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WWE SmackDown Live Results – 11th June, 2019

Daniel McIver runs down the results from tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live.

Hot of the heels of a…mediocre Monday Night RAW- the WWE truck rolled into Smackdown Live. We have Miz TV, the return of Big E to in-ring competition and more!

  • Miz TV kicks off the show. Miz explains he is forced to conduct this episode of Miz TV by Shane McMahon as Shane and Drew McIntyre are the guests. Shane, Elias and Drew come out and gloat about Shane’s win at Super ShowDown over Roman Reigns. Drew then states he will beat Reigns at Stomping Grounds next weekend. Matches are then set up for later tonight- Miz has to run the gauntlet. If Miz wants to face Shane tonight- he must beat Elias, then McIntyre and then he’ll get to face Shane.
  • MEN’S SINGLES MATCH; The Miz vs Elias. MATCH RESULT– The Miz wins via pinfall.
  • MEN’S SINGLES MATCH; The Miz vs Drew McIntyre. MATCH RESULT- McIntyre via pinfall.
  • Despite losing the gauntlet, due to Drew taking out Miz, Shane has the match anyway
  • MEN’S SINGLES MATCH; The Miz vs Shane McMahon. MATCH RESULT- Shane wins via submission in under a minute.
  • Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan come to the ring. They announce they’re going to compete in a ‘Title Unification’ match against the ‘YOLO County’ Champions (two enhancement talent). Before any match can happen, Heavy Machinery come out and reinforce their claim for the Smackdown Titles. Bryan and Rowan say that Heavy Machinery must face the enhancement talent.
  • MEN’S TAG TEAM MATCH- Heavy Machinery vs ‘YOLO County’ Champions (Enhancement Talent). MATCH RESULT- Heavy Machinery win via pinfall.
  • Backstage- Truth speaks about how much the 24/7 Title is affecting his life. He hides in a box but it accidentally locks. Jinder finds him and goes to get a crowbar to open the box.
  • WOMAN’S SINGLES MATCH- Sonya Deville vs Carmella. MATCH RESULT- Deville wins via pinfall.
  • Backstage- Alexa tells Nikki that Bayley has been talking about her on social media.
  • The New Day, with Big E, come to the ring. They celebrate Kofi’s win at Super ShowDown and state that they will win in the six man tag tonight. Dolph Ziggler interrupts and states he lost unfairly at Super ShowDown as Xavier Woods got involved. But, at Stomping Grounds in a steel cage, he will win and become the new WWE Champion. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens then come out to support Dolph but Kingston states he will defeat Ziggler at Stomping Grounds.
  • Backstage- Bayley responds to Alexa’s comments. She states she has no issues with Nikki but will still defeat her.
  • We see another pre-taped Aleister Black vignette where he, again, demands a fight.
  • WOMAN’S SINGLES MATCH– Bayley vs Nikki Cross. MATCH RESULT– Bayley wins via pinfall.
  • Backstage- Jinder has lost the crate that R-Truth is stuck in. He discovers the crates are going to LA for next Monday’s RAW.
  • The same Firefly FunHouse from last night’s RAW airs.
  • Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage about being attacked last week by Andrade. He says that he’s not an afterthought and will attack Andrade but Zeilna Vega interrupts Crews to state that Crews should be wary of El Idolo. The camera pans to show a new look Chad Gable with short hair standing take notes.
  • SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH- Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs The New Day. MATCH RESULT- The New Day win via pinfall.

Overall, it was a great change to see so much wrestling on WWE weekly programming. However, nothing particularly special happened and there were still too many promo segments- two taking up a quarter of the show’s run-time.


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