WWE: Royal Rumble 2021 | Favourites for the Men’s & Women’s Rumbles

With the Royal Rumble fast approaching, our Road to Wrestlemania is well underway – in this article, Jonny Goldsmith will break down his Top Five Picks to be in each respective Rumble, and reasons he would like to see them win the whole thing!

Women’s Royal Rumble

We start with the women’s match, the below in no particular order are my top picks to win the whole thing.

Charlotte Flair | WWE

Charlotte Flair

I don’t really need to explain this one. Charlotte could have two broken legs, and they would still find a way to have her win big matches. She is a WWE golden girl and no matter how little sense it would make storyline-wise, Charlotte winning is always a possibility. Personally, I’ve had my fill of Charlotte flair versus Sasha Banks and Asuka. Someone else, please.

Bianca Belair | WWE

Bianca Bel Air

Bianca has been dubbed the future of the women’s division many times. She’s booked strongly and has been one of the bookmaker’s favourites to win. WWE clearly sees something big in her and rightly so. She has that ‘IT’ factor. If Bianca does not win, I can see her for sure being in the final three.

Wrestling's Best Women, #18: Bayley - Cageside Seats


Let’s face it, at some point in the future, every member of the four horsewomen will have won a Royal Rumble match. Bayley has had a tremendous year, and i am pleasantly surprised at how well she was been able to transition into a heel character, considering who she was for years beforehand, and the focal point of the SmackDown women’s division for such a long time. Clearly she’s here to stay. I would prefer not seeing her against Sasha for the umpteenth time. However, I can understand why they may decide on that – and look forward to how they will work this storyline.

WATCH: Alexa Bliss Shows off her Insane Dance Moves - EssentiallySports

Alexa Bliss

Outside of the four horsewomen, Alexa is in my opinion most successful on the active roster. In terms of storyline. The whole ‘linked’ powers from The Fiend should mean that she couldn’t stay down, it could be very dangerous for her opponents in the ring. She’s currently in a feud with Randy Orton, I mean that should tell you how big a deal she is to the writing team and WWE Staff currently, and Alexa could run amok and be dominant the Women’s Division, the amount of amazing psychology between Asuka or Sasha Banks WWE could create would be great storytelling and a captivating watch.

Lana is WWE's Biggest Draw Right Now, Raw Ratings Prove


My final pick for the woman side is Lana, I’ve got to stick my neck on the line here and say that Lana is my pick to win it all this year. By the recent storylines, it appears to me that WWE are trying to morph her, as a character, to garner sympathy and to make the WWE Universe root for her to overcome the odds and defeat the ‘bad guys’. Personally, for me, this is working as I would love to see her win. And after the tough emotional experience that she’s had, it would be a nice heartwarming start on our Road To Wrestlemania.

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