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    WWE: Smackdown Results | 26/03/21 | The Edge Of Reason

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    WWE Smackdown comes to us live from the WWE Thunderdome, Florida with all the fallout from last weekends explosive Fastlane – and we are full speed ahead on our Road To WrestleMania. Will we hear an explanation for the actions Edge took at Fastlane? What do they do with Danile Bryan now?

    We began Smackdown with a video recapping what happened at WWE Fastlane.

    Then we got the entrance of Daniel Bryan, who walked out with a steel chair. Once Bryan got to the ring, he took to the mic.

    Bryan said that everyone saw the reality, what Roman Reigns said would never happen: Reigns tapped out. Last week Reigns said he would rather die than tap out to someone like Bryan. But the truth of the matter is, Reigns is alive AND he tapped out to Daniel Bryan.

    If we lived in a perfect world, Bryan would be standing in the ring as WWE Universal Champion and would be going on to main event Wrestlemania. Unfortunately that is not the case. Why? Well as Bryan made Reigns tap out, Edge hit Bryan with a steel chair across the back.

    Edge has said for weeks Bryan hasn’t gone about this the right way, but Bryan is tired of being on the sidelines and having a dream match that they didn’t earn. Bryan EARNED a title match, he EARNED winning that title, and he EARNED being in the position to main event Wrestlemania. When it comes down to it, Bryan is willing to earn it all again.

    He then asked for a rematch against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship TONIGHT! Bryan said he wouldn’t leave the ring until he got what he wanted.

    We went to commercial break as Bryan stared at the entrance ramp.

    When we returned from break, Bryan was still in the ring. After a recap of what we just saw, Adam Pearce came out to ringside. Pearce said he can not give Bryan a rematch for the Universal Championship tonight. Bryan asked if he didn’t see Reigns tap out Sunday, if he didn’t a replay can be found.

    Pearce said that wouldn’t be necessary because the referee’s decision is final. The next time Reigns defends the Universal Championship will be at Wrestlemania against Edge. Bryan then suggested that after Reigns and Edge have their match at Mania, he immediately faces the winner.

    Pearce said that would be unfair to force anyone to go through two championship matches like that. Bryan laughed, I mean not like he hasn’t been through similar. He pointed out that he lasted 40 minutes in the Elimination Chamber and had to face Reigns right after. Seems fair right? The double standard for Edge and Reigns seems clear.

    Bryan then suggested that he face the winner of Edge/Reigns on Night Two of Wrestlemania. That is a reasonable outcome. Before Pearce could respond, Edge made his presence known.

    As Edge walked down to the ring, he hit the mic out of Pearce’s hands. Once he got to the ring, he said he sat back and watched as Bryan acted like a knight in shining armor. While Bryan has said this could be his last Mania, every time Edge steps foot in the ring it could be his last match. Ten years Edge has been dreaming of getting this opportunity back. In fact the second night of Mania is ten years to the day that Edge announced his retirement.

    Edge is not about letting Bryan taking his opportunity and dream away. He brought up how he outlasted everyone in the Royal Rumble and Bryan has lost to Reigns twice now. Edge said he doesn’t deserve the match at Mania and that’s when Bryan heard enough.

    A brawl between the two broke out, that Edge ended with a spear. Then Edge grabbed the steel chair that Bryan brought to the ring and hit him right in the back. We the went to commercial break as Edge stared at the destruction he left in the ring.

    When we returned from break we saw Roman Reigns in his locker room surrounded by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Reigns gave orders to Heyman to go and find Adam Pearce. As Heyman left Reigns turned to Uso, he told him to go with and use force if needed. Uso questioned him and Reigns responded with a ‘what are they gonna do, fire us?’

    As Seth Rollins made his entrance to the ring, we saw a video of Cesaro swinging Rollins 22 times from last month. Rollins was not amused.

    Seth Rollins defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall (Curb Stomp)

    Just like their match at Fastlane, Nakamura and Rollins put on a show. Nakamura was fired up from the get go, he was in control as we went to a commercial break. Most of the match Nakamura seemed to be in control, but Rollins was able to duck out of the way of Nakamura’s knees on the top rope. A Landslide couldn’t keep Rollins down and thats when the tides seemed to change.

    After the match Rollins decided he wasn’t done with Nakamura and continued attacking him. During the beat down, CESARO’S MUSIC HIT! Cesaro ran down to the ring to save his former tag team partner. A gut wrench suplex and a huge uppercut by Cesaro and Rollins was down! Cesaro went to lock in the swing, but Rollins was able to roll out of the ring.

    Cesaro called Rollins a coward from the ring and invited him back to the ring. Rollins stared back at him from the entrance ramp fuming.

    Backstage Adam Pearce showed up to Roman Reigns’ locker room. Reigns said Pearce needs to understand that he is only available for one night and one title defense at Mania. Pearce said he is almost inclined to agree with him, but there are other things to consider still. By the end of the night Pearce will have his decision.

    Back at ringside, the Intercontinental Champion Big E and The Street Profits made their entrance to the ring. We then took a commercial break.

    Returning from break, Rollins was backstage furious about Cesaro’s attack when Kayla Braxton walked up.

    Rollins said he wasn’t surprised that Cesaro tried to swing him again, but he is tired of the disrespect. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed by someone who is the failure of the company anymore. Then Rollins laid down the challenge, if Cesaro is man enough: a match at Wrestlemania. Rollins will teach him about respect at Mania and will never be swung by Cesaro again.

    That promise didn’t last long. Cesaro came up from behind and threw him against some of the crates backstage. Then….TIME TO SWING! After a lengthy time swinging, Cesaro let go and accepted Rollins’ Mania challenge.

