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WWE: Smackdown Results | 02/04/21 | Logang 4 Life

Smackdown comes to us from the WWE ThunderDome, with our build to WrestleMania well underway! We expect to see an appearance from Internet Celebrity Logan Paul and Boxer (who lost to fellow Internet Celebrity and Rapper KSI in his professional bout, giving him a 0-1 record), who will appear for the premiere of Sami Zayn’s Documentary, will he insert himself into the WrestleMania 37 card tonight?

We began Smackdown by seeing how Adam Pearce made the Universal Championship match at Wrestlemania a triple threat.

After seeing the video, Edge made his entrance to the Thunderdome. He said what happened at Fastlane and last week didn’t need to happen…or maybe it did. Edge went on to say it was inevitable that he was going to hit obstacles on his road to Wrestlemania.

Edge went on to bring up Daniel Bryan and his frustrations with him. But if anyone should have seen an opportunist coming, it should have been Edge. While he is mad at Bryan for getting himself inserted into the match, he thanked him because now when he looks in the mirror he likes what he sees.

Edge has now woken up. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan aspire to become him: he’s a former multi time WWE Champion, a WWE legend, a WWE Hall of Famer. Now? He is back to being the Rated-R Superstar and he likes it.

Last week he almost hit the Con-Chair-To, if the opportunity arises again he won’t miss.

Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break Edge was walking backstage and was stopped by Kayla Braxton. Braxton asked Edge his thoughts on Daniel Bryan versus Jey Uso in a Street Fight tonight. Edge said he won’t feel bad if Bryan gets beat senseless tonight and doesn’t make in to Wrestlemania, in fact he’d be happy for that to happen.

Back at ringside, Chad Gable and Otis made their entrance. Gable got on the mic and hyped up Otis, his number one guy. He said he has transformed the bulldozer into a force of nature, unleashing his inner alpha. According to Gable the Alpha Academy has peeked at the right time. Next week they are going to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships next week.

Enter in the current champions. During Ziggler and Robert Roode’s entrance an inset promo was played. They said the other three teams they will face next week are not on their level. Roode said they don’t have the willingness or desire to sacrifice like they do.

During the Mysterios and The Street Profits entrances, they also had promos where they said they would be walking out with the gold next week.

Otis, Chad Gable, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode defeated The Street Profits and The Mysterios via Pinfall (Flying Bulldozer)

The match began with Ziggler and Dominik Mysterio. Then the match broke down into dives on the outside! After a commercial, Angelo Dawkins got into the match and really took over. Dawkins eventually tagged in Montez Ford and he went for his frog splash, but Chad Gable moved. Gable then tagged in Otis and Alpha Academy seems to have all the momentum heading into next week.

After the match we saw Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville talking backstage when Paul Heyman interrupted. Heyman made his case for a clause to be put in place during the Street Fight tonight, where Jey Uso would not be liable for his actions. Pearce didn’t look like he thought it was a good idea. Deville on the other hand thought Heyman made a great point.

Back inside the Thunderdome, Seth Rollins made his entrance. We saw a video of Cesaro swinging Rollins backstage from last week. Then we are told Rollins and Cesaro will be face to face when we return from commercial.

When we returned from commercial Michael Cole hyped up Sami Zayn’s documentary trailer, which Logan Paul will be present for.

In the ring, Corey Graves is there to be the moderator of sorts between Rollins and Cesaro. Graves did point out that this will be Cesaro’s first singles match at Wrestlemania. Cesaro said that this will be the biggest match in his career. While Rollins may believe Cesaro comes up short a lot and is a failure, Cesaro said he will not fail this time. He believes there is something different in the air.

Then the swing was brought up and Rollins attention peaked.

Rollins said he is unshakable during Wrestlemania season. Then Rollins listed off some of his Mania moments, ya know the one: heist of the century! Rollins even compared the moment to Andre being slammed by Hulk Hogan. Then Cesaro reminded Rollins that he wouldn’t be out there if he didn’t believe he could beat him. This is when tensions really started to rise.

Graves was sent out of the ring as Rollins began to go off on Cesaro. Rollins said he is light years ahead of Cesaro. At Wrestlemania he will embarrass him and Cesaro will have nothing to fall back on. That is if he lets Cesaro get to Wrestlemania. As Rollins began to get in Cesaro’s face, Cesaro told him to take a swing. This caused Rollins to back off and leave the ring.

Backstage we saw Carmella backstage and she seemed to be preparing for a match. As the cameras panned out a bit we saw Reginald walking up the hall with the women’s tag team champions. Nia Jax stopped and told Mella she didn’t treat Reginald right.

Then we took a commercial break.

