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    WWE: Royal Rumble 2021 Early Predictions

    Success in the Royal Rumble has helped to elevate the careers of many WWE superstars since the match and eponymous event was first held in 1988.

    From Attitude Era icons like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Brock Lesnar and 2020 winner Drew McIntyre, victory in the 30-man or woman over the top rope battle royal guarantees you a place in wrestling history. The title shot at WrestleMania that comes with it helps too.

    Outlasting 29 other wrestlers in it come 2021 could set these WWE talents on the path to becoming stars. Will one of these win it all? And what the sports betting sites have to say regarding this event? What is going to be the odds? Let’s try to analyze it all together.

    Roman Reigns

    Reigns have apparently pitched the idea of a Wrestlemania 37 bout with his cousin, The Rock. Being the WWE Universal Champion hasn’t stopped someone entering the match in the past, perhaps the Tribal Chief wants to be the head of the Royal Rumble table and then, if they can agree on terms, Reigns heads to the March spectacular as champion and challenges the Great One?


    The Rated R Superstar did the business as he always had, but you do wonder how much gas he has left in the tank given that he has already retired once and actually got injured at Backlash.

    Headlining Wrestlemania would be an extraordinary swansong for his career, but you suspect concerns about his physical condition might just preclude Edge from entering the Royal Rumble equation.

    Daniel Bryan

    Another who retired and came back, but it would take an almighty shift in storytelling for him to suddenly become a major player again. We know he has the wrestling chops to put on a masterclass on the biggest stage of them all, and of course, he will enjoy the support of the Yes! Movement. (Probably some of the Bella Army too)

    But does Daniel Bryan secure PPV buys, does he put bums on seats and does he help to battle falling WWE Network sales? That, rather than in-ring prowess, remains McMahon’s chief consideration.

    Big E

    The New Day was more than just a stable. It has done wonders for marketing WWE outside the ring with merchandise sales. Kofi Kingston enjoyed singles success and a run as WWE champion in 2019, so why can’t current Intercontinental champ Big E do likewise?

    Where Kofi is known for his Royal Rumble spots defying gravity and elimination, Big E is the powerhouse of the group. He has Kingston & Xavier’s storyline blessing to pursue singles run and has long been touted for the WWE or Universal Championship in the future. Is 2021 the year of E?

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