    Apollo Crews and The Alpha Academy defeated Big E and The Street Profits via Pinfall (Olympic Slam)

    Apollo Crews seems to be trying to build momentum heading into Wrestlemania where he will face Big E on night two. E was pretty heated from the start, The Street Profits had to get him calmed down before the match began. Otis was pretty impressive in this match, dominating Montez Ford for a bit. In the end, after some chaos, Crews was able to pin the Olympic Slam.

    After the match we got a video recapping what went down between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn last week. Then we saw both men walking backstage. When we return from break, it seems like it will be time for The KO Show.

    As we returned from break, Adam Pearce ran into Edge backstage. Edge asked Pearce what kind of ship he was running here. He wanted to make sure Pearce was not going to give into Daniel Bryan’s demands. Pearce said his responsibility is to the WWE, not to Reigns, Bryan, or Edge. He said he will consider all the options and make his decision. Edge said he hopes he makes the right one or else.

    Back inside the Thunderdome, KO was already in the ring. He said the past few weeks he tried to make it clear to Sami Zayn that he is still on his side even if he doesn’t agree with all the conspiracy theories. In return, KO almost got his head kicked off his shoulders by Zayn. Then KO called Zayn out to answer his question and he was in no mood to wait.

    Zayn finally came out and tried to apologize for his actions. He said he had no business kicking KO at all, but the conspiracy stuff has been getting to his head. KO said that wasn’t what he was looking for. Zayn interrupted and said he knew the question was if KO could still be apart of the documentary, which was a yes!

    Zayn went on to say that next week he was holding a red carpet premiere for the trailer of his documentary and Logan Paul would be in attendance. As you can imagine, KO was not excited. KO said he didn’t care about the documentary, Logan Paul, or an apology. Before he could continue, Zayn began to mock him.

    Zayn said KO owed him an apology. That did not go over well. KO backed Zayn into a corner and finally asked his question: one on one match at Wrestlemania, yes or no? Zayn said they need to be working together and the match would be a mistake. KO yelled and Zayn said fine, yes to a match.

    KO said the only reason he let Zayn stand in his ring without beating him up is because he needed that answer, he got it and the brawl ensued! He beat the crap out of Zayn and it all ended in a stunner!

    Backstage Daniel Bryan found Adam Pearce. He said he understands what Pearce is going through as a former Smackdown GM. Bryan said he knows he is under a lot of pressure, but Pearce knows the right decision to make. Then we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break we saw a video on what happened during the Women’s Tag Team Championship match at Fastlane.

    Then Bianca Belair was interviewed in gorilla. Belair said she could have retaliated at Fastlane, but her mom taught her about needed to be the bigger person sometimes. Last Sunday she was the bigger person, so she can be the better person on Sunday. That is her business. Belair is just a little bit better than Banks, enough to show her that this ‘rookie’ can beat her.

    Bianca Belair defeated Natalya via Pinfall (KOD)

    Even with Sasha Banks making her presence felt, Belair was able to work through the added distraction. Banks’ presence did cause Belair to be put in a rough spot, but she really turned it around. Belair was even able to deliver a slap to Banks before winning the match.

    After the match Banks went on the attack! Banks delivered a backstabber and then she stood tall looking at the Wrestlemania sign.

    Backstage Edge strolled into Roman Reigns’ locker room. Jey Uso began to confront him, but Reigns told him to stand down. Reigns said it takes a lot of balls to come into his locker room and he almost respects him for it, but he should get to his point.

    Edge said Daniel Bryan is trying to steal their spotlight. He told Reigns if he has the stroke he says he does, now is the time to use it. If not, Edge won’t have to beat Reigns for the title, but he can pin Bryan. Then we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break Michael Cole and Corey Graves hyped up the fact that Wrestlemania tickets are still on sale.

    Then we got the entrance of Rey Mysterio accompanied by his son Dominik. As Rey made his entrance, a promo was played. He said he thought he accomplished everything in WWE, but what would put him on top of the world would be to win tag team gold with his son.

    Rey Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall (Springboard Splash)

    Lots to unpack here! The action was everywhere. As we went to commercial Ziggler powerbombed Rey over the barricade. Then when Dom went to check on his dad, he ate a superkick from Ziggler. Ziggler was still in control as we returned from break. He even caught Rey in a Zig Zag when he was going for some sort of spring board off the ropes. Mysterio though kicked out of that pin attempt!

    Adam Pearce, Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, and Paul Heyman all made their entrance to the ring after the match.

    Before we went to commercial commentary congratulated Kane and The Great Khali on their Hall of Fame inductions!

    Returning from break Edge and Daniel Bryan made their respective entrances to the ring.

    Pearce said that Reigns and Edge both had valid points, but on the flip side so did Bryan. There is a double standard and Bryan is right in saying he deserves another opportunity at the Universal Championship. Pearce went on to say that Reigns is right in only defending the championship once at Wrestlemania.

    Pearce’s decision? A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH. Bryan seemed to be the only person happy about it.

    After the decision was announced all hell broke lose. Bryan and Edge went after each other. After he hit Edge with a running dropkick to the corner, Bryan was hit with a Superman punch from Reigns!

    Jey Uso then went and got steel chairs. Before Reigns could use one, Edge hit him with a spear! Uso tried to get involved and was hit with a spear for his troubles. Edge then took over with the steel chair and hit both Bryan and Reigns!

    Then the idea of a conchairto had to come to the mind of Edge. He put chairs under Reigns and Bryan’s head as he went to get another chair. Uso tried to get back involved but was hit with a chair. Reigns was able to escape, Bryan was not so lucky.

    Referees and backstage officials came down to the ring to try to get Edge to calm down, but people like Pat Buck and Jamie Noble took chair shots for their trouble.

    We ended Smackdown with Edge sitting in the steel chair in the middle of the ring.

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