Natalya defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall (Rollup)

There’s not much to unpack here, it was a really quick match.

After the match though, Nia Jax hit the ring to attack after her tag team partner lost. This brought Tamina into the ring to help Nattie. But the Women’s Tag Team Champions took control, sending Tamina and Nattie out of the ring.

Just when the champions though they were good, The Riott Squad showed up and took out Jax! Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke then ran down to the ring to join the chaos. Rose and Brooke took out Baszler with their double team flapjack.

Brooke and Rose were not the last team to join the brawl, as Lana and Naomi made their way to the ring. Lana and Naomi went right for the champions. The chaos though ended with Nattie and Tamina standing tall, while the champions and Reginald walked up the entrance ramp.

We saw Carmella watching everything backstage when Billie Kay approached her. Mella at first was going to send Kay away without taking her resume, but changed her mind last minute.

Before going to commercial break, we saw footage of Sami Zayn awaiting the arrival of Logan Paul.

Coming back from break, Sami Zayn made his entrance. Zayn was very excited about showing everyone the trailer to his documentary, specifically his guest Logan Paul. After hyping things up, Zayn then brought out Logan Paul.

After Paul took his seat, Zayn gave hm a lot of props for standing with him. Paul then thanked him for inviting him to Smackdown and said it was really cool to be in a WWE ring for the first time. Seeing how excited Paul was to be here for his premiere, Zayn asked him to be his guest at Wrestlemania.

Then we saw the trailer for Zayn’s documentary and well, it is indescribable. Just go watch it.

Before Paul could give his critique of the trailer, Zayn was attacked by Kevin Owens! A Stunner! KO yelled down to Zayn that at Wrestlemania he will beat some sense into him. This all went down as Paul just stood there kind of not knowing what to do. KO gave him a light shove as he went to leave the ring.

Backstage Edge walked into Pearce and Deville’s office. He told Pearce he made the worst decision in the history of the company last week by making the championship match a triple threat. While he doesn’t believe Pearce has a good track record with match making, he did commend him on the Street Fight. Then he let Pearce and Deville know he would be on commentary for the match.

After Carmella made her entrance to the ring, we took a commercial break.

Returning from break, Kevin Owens was stopped by Kayla Braxton. Braxton asked KO about what we saw earlier. KO said he just wanted to send Zayn a message and in a way the rest of the locker room; he can give someone the Stunner anytime, anywhere. What KO didn’t see coming though was Zayn attacking from behind.

After seeing Zayn leave KO laying we got our Progressive Match Flo on Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair’s history.

Then Bianca Belair was interviewed in gorilla before her match with Carmella. Belair said she is glad that the true Legit Boss side of Sasha Banks has finally come out because that is who she wants to face at Wrestlemania.

As Belair made her entrance, Carmella attacked her! This gave Mella a bit of an advantage as of course the bell for the match had not rung.

Bianca Belair defeated Carmella via Pinfall (KOD)

While attacking Belair before the match began helped Carmella for a bit, Belair would not be kept down for long. Mella at one point did tie up Belair’s hair in the ropes and kicked her a few times. This though just made Belair angry. Once Belair got out of the corner the match completely changed.

As Belair was getting her hand raised in victory, Banks snuck up from behind. Belair turned around before Banks could do anything and the two had a stare off.

Before a commercial break we saw Roman Reigns giving Jey Uso a talk before his main event match.

When we returned from break we heard from King Corbin about why he showed up on Monday Night RAW. Corbin said he has been disrespected on Smackdown and heard about Bobby Lashley’s challenge. He said that on Monday he will beat Drew McIntyre and earn himself a spot at Wrestlemania.

Then we heard from Apollo Crews about his Intercontinental Championship opportunity against Big E. Crews challenged E to a Nigerian Drum Fight, which I am still unsure of what that means.

We then saw Paul Heyman attempt to talk to Edge at gorilla, but Edge gave him the cold shoulder. Edge made his entrance as we went to commercial break.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso via Submission (Yes Lock)

Bryan began the match off hot with punches and kicks. Uso introduced a chair into the match. Once Bryan started using the chair on Uso and Uso rolled out of the ring, Roman Reigns’ music hit. Reigns’ presence helped Uso get back control of the match for a bit, but in the end Bryan was able to pull off the submission.

After the match Bryan went right for Edge at the commentary table with a running knee. Then he threw the WWE Hall of Famer into the ring post a few times. Then Bryan turned his attention to the Universal Champion.

Reigns tried to halt Bryan by throwing his chair at him, but that did not stop Bryan at all. After ducking the chair, Bryan hit Reigns with a running knee and then locked in the Yes Lock.

We ended Smackdown with Daniel Bryan celebrating in the ring.

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