I have a feeling that this crowd is not interested in playing along with this match in the slightest.

Back and forth between the two but the crowd is just not playing ball. Commentary are doing their best to play down the chants. Orton laughs when the crowd chants Randy Savage. Chants for Y2J and Cena goes for a Walls of Jericho. This is extremely unusual. Clothesline from Cena to the outside and the match is not getting anywhere near out of first gear. Cena goes for an AA but Orton reverses with a spike DDT. Both men are trying hard to get the crowd to care but I fear they are fighting a losing battle.

Cena and Orton are going for it now. Orton hits a DDT from the apron to the floor, Cena kicks out at 2. Orton goes for an RKO but Cena ducks and locks in the STF, Orton slithers his way to the bottom rope….and the crowd still couldn’t care less, this is so bizarre. Cena hits his signiture moves and we get a ref bump. Cena locks in the STF again but the referee is not there to see the tap. Orton grabs the belt and clocks Cena with it, referee manages to come to, but only for a 2 count. This is awful chant from the crowd.

FU out of nowhere for a 2 count, you have to feel sorry for them, they are trying to pull something out of the bag but the crowd is not interested. RKO out of nowhere for a two, looks like we’re getting a repeat of Cena-Rock from WrestleMania 29. STF from Orton, switching finishers now? it’s like we’re playing SmackDown vs. RAW all over again. Cena with a crossface, again, out of nowhere.

Orton hits an FU and this match has officially jumped the shark. I spoke too soon, Cena just hit an RKO for a 2 count. Cena with yet another STF, this is getting incredibly silly now. The Wyatt’s interrupt the match from nowhere and Orton capitalises with an RKO. Looks like they might be going with Cena vs. Bray going forward. What  a night for Wyatt. Not so much for Cena or Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton



2:00AM: Time for the WWE Title match. Surprised to see this so early in the evening. We are only an hour in so I think the Royal Rumble might be going even longer than usual.


1:55AM: Randy Orton promo. Orton says that once he’s between Cena, it’s back of the line for him. Renee suggests that there are plenty of people ready to face Randy Orton once he’s finished with Cena. Orton says that none of the people are great like he is. He calls Bray Wyatt ‘A Duck Dynasty’ wannabe. Sums it all up by saying no one will beat him, especially not John Cena.


1:53AM: Shield promo backstage. Dean Ambrose says that The Shield are going to dominate the Rumble tonight. Rollins concurs with what Ambrose says but Reigns says that his swagger is off the chart at the moment. Bickering between Ambrose and Reigns about which number they have gets split up by Rollins who says it’s all about The Shield. They all put their fists into the middle and they are united, for now.


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1:47AM: Lesnar continues the assault on Big Show with the steel chair. Doesn’t look like he’s pulling any of the shots and Heyman is cheering him on from the sideline. He must have hit Big Show with 30+ chair shots. Brock knocks the referee down and continues the assault. This is crazy. Lesnar eventually gets bored and walks off with Heyman, well that was something different…


1:40AM: Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

Lesnar grabs a chair straight away and starts chopping away at Big Show. The commentary team keeps reminding us that the match has yet to officially start, which makes me think that this match isn’t going to happen. Lesnar continues his assault and has probably hit Big Show about 20 times. The match finally gets underway and Big Show hits Lesnar with the WMD straight away. Show doesn’t have enough to capitalise though.

Lesnar rolls to the outside and Show looks an absolute mess from all the chair shots. He is also swearing like an absolute trooper. Big Show goes for the WMD again but Lesnar ducks and picks Show up, runs around the ring with him and finally hits him with an incredible F-5. Great bit of booking there.

Winner: Brock Lesnar


1:38AM: They are following Wyatt-Bryan with Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar. This could end badly for this match. They show recaps of the feud leading into this match and I am slightly disappointed that Brock is facing Show tonight. Brock makes his way to the ring. Does anyone else think Lesnar looks ridiculous in MMA shorts and long wrestling boots? Lesnar attacks Big Show straight away and we’ve underway…


1:35AM: Back to the HOF panel. They discuss the Wyatt-Bray match and Michaels says he’s still a big fan of Bryan. They move onto talking about Big Show-Lesnar and it falls apart. Poor John Matthews is trying his best to control them all.


1:33AM: Paul Heyman promo. Says that Brock Lesnar is going to take out the monster and go on to win the WWE Championship.


