WWE: Smackdown Results | 16/07/21 | Return of the Fans

It has been well over a year since the WWE was in front of live crowds, 70 weeks to be exact. Welcome back WWE Universe.

We began the show with a video package hyping us up about the return to live crowds. Then Vince McMahon made a short appearance to ask where the hell the crowds have been.

Roman Reigns, flanked by Paul Heyman was the first to make his entrance after Vince McMahon left. The Usos then followed suit. The Mysterios and Edge, who got a stupendous ovation, made their entrances to the ring as we took a commercial break.

The Usos and Roman Reigns defeated Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, and Edge via Pinfall (Schoolboy Pin)

Just when it looked like Roman Reigns may man up and face Edge to start the match, Jey Uso snuck in the ring and attacked Edge from behind! Edge wasn’t down for long though and brought Jey over to his corner and tagged in Dominik Mysterio. Dom got a few moves in and then made the quick tag to his dad Rey Mysterio. Rey and Edge then pulled off some double teams moves to take some of us back to their days as tag team champions.

While Dominik was bringing the fight to Jimmy, Jey snuck in a tag. After Jimmy and Jey had done the work, Reigns asked for the tag. Reigns then brought Dom to the outside and used the announcer’s table as a weapon by powerbombing Dom on the table.

After a commercial Dom seemed to be able to get himself back in the match with a Tornado DDT on Jimmy Uso. While Jimmy tagged in Jey, Dom was able to make the tag to Edge. Edge then began to clear house! Jey Uso missed that Rey was able to tag in and this is where things got chaotic. Dom hit a dive to the outside on Jimmy, then was attacked by Reigns. Back in the ring, Rey went for a 619 which Reigns stopped. Then, a HUGE SPEAR by Edge on Reigns. Unfortunately back in the ring, Jimmy helped his brother pull off the victory.

After the match The Usos began to attack The Mysterios. It wasn’t until Edge got back up and into the ring with a steel chair that things evened up. Of course Reigns couldn’t let that be the end of it and came back in the ring to Superman Punch Edge.

Reigns then set his sights on the steel chair that Edge brought into the ring. Just like Edge has been doing the past couple of weeks, Reigns broke off a small part of the chair in hopes to use it as a weapon. Edge though was able to recover in that amount of time and delivered a huge Spear to Reigns! He was then able to take the piece from the steel chair and put Reigns in a cross face with it! Reigns tapped!

Commentary then gave us a rundown of what to expect from tonight’s show and we went to another commercial break.

Returning from break, Edge and the Mysterios were stopped backstage by Kayla Braxton. The Mysterios and Edge gave their farewells before Edge turned to Braxton. Edge said he wished he could say that making Reigns tap out like a bitch just before was going to make Sunday easy, but he knows that is not the case.

He then said he may need to dig into some places he never has before and use apart of his soul he may not want to go to. To defeat Reigns this Sunday though? Edge is going to have to do whatever it takes. Edge said the last thing he needs to do in this industry is win the Universal Championship…


Edge is interrupted by a cackling Seth Rollins. Rollins said Edge can’t beat Reigns because Reigns has his number. At Money in the Bank though, Rollins said he will be Edge’s biggest fan. Rollins said he will do his job Sunday and win the MITB Briefcase and finish what he started 7 years ago. He would love to cash in on the man who made the match famous. Rollins wished Edge luck as he cackled himself away.

Back at ringside Sami Zayn made his entrance to the ring.

Zayn once again got on the mic and complained about the conspiracy that has been against him for the past year. Everyone is talking about MITB, but no one is talking about Zayn being purposely excluded. Focus on the happy: fans are back and there is a new entranceway (Zayn called these distractions).

Zayn though called having the fans back a victory for him. He then asked for the fans to stand up and make their voices heard. “Justice for Sami!” The crowd really was of no help to Zayn. Zayn wasn’t surprised that Texas wasn’t on his side. He just wants justice. If there was justice in the world, Zayn said he would be handed the MITB briefcase on a silver platter. He then said he would not let the show go on until justice is served.


The Prince has arrived to Smackdown and it was fantastic to see him. Balor made his way to the ring as Zayn looked on in shock. The two circled around each other for a moment before Zayn welcomed Balor back and tried to take a shot at him. Balor was quick to hit a Slingblade and kicked Zayn into the corner. Balor to the top rope! COUP DE GRACE!

After seeing a replay of Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox’s debut last week, the newly formed tag team made their entrance to the ring. Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from commercial break we saw a video highlighting Apollo Crews. Back at ringside we found out that Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega have joined commentary for this match.

Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart defeated Natalya and Tamina via Pinfall (Roll up)

For the second week in a row, Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart pulled off a victory on the Women’s Tag Team Champions. Honestly the match was hard to concentrate on, as Vega and Morgan took verbal shots at each other on commentary throughout the match. Towards the end of the match, Morgan and Vega came to blows! Their fight caused Nattie to get distracted and not lock in the Sharpshooter.

