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WWE SmackDown Live Results – 10th September 2019

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live!

With Elias now out of King of the Ring, who will be his replacement?

  • The show opens with a gong and the bone chilling presence of the Undertaker.
  • Once he gets to the ring, Undertaker says for the past 30 years he has considered Madison Square Garden home and isn’t sure how many more chances he will get to come back. He goes on to talk about how every legend he has shared the ring with at MSG, he has taken a little piece of them with him. He mentions how they are ushering in a new generation, but before he can finish he is interrupted by Sami Zayn.
  • Sami says that just like New York he respects legends, but while he respects Taker, Sami believes he should have been the one to open the show. “30 years! When is enough, enough!”
  • Sami goes on to say that the future is here and he is it. He then asks Undertaker to leave the ring and the WWE to him. He says it would be the right thing to do. Taker does give Sami his mic, but while Sami thinks he is victorious the Undertaker stays and gives Sami a choke slam.
  • Chad Gable is seen entering Shane McMahon’s office to discuss his King of the Ring match. Shane tells Chad he will not just go straight to the finals, but will have to earn it.
  • Miz defeats Andrade, but gets attacked by Shinsuke after the match.
  • Shane McMahon announces himself as Chad Gable’s opponent later in the night.
  • Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are in the ring for Mandy’s match against Nikki Cross. Mandy cuts a promo about being prettier than Nikki.
  • Nikki Cross defeats Mandy Rose
  • Ember Moon confronts Bayley about her recent actions, says this isn’t the Bayley she knows. Bayley goes on to say she is the same person she has always been and not everything she has done is for Sasha but also the betterment of the Smackdown Women’s title. Ember doesn’t buy it.
  • Heavy Machinery defeats Johnny Silver and Alex Keaton
  • Kevin Owens is shown in Shane’s office. Shane tells him he is willing to reconsider his $100,000 fine, only if Kevin does his job correctly. This job being special guest referee in the main event tonight.
  • Erick Rowan makes his way to the ring. Rowan says his entire life no one has understood him. He tells the crowd they need to look deep in his eyes to get him, he is a mastermind. He begins to mention Roman, when Roman’s music hits.
  • Roman charges down to the ring and hits Rowan with a Superman punch. A huge brawl then breaks out. At one point Rowan uses a “fan” and camera equipment to bring down Roman. While Roman took the worst of the brawl, he gets up on his own asking what way Rowan took off too.
  • Charlotte is seen ringside for Bayley’s match with Ember Moon.
  • Bayley defeats Ember Moon and after the match has a stare down with Charlotte.
  • Kofi is out to go down memory lane. It was ten years ago when Kofi put Randy through a table in MSG, putting his career on the map.
  • Randy eventually interrupts, chanting ‘Stupid!’ We we Randy in the crowd, he tells Kofi he will become champion on Sunday and end the fraud Kofi has been.
  • Kofi had heard enough and goes towards where Randy is. Unfortunately for him, it’s another game by Randy as he attacks Kofi with a steel chair. Kofi eventually gets the upper hand, while history repeats itself and Kofi puts Randy through a table.
  • Chad Gable defeats Shane McMahon, but Shane decides to make the match 2 out of 3 falls
  • Kevin struggles reffing the match, he counts very slow for Chad and quickly for Shane.
  • Shane eventually grabs a steel chair, which Kevin stops. This gives Chad time to lock in the ankle lock forcing Shane to tap out.
  • Kevin was left with no choice, but Shane doesn’t care as he attacks him. We end the show with Shane firing Kevin Owens.


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