1:10AM: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt (Match Updates)

Huge Yes chants as Bray makes his way into the ring. Wyatt stands and talks to himself for a moment and then gets in his usual crab man stance. Crowd is just super into this match and nothing has even happened yet. Both men lock up and Bryan fights his way out of the corner.Distraction from Harper puts Bray in control early. That is until D-Bry hits Harper with a suicide dive and somehow gets the rest of the Wyatt clan banned from ringside.

Bryan comes flying from nowhere and takes Bray down on the outside. This crowd is so into Daniel Bryan, he surely has to be in the main event tonight for this show to go down in history. So far very little offence from Wyatt. As I say that, he knocks Bryan to the outside with an axe-handle. Wyatt charges Bryan on the outside but ends up running full force into the ring steps, looked hugely painful.

Bryan gets Wyatt in the ring and targets the leg. He is looking much more aggressive since his time in the family. Curb storm from Bryan, surprised they allowed that move. Continued assault on Wyatt’s leg, so far there has been hardly any defence from Bray. Both men fighting on the apron leads to Bray doing an arm drag to the floor, nice move.

Bray takes control and starts attacking his injured head. The commentary team are really pushing his concussion and I think this will end with Bryan being injured and showing up as the surprise number 30 in the Rumble match. Bray is stalking Bryan and just picking him apart. Crowd has gone deathly silent. Bray does his tarantula walk and charges Bryan in the corner. Bryan attempts to fight back but gets hit with a hard scoop slam for his trouble. Bryan ducks under a clothesline and hits one of his own. Drop toe hold in the corner.

Yes kicks in the corner followed by a hurricanrana. Bryan runs the ropes and avoids Bray for as long as he can, eventually taking a thunderous shoulder block. Bray’s mouth is busted after a tirta-whirl DDT off the apron from Bryan. This match is incredible. Bryan brings Wyatt back into the ring and hits his signature top rope dropkicks. Kick out from Wyatt off a huge huge YES kicks. Bryan follows them up with multiple dropkicks in the corner, Wyatt gets out of the corner and turns Bryan inside out with a thunderous clothesline. Attempted Sister Abigail reversed into a rollup for 2. Yes Lock applied momentarily until Wyatt bites his way out and both men rest.

Bryan hits a half headbutt/half splash. Wyatt heads out of the ring and Bryan throws himself out, only to be caught by Bray and hit with Sister Abigail against the barricade. Incredible stuff. Bray drags Bryan’s body back into the ring and hits him with another Sister Abigail for the clean 1.2.3. What an incredible match, will be interesting to see what happens with Bryan now. Great performance from both men.

Winner: Bray Wyatt



1:05AM: Looks like the event is kicking off with Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. Bryan comes out to a sensational reaction and this is a great way to kick off the PPV. Surely him being in the opening match also means he is likely to be in the main-event later in the evening?


1:00AM: Time for the Royal Rumble, enjoy the event and make sure you share your views in the comment section!


12:45AM: The New Age Outlaws vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust (Match Updates)

Road Dogg cuts a promo before the match. Asks Pittsburgh if they’re ready, usual stuff from him. Coldust come out to their usual ridiculous music and look well up for this kick-off match. Cody starts off with Road Dogg, handles himself nicely against both the Outlaws and knocks them to the outside. Really nice top rope moves from both Goldust and Cody. Cole sends to us to a break during a broadcast on their own website, I am confused.

Back from the break and Dogg is in charge of Goldy. Goldust hits a move straight out of Rey Mysterio’s book and I wonder once again who killed Goldust and took over him character. B.A tags in and works over the Gold one until he gets hit with a lovely powerslam. Calls for a hot tag from the crowd and in comes Cody. Cody clears the ring of Billy but The Roady attempts a pump-handle slam which is countered into cross-rhodes!

The stream completely messes up and when it comes back on The New Age Outlaws are the tag-team champions. Did anyone else have problems with their stream? Tell us below.

Winners: New Age Outlaws



12:30AM: Kick-Off panel includes HOF legends Jim Duggan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels.panel


12:10AM: Don’t forget that the Kick-Off show starts at 12:30AM and you can watch it exclusively by clicking the picture below!



12:00AM: Fans waiting to get inside the Consol Energy Center.

fans [divider]

11:45PM: Picture of the arena and set for tonights Royal Rumble from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

royal rumble [divider]

11:35PM: Want to make tonights event even more fun? Get your Royal Rumble bingo card ready!

