WWE: Royal Rumble Results | January 31, 2021

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships
Asuka & Charlotte Vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Ric Flair’s music hits and distracted Charlotte. Lacey also distracts her, as Ric passes brass knucks’ to Lacey Evans. She cracks Charlotte in the skull with them with the ref distracted, and Nia Jax drops a leg drop for the win!

NEW CHAMPIONS: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre Vs. Goldberg

After Goldberg’s entrance, we got a video showcasing some of his most recent WWE accomplishments. Then the Scottish Warrior entered the Thunderdome. The action began quickly with a Glasgow Kiss and a SPEAR from McIntyre. On the outside of the ring, Goldberg then speared McIntyre through the barricade.

Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Championship via Pinfall (Claymore)

Goldberg and McIntyre put on a hell of a match. Spears, Jackhammers, and Claymores galore! Unfortunately the WWE Hall of Farmer could not pin the resilient Scotsman after a few spears and a jackhammer.

After the match the men shook hands. McIntyre ended up earning Goldberg’s respect.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Sasha Banks versus Carmella

Before the match, Sasha Banks gave an interview. She said after tonight she would be drinking the finest champagne of Carmella’s tears and then be able to focus on who would challenge her at Wrestlemania.

Sasha Banks defeated Carmella via Submission (Bank Statement) to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Carmella gave it a valiant effort, but all of her tricks and hard work couldn’t get her past Banks. After Reginald was ejected from ringside, Mella let that get to her. She complained to the ref more and lost a bit of focus. After Banks missed a frog splash, Mella tried to take advantage and get the pin but to no avail. Banks was even able to counter the Code of Silence.

Backstage, Xavier Woods was chatting with Big E. After making fun of Woods for losing to Retribution time and time again, E told Woods that he needs 60 minutes from him tonight in the Rumble. Sami Zayn interrupted their conversation to continue putting out the conspiracy theory that he should still be Intercontinental Champion.

Then Kofi Kingston scared him! Kofi pointed out the New Day wearing gear in tribute to Brodie Lee (fantastic by the way) and said while he is not medically cleared to wrestle, he will be there to support the boys. When one member of the New Day win the Rumble, they all do!

Back at ringside we got Bad Bunny’s performance!

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

1BayleyBianca Belair (12th)
2Naomi Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (22nd)
3Bianca Belair
(56mins 49secs)
4Billie KayLiv & Ruby (3rd)
5Shotzi BlackheartShayna Baszler (1st)
6Shayna BaszlerNia Jax (24th)
7Toni StormRhea Ripley (4th)
8Jillian HallBillie Kay (2nd)
9Ruby RiottBayley (7th)
10VictoriaShayna Baszler (5th)
11Peyton RoyceCharlotte Flair (10th)
12Santana GarrettRhea Ripley (6th)
13Liv MorganPeyton Royce (8th)
14Rhea RipleyBianca Belair (29th)
15Charlotte FlairBianca & Rhea (28th)
16Dana BrookeRhea Ripley (9th)
17Torrie WilsonShayna Baszler (11th)
18Lacey EvansShayna Baszler (20th)
19Mickie JamesLacey Evans (14th)
20Nikki CrossCarmella (17th)
21Alicia FoxMandy Rose (13th)
22Mandy RoseRhea Ripley (16th)
23Dakota KaiRhea Ripley (15th)
24CarmellaNaomi(?) (18th)
25TaminaNia Jax & Shayna Baszler (23rd)
26LanaNatalya (26th)
27Alexa BlissRhea Ripley (19th)
28Ember MoonNia Jax (21st)
29Nia JaxLana (25th)
30NatalyaBianca Belair (27th)

After the Women’s Royal Rumble we went backstage, where Miz and Morrison tried to convince Bad Bunny to collaborate on a song. Miz said it would take bad Bunny straight to the top, even more than Booker T. Unfortunately Bad Bunny wasn’t in. Miz then said some bad things about Booker, which of course he got caught!

Then we saw how Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler retained the Women’s Tag Team Championships on the kick off show. We then went back to our kick off-panel, where Peter Rosenberg tricked R-Truth and became THE NEW 24/7 CHAMPION.

After the title change, we went back to Michael Cole and Corey Graves. They got us hyped for Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens by showing us a video recapping the history of their feud.

WWE Universal Championship – Last Man Standing
Roman Reigns (c) Vs. Kevin Owens

Steel steps, chairs, tables, and a golf cart. At one point the action went backstage and KO jumped off a fork lift and hit a swanton bomb on Reigns sending him through a table. Before they made it backstage, KO was thrown off the top of the Thunderdome, similar to the spot on Smackdown a few weeks prior.

Reigns brought handcuffs into play. He attempted to cuff KO, but KO blocked the attempt. KO was then able to use the cuffs to beat up Reigns and then cuffed him to the lights at the entrance ramp. This should have been the match. Paul Heyman rushed over with the keys, it took him forever to unlock the cuffs on Reigns.

Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship

Men’s Royal Rumble Match:

2Randy OrtonEdge (29th)
3Sami ZaynBig E (2nd)
4Mustafa AliBig E (4th)
5Jeff HardyDolph Ziggler (1st)
6Dolph ZigglerKane (9th)
7Shinsuke NakamuraBaron Corbin (12th)
8CarlitoElias (5th)
9Xavier WoodsMustafa Ali (3rd)
10Big EOmos (19th)
[Not in the Match]
11John MorrisonDamian Priest (8th)
12RicochetKane (10th)
13EliasDamian Priest (6th)
14Damian PriestBobby Lashley (16th)
15The MizDamian Priest (7th)
16Matt RiddleSeth Rollins (25th)
17Daniel BryanSeth Rollins (24th)
18KaneDamian Priest (11th)
19Baron CorbinDominik Mysterio (14th)
20OtisBaron Corbin (13th)
21Dominik MysterioBobby Lashley (15th)
22Bobby LashleyRiddle, Daniel, Christian & Big E (18th)
23The HurricaneBig E & Bobby Lashley (17th)
24ChristianSeth Rollins (27th)
25AJ StylesBraun Strowman (23rd)
26Rey MysterioOmos (20th)
[Not in the Match]
27SheamusBraun Strowman (22nd)
28CesaroBraun Strowman (21st)
29Seth RollinsEdge (28th)
30Braun StrowmanEdge & Christian (26th)

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