After the match, it was just chaotic. Tamina and Nattie were furious at their loss and went to take it out on Morgan and Vega. In the end though, Morgan was the one standing tall in the ring pointing at the briefcase.

We saw Bianca Belair making her way towards the ring as we took another commercial break.

Bianca Belair defeated Carmella via Pinfall (KOD)

As Belair made her entrance to the ring, we saw some highlights from her recent ESPY win with Sasha Banks. The reaction Belair got as Greg Hamilton introduced her was electric!

Carmella began the match by shoving Belair and followed that up with a slap. Belair chased Mella around the ring and then took her down. Mella was able to take advantage of Belair in the corner though with a few cheap shots as the referee made the count. Soon, Belair hit a huge shoulder tackle to the corner on Mella.

After shoving Belair into the ring post, Mella tried to take advantage with a pin attempt. When that didn’t work she sent Belair back outside of the ring and threw her into the barricades.

After some pretty good offense from Mella, she got Belair into the guillotine! Belair actually went down to one knee! Just when it seemed the champion had nothing left, she showed off her strength and hit a delayed vertical suplex! Mella did pull on Belair’s braid…bad move. Hair whip and then the KOD! Belair retains!

After the match we heard from Alpha Academy. Chad Gable said he teaches the importance of all five senses. When Gable and Otis look at the locker room they see grown men ducking in fear, they feel the tension, they hear the whispers, and they can taste Otis’ victory over Cesaro. According to Otis, they smell fear in the locker room.

Enter Cesaro.

Cesaro said he smells bull and mocked their list. According to Gable, Cesaro has earned Otis’ full attention. Then Otis attacked Cesaro before we went to commercial break.

Returning from break we saw a hype video for Toni Storm, who will make her Smackdown debut next week.

Cesaro defeated Otis via DQ

Otis began the match with a clubbing blow to Cesaro. Cesaro in true fashion though came back with a bunch of uppercuts. After a distraction by Gable though, Otis found himself back in control.

After Cesaro sent Otis to the outside, Gable snuck in the ring and hit a suplex on Cesaro. The referee then called for the bell.

After the match, Cesaro gave the crowd what they wanted and swung Gable! Unfortunately Otis put an end to the swing and then hit a Vader Bomb on Cesaro….for the Academy!

We then saw a recap of the opening match before we went backstage to see Paul Heyman. Heyman was interviewed and said that Edge will confess for his sins at Money in the Bank. Yes, sins. Guys, I don’t know.

Before Heyman could finish, Big E interrupted! Bless him. After giving himself a nice introduction, he did say he would win this Sunday, E wanted to talk to Heyman about something serious. E said it appears that Edge has a hold of Heyman’s boy! He told Heyman he would be worried if he was him…shook even!

Before going to commercial break, a very sad Barron Corbin made his way to the ring. The man looks like he hasn’t slept in a month!

When we returned from commercial break we saw how Corbin lost his crown. Corbin then explained that the last few weeks have been the most difficult of his life. He has lost his crown, his fortunate, his car, and his investments. Now according to Corbin he is about to lose his home and have to move into his in-law’s basement!

Corbin even said his two year old daughter is sick because she has to eat spaghetti out of a can instead of wagyu beef…the horror. He then said there is hope. Everyone in attendance and watching at home can help him by going to Corbin Fund! His goal? $100,00 guys! It’s not so much.

Yes if you are wondering you can access the site. No there is not an actual donation button to click.

Corbin got down on his knees to beg the WWE Universe to help him. Then, Kevin Owens came out!

Corbin said he wanted to believe KO was out there to help him. He said KO has influence with the locker room and if KO helps him others will fall in line. Corbin said KO sympathizes with those less fortunate and in need. Then Corbin said he knows KO doesn’t spend money on his wardrobe…wrong thing to say. STUNNER!!

Then Big E made his entrance to the ring as we went to commercial break.

Seth Rollins defeated Big E, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall (Curb Stomp)

The four men who will represent Smackdown at MITB really brought the fight. When we came back from commercial Boogs played out Shinsuke Nakamura. Then Seth Rollins made his entrance to the ring.

Rollins tried to avoid being involved in the match by telling the other three men involved to fight it out. As Rollins left the ring, Big E took a dive at him! Then KO hit a Tope Con Giro on E! Nakamura with a diving knee to KO!

Soon Rollins began to climb a ladder after he got Nakamura set up on the announcer’s table. KO though stopped Rollins and smashed his head into the ladder. He then climbed the ladder himself and hit a flying elbow on Nakamura!!

Meanwhile back in the ring, Rollins stomped E’s head off a ladder for the victory.

That’s all for the first show back with crowds folks. See you Sunday for Money in the Bank.

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