RR [divider]

10:50PM: For anyone that has been living under a rock for the last few months, here is some of the buildup to this years big event. Click the different matches for a drop down

[expand title=”Orton vs. Cena“] Orton beat Cena to become the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE TLC 2013. On the December 30 episode of Raw, co-owner Stephanie McMahon announced a rematch from the TLC event, seeing Orton defend the WWE World Heavyweight title against Cena at the Royal Rumble in a traditional one-on-one singles match with no outside interference or added stipulations and where the winner would be decided via pinfall or submission only. Because of this, Orton would keep whining to The Authority about canceling this match, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon rejecting.

Randy would also complain about the Royal Rumble winner to possibly defeat him at WrestleMania XXX. On the January 13th episode of Raw, after being defeated by Kofi Kingston, Orton would proceed to attack and take out his frustrations on John Cena’s father, who was at ringside for the event. On the January 20th edition of Raw, Orton faced Kingston in a rematch that ended in a disqualification win for Orton, due to Cena storming to the ring and attacking him. Cena would then attack Orton until he scurried away in the crowd. Orton would then get in a car as a helpless Cena would watch over.[/expand]


[expand title=”Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show“]On the December 30 edition of Raw, Brock Lesnar returned with his agent Paul Heyman to announce his intentions to challenge the winner of the match between Orton and Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar then called out any wrestler who wanted to stop him, which resulted in Mark Henry answering the challenge and the two brawling until Lesnar speared Henry through the ringside fan barricade. and hitting him with an F-5 on the arena floor. The following week on Old School Raw, Henry challenged him again only to have Lesnar dislocate his elbow with the Kimura Lock.

Following this, Big Show came out and confronted Lesnar, which lead to a short physical confrontation between the two, with Show throwing Lesnar across the ring. On January 10, Big Show issued a challenge to Lesnar to fight during a Miz TV interview on SmackDown. Heyman accepted the challenge on behalf of Lesnar, and said it would take place at the Royal Rumble. This is a rematch from the 2003 Royal Rumble, which Lesnar won to qualify for the Rumble match itself, which he also won.[/expand]


[expand title=”Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt “]On January 20 edition of Raw, it was announced that Daniel Bryan will face Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble. Bryan and The Wyatt Family had been feuding since October 2013. On the December 30, 2013 edition of Raw, a seemingly beaten down Bryan had announced he would join the Wyatts.

On the January 13, 2014 episode of Raw, (after Bryan and Bray Wyatt were defeated by The Usos in a steel cage match), Bryan attacked Wyatt, culminating with Bryan hitting his flying knee finishing maneuver on Wyatt. The following week on Raw Bryan explained that his joining the Wyatts was a ruse to infiltrate the stable and bide his time to strike, and that he would wrestle Wyatt at the PPV.[/expand] [divider]

10:30PM: Chris Jericho was spotted on a flight to Pittsburgh yesterday afternoon, he could possibly make his return at tonights Royal Rumble.

jezza [divider]

10:02PMWho will make a surprise appearence in tonights Royal Rumble match? Comment below!


10PMHere is a list of the 20 men we already know will be competing in the Royal Rumble match this year:

Wrestler Date Announcement
Batista January 6 Michael Cole and John “Bradshaw” Layfield announced his participation in the Royal Rumble match on Raw Old School.
Alberto Del Rio Announced his participation in the Royal Rumble match on Raw Old School.
Big E Langston January 13 Announced their participation in the Royal Rumble match on Raw
The Miz
Xavier Woods
Kofi Kingston
Cody Rhodes
Rey Mysterio
CM Punk On the January 20th edition of Raw Director of Operations Kane announced Punk as the #1 entrant.
Dean Ambrose January 17 Announced their participation in the Royal Rumble match on SmackDown
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns
Luke Harper January 20 Announced their participation in the Royal Rumble match on Raw.


10PM: As is tradition with the Royal Rumble, very few matches have been announced and the main focus is on the Rumble match itself. With that in mind, here is the card for tonight:

No. Matches Stipulations
Royal Rumble Kickoff Cody Rhodes and Goldust (c) vs. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) Tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
1 2014 Royal Rumble Match 30-Superstar Royal Rumble match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX
2 Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena Singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Winner will only be declared either by pinfall or submission.
3 Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar Singles match
4 Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt Singles match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match


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