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WWE SmackDown Live Results – 17th September 2019

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live.

With Baron Corbin’s coronation happening, how will the WWE Universe react?

  • Smackdown opens with The New Day defeating Randy Orton and The Revival via pinfall
  • Brock Lesnar’s music hits after the win. Paul Heyman and Brock make their way down to the ring to confront Kofi. As Brock makes his way down, Kofi sends Big E and Woods to the back.
  • Paul lays out Brock’s challenge, a WWE Championship match on Smackdown’s debut on FOX Sports. Kofi says he promised the WWE Universe he would be a fighting champion and accepts the challenge. Brock goes to shake Kofi’s hand, but instead delivers a F5 to the Champion.
  • A video package is shown of what went down between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon last week. Shane is to address the situation later in the night.
  • Sasha and Bayley are interviewed by Kayla. Kayla asks if Sasha has a response to Becky Lynch’s comments. Sasha says she is the star of the women’s division, which means she will take on anything put in front of her. Plus, she can say she has already been in a Cell before, Becky can’t.
  • Michael Cole interviews Erick Rowan in hopes of finding some answers. Erick makes it clear that this interview is about him as soon as Michael brings up Luke Harper. Rowan goes on to say that he did what he did to Roman Reigns to scare him. He wanted to show Roman he doesn’t have the dominance that he thought he did. The entire WWE is going to learn not to disrespect him again.
  • Sami Zayn comes out before Ali’s match, asks for respect for not only himself, but for the man he liberated. Shinsuke Nakamura then comes out, as Sami and Shinsuke walk to the ring, Sami addresses Ali. He says that Ali got lucky a few weeks ago when he defeated Shinsuke.
  • Sami and Shinsuke attack Ali before the match begins, therefore the match never happens.
  • Kevin Owens is shown taking a seat in the crowd. Not long after, Shane McMahon is shown being served papers.
  • Shane heads to the ring with a bunch of security. He calls on Kevin to come down to the ring and talk about everything that is going on. Shane says the papers he was served were for a wrongful termination lawsuit, which if Kevin were to win he would receive 25 million dollars.
  • Kevin finally gets the chance to speak and goes on to explain why he has such a strong case against Shane. Kevin cites everything that has been going on for the past couple of months. Kevin said he did what was best for his family, when he helped Shane last week. Even with his help, Shane still couldn’t get the job done. As much as Kevin wants to punch Shane, he says that this lawsuit hits Shane right where it hurts, his wallet. Before Kevin leaves the ring, he tells Shane he needs to read the papers well because not only when Kevin wins will he gain millions, but he will also get to fire Shane.
  • Offset is in the ring to announce Charlotte to the ring for her match against Sasha Banks.
  • Charlotte defeats Sasha Banks via DQ as Bayley interfered.
  • Sasha and Bayley attack Charlotte after the match, prompting Carmella to make the save. While Carmella takes out Sasha, a confused Bayley is dealt with by Charlotte.
  • Baron Corbin is coronated as King. He says he wants to recognize Chad Gable and asks him to come to the ring.
  • While Chad is walking down to the ring, Baron makes a bunch of short jokes. Baron says Chad is just like the WWE Universe, while he tries and tries he still comes up short. Chad hearing enough, beats up Corbin. In the process, Chad destroys the throne, crown, and scepter.
  • Heavy Machinery defeats The B Team via pinfall
  • Daniel Bryan is in the ring, he says he understands why people thought he was behind the attacks on Roman. Good or bad, Daniel has never lied.
  • He goes on to say that he always saw Rowan for who he was. Daniel says he always treated Rowan as an equal, but even more so as a friend.
  • Rowan comes out saying Daniel never treated him equally. Rowan said he was never asked what he wanted or how he felt. Daniel got in his face saying if he felt so disrespected to do something about it.
  • Luke Harper attacks Daniel from behind. Roman Reigns’s music hits, but by the time Roman comes out the numbers are stacked against him.
  • Smackdown ends with Rowan and Harper destroying everyone and everything at ringside. They take out security, Roman, and put Daniel through the announce table.


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