WWE: Sasha Banks – The Best WWE Women’s Wrestler Ever?

It seems Sasha Banks can do no wrong. Called up to RAW as a member of Four Horsewomen (with Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch), Banks was poised to set the world on fire with her sistren. And for the most part, that has been accomplished. At the start of 2021, Banks enters as the SmackDown Women’s Titleholder. Who can say what happens next? The name of the game in the WWE Universe is staying fresh and relevant without boring the audience. Banks now singularly faces this challenge.

Presently, Banks is feuding with Carmella. Though Carmella deserves this opportunity, the simmering issue is how long should it last? Fans have become more and more vocal about feuds going on for too long and being too repetitive. Carmella and Banks appear to be gearing up for a second go-round and it’s hard to say this will continue to hold fans’ interest. Unfortunately, Banks may not have a lot of options.

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At a glance, Bayley would be the go-to but seeing how they recently held the Tag Team Championships and faced off for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, this could be considered “old news”. If an interesting set-up could be laid for them to repair and take on RAW’s Asuka and Charlotte for the Tag Team Titles again perhaps there could be some interest but, it continues to be a case of “they just did that”.

Potentially, Bianca BelAir could be a serious contender. Given how she is allied with Banks, for the time being, this relationship could take the inevitable sour turn. Conversely, they could allow BelAir a title shot under the premise of camaraderie. With a friendly rivalry in place, BelAir could pursue her dreams with no consequence to their friendship. Yet, the WWE Universe thrives on dissension. To go this route could indicate a heel-turn on Banks’ or BelAir’s part.

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Ruby Riott is a plausible contender. Though she’s currently a part of the scant Tag Team Division, she has shown that she has the talent to the main event. But given her pairing with Liv Morgan, it’s probably better for them to get a Tag Team Title first before contemplating a Singles run. The same can be said for Liv Morgan. Both have to better establish themselves before going for the next step.

Billie Kay may be rowing in an adjacent boat. She’s proving entertaining but her opting for comedy makes her hard to take seriously. She’ll have to work on her presentation and more importantly find her niche before a title run could be considered.

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Before Sonya DeVille’s incident, she would have been a primary contender for a title run. She could probably have a stellar feud with Banks. Yet, seeing how she’s choosing to play Assistant General Manager as she gets back up to speed, we may have to wait for live audiences before we can contemplate her involvement.

There is a possibility of Rhea Ripley coming to the scene. There’s speculation that she’s going to get called up soon. If this is the case and she happens to end up on SmackDown, challenging Sasha Banks could be a good way for her to make her official splash. Ripley dipped her toe in WWE waters against Charlotte Flair for last year’s WrestleMania. If she’s going to stay, it’s good to break onto the scene with an agenda. Since she was sent back to NXT sans title, it’s very believable she’d roar into WWE hungry for one.

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Also, there are inter-brand options besides Charlotte and Asuka. If Banks is willing to go down the rabbit hole, she could end up on Alexa Bliss’ list. Another possible route is she welcomes back Becky Lynch with a resentful feud for old times’ sake. It could serve as a bridge for Lynch’s return.

No matter how you paint it, Banks will have to be vigilant and circumspect. Good taste is not one of WWE’s strengths. Nevertheless, if she wants to look back at her career with pride, she’ll have to make sure she’s plotting a course with an attainable destination in mind.

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