WWE: Seth Rollins – The Perfect ‘Out’ for Wrestlemania’s Main Event

Is Rollins the perfect out for Wrestlemania?

WWE is well on its way down the road to WrestleMania, and it seems the main event will see Universal Champion Roman Reigns defend against Royal Rumble winner Edge in a battle that is almost guaranteed to be titled Spear versus Spear – But the question is when they arrive at the Showcase Of Immortals, how does WWE play it?

It’s easy to simply say Edge returns, defeats Roman Reigns, and completes the fairytale story by winning back the championship he never lost in the first place. But that would be too simplistic, and unfair on The Tribal Chief, who is without question the best heel in the entire business today.

If WWE wants reality, then the realistic thing to do is have Edge risk almost everything but just come up short against the much superior Roman Reigns, falling at the last hurdle in his quest to reclaim the gold.

Would the fans accept the bad guy prevailing on the Grandest Stage of them all? Perhaps not, but they might do if it leads to Edge’s next big angle in WWE.

Edge Vs Roman - Rollins Piece

Say, for example, the pair put on a classic, and there’s no reason why it won’t be, and Edge has withstood a ton of punishment, countless amounts of interference from The Usos and Paul Heyman, as well as witnessing a brutal assault by The Tribal Chief on his best friend Christian, and the Hall of Famer reverts to his Ultimate Opportunistic ways, finding a way to down Reigns perhaps with a one-man Concerto, and is closing in on sealing the huge victory when an old rival rears his head…

Who can that old rival be? Someone that Edge has had countless battles with, such as Randy Orton? I think we’ve suffered enough on that front. Maybe Triple H? No chemistry there. How about his greatest rival of all time, John Cena? That would sure create huge headlines, but would also make zero sense. No, the old rival I’m talking about is…….

The Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins.

It would make perfect sense. Rollins has a long storied history with Reigns, and can easily align with him moving forward to reform a revamped Shield with The Tribal Chief. Rollins also has a major history with Edge, stemming back to The Authority days when Seth threatened to re-break Edge’s neck to ensure Cena reinstated Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to power. There’s a ready-made story to be told here. And Rollins would have a valid reason to cost Edge the title too, other than sheer disdain.

Seth Rollins - Monday Night Messiah

Two years ago, Seth Rollins was the golden boy of WWE, having won the men’s Royal Rumble and dethroned the unbeatable Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania to have a lengthy reign as Champion, only for the fans to turn on him and find a new toy in the form of the returning Edge.

Now the entire focus of the company is on Edge, and Rollins is pushed aside.

He is forced to accept a supporting role at WrestleMania while Edge worked almost an hour in one of the main events opposite Randy Orton.

Then this year, Edge will be in the main event having won the Rumble, while Rollins will more than likely have to settle for a mid-card Intercontinental Championship contest. The premise of Rollins’ hatred towards Edge will simply boil down to jealousy.

If I were the one booking the road to WrestleMania, I’d have had Rollins win the Rumble as a babyface to challenge Reigns, but obviously, that’s not the direction they went. Seth returned as The Messiah character, which has a mid-card ceiling, let’s be honest, so this is the second-best option they have.

Rollins can blame the fans for turning their back on him and choosing Edge. He can say that the moment he witnessed Edge return and steal his spot he knew he had to do something. Now he’s going to do what he should’ve done all those years earlier and that breaks the neck of Edge and force him to retire once and for all.

If WWE decides to go this way, they manage to achieve several things in one evening.
Edge, Seth Rollins - Randy

They’ll get to keep the title on the hottest talent in the company, they make sure Edge doesn’t lose cleanly, and set up an interesting feud moving out of WrestleMania.

That should be the way to go, and arguably the only way to go. If they go with Edge simply conquering Roman Reigns then the last six months will have been for moot and we will be back at square one with a legendary part-timer defeating an overcurrent roster member.

If WWE decides to book this as the main event, then they have the ideal out in Seth Rollins, just like he was when called upon at WrestleMania 31.

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