WWE SmackDown Live Results – 28th May, 2019

After a much-maligned episode of Monday Night RAW- Smackdown Live had a lot of expectations on it’s shoulders. With the Kevin Owens Show, the ‘Shane McMahon Appreciation Night’ and many more; we’ll need to see if the Blue Brand can outperform its older brother.

  • Kevin Owens hits the ring and announces that he won’t showcase ‘The Kevin Owens Show’ tonight as the audience don’t deserve it. He states he had nothing to do with Big E getting injured last week and says that Dolph Ziggler will win the WWE Championship at Super Showdown due to Owens destroying Kofi Kingston tonight. Kingston interrupts and calls Owens a liar and lets him know he’s going to beat him tonight because Kevin attacked Owens and E.
  • MEN’S SINGLES MATCH- Kevin Owens vs Kofi Kingston. MATCH RESULT- Kingston wins via pinfall.
  • Backstage- we see Drew McIntyre and Elias talking to Shane McMahon and then we cut to R-Truth and Carmella running through the backstage area.
  • Bryan and Rowan cut an in-ring promo stating that the tag team division is a joke in WWE. Their mission statement is to save the division and save the planet. Heavy Machinery interrupt and stake their claim for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.
  • Backstage- Many Rose and Sonya Deville hand out copies of ‘Muscle and Fitness- Hers’ with Mandy Rose on the cover. They give most of the copies to Ember Moon who is sat reading Jekyll and Hyde.
  • WOMAN’S SINGLES MATCH- Carmella vs Mandy Rose. MATCH RESULT- Rose wins via pinfall after Sonya Deville distracted Carmella.
  • Backstage- R-Truth runs from a large amount of the roster.
  • Another Aleister Black vignette airs and states he won’t name someone to compete with- he’s waiting for someone to pick a fight with him instead.
  • Shane McMahon comes to the ring with Drew McIntyre and Elias flanking him for the ‘Shane McMahon Appreciation Night’ segment. A promo package airs showing the best of Shane McMahon and then praises Kevin Dunn. Shane then runs down Roman and his family
  • During this segment- R-Truth successfully defends the 24/7 Championship against Drake Maverick but is then jumped by Drew, Elias and Shane. Elias pins Truth and becomes the new 24/7 Champion. Shane then makes the match for the main event- Drew McIntyre and Elias vs Roman Reigns and R-Truth.
  • Lacey Evans and Charlotte are drinking afternoon tea and run down Becky Lynch and Bayley.
  • WOMAN’S SINGLES MATCH- Bayley vs Lacey Evans w/ Charlotte Flair on commentary. MATCH RESULT- Bayley wins via pinfall after Charlotte tries to get involved.
  • Post match- Lacey tries to attack Charlotte but gets laid out by The Queen as Bayley looks on.
  • The Undertaker will be returning to WWE on Monday Night RAW.
  • Andrade and Zelina Vega appear backstage to hype Andrade vs Balor at Super Showdown.
  • The same FireFly FunHouse segment from Monday Night RAW airs.
  • MEN’S TAG TEAM MATCH- Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre and Elias. MATCH RESULT- Reigns and Truth win via pinfall.
  • After the match- R-Truth regains his 24/7 Championship from Elias after help from Roman Reigns.

Overall a…fine episode of Smackdown Live. Nothing spectacular happened and it just felt like running through the motions. Elias winning a Championship and Owens vs Kingston were clear highlights.

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